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  1. bhsdriller

    03 250sx no back brakes

    not anymore but yeah made this account when i was still in HS Think I got it, had to bleed it a lot more
  2. bhsdriller

    03 250sx no back brakes

    New master cylinder rebuild kit and there's still no rear brakes. Tried bleeding a few times and still no luck anything else to try? I've heard they can be hard to bleed
  3. During the summer I usually don't ride much....too hot Winter is where it's at around here
  4. bhsdriller

    Preparation for Silver Lake Dunes?

    I don't think I'd drive 11.5 hours to ride anywhere....guess I'm not that hardcore lol
  5. bhsdriller

    How many hours on a top end

    between 0-200 depending on what you do with it
  6. why do you want to keep it legal looking....is there a time where someone would check? Could just do like you said
  7. bhsdriller

    I miss the SX Monster girls dont you?......

    as long as it isn't as big as mine than it's ok
  8. bhsdriller

    Steel sheet metal plastics?

    lulz....whole bike polished, shiny chrome finish on everything I wouldn't know what to think if I came across you on a trail, would just shake my head and probably try to take a pic to laugh at later
  9. they're not that comfortable for real long periods of time....to me they're not anyways 60 miles or so is my max, start getting too sore. Even with a tall/soft seat
  10. bhsdriller

    Suggestions for speed

    I know lol Was talking about the 2 seperate channels.....I just know when cbs did the outdoors they hardly showed anything compared to when speed shows them
  11. bhsdriller

    Suggestions for speed

  12. bhsdriller

    Suggestions for speed

    lol you guys are complaining about speed's coverage would you rather have cbs take over full time and show 1/4 of the racing that speed does?
  13. bhsdriller

    5 day trip check list?

    honestly I'd just take gas, maybe air filter cleaner/oil
  14. bhsdriller

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    photobucket.com create login there upload pics to photobucket copy and paste the links here