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  1. Over on the "Missouri Adventure Riders" thread is really the "St. Louis" thread. Not a complaint about those guys, they're great, but I always wondered why they all had such big bikes. I love my little TW, but yeah, more horsepower would be nice... I might consider a DR or something similar. A KLR, maybe. But nothing bigger, I couldn't count on being able to lift it. Yeah, I'm old and wimpy. But then I realized why they liked their big bikes. They have to ride for tens of miles on pavement to find a dirt road. Me? About four miles. For them, a big bike's longer legs is worth it.
  2. That's what I love about living in Missouri. If you put legal lights and a horn on it, you can probably get a plate. Unless it's a quad. But since I hate quads, not a problem for me.
    Nothing better for the not-so-well-maintained gravel and dirt roads I like to wander.
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    Nothing better for the not-so-well-maintained gravel and dirt roads I like to wander.
  4. BADLY Photoshopped. Egad.
  5. If you're near sea level, a 132.5 might be a better deal. I'm running the 130 in NE Missouri, and wondering if I'd be better off with the 132.5 myself. Definitely, you need to unplug the idle screw (drill it SLOWLY with a small bit, it should come out easily, may need a second pass with a larger bit if it doesn't come with the small one) and set it between 2 and 2.75 turns out. Turn it all the way in, GENTLY so you don't damage it when it seats, then turn back out; I'd start at two and a quarter turns out (that's where mine is now). I'm running a spacer about 0.03" thick under the needle clip, but I've seen recommendations up to 0.05" (again, the lower the altitude, the bigger it needs to be).
  6. Here's an even better one of my daughter Taylor and myself. We got a chance to ride on my Mom's farm this weekend (77 degrees in NE Missouri in November? Inconceivable!) and had a great time.
  7. Father and son, eh? A bit sexist, are we? Here I am: and here's my daughter and her bike: Saved her own money, she did.
  8. Huh. No gravel or sand, right? Is the surface at the bottom hard or soft? If hard, well, I'd do it. Probably clutch in, riding the rear brake a little to keep the speed under control... I could do the compression braking thing, but I hate to hear it scream like that. Gravel, now, that's another story...
  9. I haven't found the stock tires "lame" for my application, but then I'm about 50/50 street/dirt. There are also tires made for the TW that are 80/20 street/dirt ("supermoto" in modern parlance, but that's not what they are called) which I often see on the heavily modified TW's popular in a lot of Asian countries. The Maxxis tire requires some mods to the chain guard, if I remember correctly, and is a bit small (those who have used them have shaved the bead or used excessive air pressure to seat the bead). I believe there is also a Maxxis tire that works well on the front of the TW.
  10. I prefer uphill, but then I have a TW200 which LIKES to climb. Lots o' traction in that big back tire, and geared like a tractor. Downhill, eh, it's no biggie except if it's gravel (which I hate with passion). Not much sand hereabouts, so I don't have to bitch about that.
  11. Several people have mounted a Maxxis ATV tire; has tractor treads, looks very impressive. Not street legal in a lot of places... your mileage may vary. I'm pretty sure they aren't street legal here, but I doubt I'd have any problem getting through the inspection with one. There's a good picture of one mounted over on That guy put a LOT more work into his TW than I would...
  12. How big is he? (If you already said, sorry I missed it.) I have a TW200, and the low seat height is a big plus... but I find it feels rather heavy if I drop it. But then, a taller bike could actually weigh less and feel heavier; it's a tough call. It's not real fast, and it's mechanically pretty simple. Probably a decent choice for a beginner, especially one you don't want to get hurt.
  13. Huh. I rather like mine. It reminds me of my old Honda XL 125... rides like it too, but has, like, 10 times the traction. I love climbing hills on it, it's like riding an elevator.
  14. I have a TW200, and I love it. If you're in a hurry, well, it's not fast... but if you ride a lot off road, it's a lot of fun. Doesn't really require you to think a lot about what you are doing, you just point it and go. I just wish it had a more comfortable seat. I'm looking for a seat base, so I can build a new seat without having to go without while I figure it all out.