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  1. 6urn0ut

    how to make 125 quieter?

    or get an electric dirtbike
  2. 6urn0ut

    cracked piston on a ttr 125

    Yeah, you can get a wiseco piston kit for about 70-80$ Are you working on it yourself or are you bringing it to the stealership?
  3. 6urn0ut

    ttr not very slow after all

    Or the the tires were flat and the gearing was 10/78...
  4. 6urn0ut

    125L chain

    Get a job or cut some grass...
  5. 6urn0ut

    65 wheels, brakes on TTR 90

    It might not be worth the money but it woult be a good pitbike.
  6. 6urn0ut

    Rear Tire

    Dunlop 757
  7. 6urn0ut

    Advice on deer crossing trails.

    2bb you are back?
  8. 6urn0ut

    Will a YZ80 wheel fit a TTR125L

    Which wheel? I dont think either will fit without extensive mods.
  9. 6urn0ut

    Which pipe for TTR 125?

    Definitly the yoshimura
  10. 6urn0ut

    yz fenders on ttr???

    Thats what you read
  11. 6urn0ut

    BBR Big Bore Installation

    You can put it on without taking the engine off.
  12. 6urn0ut

    TT-R 230

    they said it was a whole new bike i read dirtrider its a new frame better suspension and new wheels plastic and so on. Plastic wheels? Ohhh you meant new plastic. nevermind...
  13. 6urn0ut

    1997 yz 80 forks?

    I will redrill it. But what about the spacer?
  14. 6urn0ut

    ttr 125 to kx 100

    I have both a kx 100 and a ttr 125l. The kx is ALOT faster, better suspension, and the seat height is higher. I have had my kx 100 for about 6 months and it hasnt ran but 2 days. Firsst i put new main bearings in. Then a new piston ran for a few hours and then my rings were gone. Come to find out the idiot that owned it before me put a fmf fatty and fmf shorty on it and didnt rejet so it was lean. Right now im waiting for the new main and pilot jet to come in the mail.