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  1. BillS

    MA Area Riding, Clubs ?

    I'm on the verge of a relocation from Ontario Canada to Northern Massachussets and am curious about riding areas and local clubs if anyone has info. I'm currently a member of the Ontario Dual Sport Club, the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders and the Bytown Motorcycle Association. All of these provide access to organized rides. Also I'm wondering if anyone knows whether I will have any difficulty importing my '03 Yam WR250F (Canadian pipe but I do have a spare US pipe with Spark Arrestor) and '04 Suz DRZ650SE both are plated, ie registered for street.
  2. BillS

    BD Kit Battery Not Charging

    My BD kit nicads were no longer holding a charge so I recently installed a new .8Ah Powersonic lead/acid. I went for a test ride and my blinkers weren't working. Also the battery seemed to not be holding a charge as headlight was dimming at idle so I charged it fully with a charger and the blinkers still didnt work. I replaced the flasher with a standard automotive 12V flasher and they started working fine with the bike not running and batt fully charged (with a batt charger). Last night I went for a ride and the blinkers were getting highly erratic at high RPM, flashing really fast. I was thinking maybe because of vibration due to the way I tie wrapped the flasher unit. But then my battery proceeded to die completely as I rode - at intersections I had to rev quite high to get appreciable light out of the headlight. It does take and hold a charge with the charger. I suspect the regulator/rectifier is shot. I will get out a voltmeter tonight to see what the battery is getting supplied with. Anybody have any insight or troubleshhoting suggestions? I also want to know if there are any suggestions on where to get one of these regulators/rectifiers (or equiv) in Canada.
  3. BillS

    '00 WR400 Stock Cdn Exhaust Packing

    So it must be rust then, although I cork the end while washing and always start it up for 5-10 mins afterward. Maybe trailering home in the rain a few times and not starting it afterward could have caused rusting. For the future I have a stock US pipe as well that I will install a vortip or something similar into in but for now I'm happy with the way it's running and sounding.
  4. BillS

    '00 WR400 Stock Cdn Exhaust Packing

    Actually, now I vaguely recall a post that described the internals of the Cdn pipe, and there may not be any packing in it, just baffles. Why it seems to be getting much louder but throatier sounding as time goes on and pulling 4th gear wheelies easier than before is beyond me.
  5. I have the stock Canadian exhaust on my '00 WR400 and it just keeps getting louder and louder. It has a fairly satisfying exhaust note now compared to when I first got it and seems to be progressively developing more power - believe it or not. Definetly more pull, front wheel is in the air more, and hitting the rev limiter more ferquently. The exhaust is now loud enough that my ears are ringing a bit after a ride. My theory is the packing is wearing out or blowing out, but I have no evidence of that. Last year I rode with a guy who had the exact same bike as me and he couldnt believe how mine sounded. Does anyone agree with my packing theory or have any ideas as to why I seem to be progressively developing more power. A great problem to have I guess
  6. BillS

    Noise after Fork Oil Change

    Yes the cartridge was fully primed. The noise was then I compressed the fork while off the bike and sounded related to the spring or like the spring touching something. spring. Now that the bikes back together I don't hear the noise anymore.
  7. I changed my fork oil for the first time after waiting *way* too long and didn't find any crud in the oil at all. I did find rust on the metal piece that goes between the spring and the cap despite the part being covered in oil. Maybe this happened over the winter. It wasn't clear by any means but still had a greenish colour to it. After reading all the posts about how complicated it would be I found it quite easy to get a normal open ended wrench to hold the 17mm nut between the top spring and the cap after compressing the spring. I flushed the old oil out with some new oil prior to filling. I didn't use anything sophisticated to set the oil height, just a straw with tape on it at 135 mm. Put it in the oil, put my finger over the tip, pulled out straw w/oil, removed finger, let oil run out. Yes I had to do this perhaps 20 times but it worked. With thanksgiving coming up I didn't dare steal my wife's turkey baster. Just when I was thinking this is quite easy after all as I was putting the caps on I compressed each fork and noticed a mid-travel noise that sounded almost like the spring contacting with the side of the upper tube or something elso inside. Took it apart again to check, nothing amiss. Anyone have any ideas.?
  8. BillS

    Best DOT front tire?

    I'm running D606 front and rear. I have no issues with the front other than at first it felt heavier and I notice a slight gyroscopic effect as a result. In fact this caused the bike to be more stable on the road. Offroad I've never had a washout or the strange handling characteristics I used to sometimes get with the D739 that was on the bike stock. The rear took getting used to, I do tend to slide more in gravel but now that I'm used to it that's ok. Mud and soft terrain works well. On the highway these tires are great, very predictable.
  9. BillS

    Will a 120/90R-18 Fit a 2000 WR400??

    I put on D606's front and rear about 300 mi ago, have since ridden in all kinds of terrain and have experimented with various tire pressures. The bike is completely different with these tires. Street feels amazing - smooth, predictable. In loose stuff though I find the back end slides more. Once I got used to it I was able to compensate but it definetly slides where the 739 didnt. A guy that has followed me for 70 mi of trails with the 739 noticed something was different right away, that the rear was sliding. Was running 16 psi. Soft stuff and mud on trails seems to work fine.
  10. BillS

    Dunlop D606 Front

    D606F Front tire Testimonial at http://www.partsmag.com/news_items/2000_october_week1/10_04/10_04_item5.html ------------------ 00WR400, BD Dual Sport Kit, Airbox lid removed, UFO Dakar Hand Guards, Panoram Computer, Ottawa, Canada
  11. BillS

    Dunlop D606 Front

    Anone have experience with the D606 front tire? About to install one on the rear - also bought one I'm considering installing on the front to replace the D739. Riding about 60% trails, 20% hard packed gravel and 20% asphalt. Notice folks run other front tires with the D606 rear and just wondering if that's because the D606 wasn't available. at the time. ------------------ 00WR400, BD Dual Sport Kit, Airbox lid removed, UFO Dakar Hand Guards, Panoram Computer, Ottawa, Canada
  12. Yeah I did it. Came to over $700 CDN and took weeks but I have more $ than brains. I can dig up the papers and give you the exact amount if you want. I still don't regret it. I love having a plate and being able to explore back roads. Without the blinkers you wouldn't look very legal. As it is people do double takes cause they think I'm driving a YZ in traffic. Say do you really live in Kanata? ------------------ 00WR400, BD Dual Sport Kit, Airbox lid removed, UFO Dakar Hand Guards, Panoram Computer, Ottawa, Canada
  13. BillS

    Best Pipe

    I run a Canadian pipe but I recently purchased a US pipe so I can experiment since I have a buddy with a machine shop - we're going to make some inserts. I put the US pipe on when I first got it and I couldnt believe how restrictive and quiet it was. Seemed like I couldn't even hear the bike all I could hear was carb air intake. I took the baffle out and found the noise deafening when the throttle was cracked and can't picture myself riding thru the neighbourhood that way. So I started appreciating the Canadian pipe more. After about 2000 km's it seems much louder. Maybe it has packing in it that has blown out. I don't have the manual in front of me but it does say to "replace" the pipe after a certain interval. I do intend to get the US pipe back on with a custom baffle in a few weeks. ------------------ 00WR400, BD Dual Sport Kit, Airbox lid removed, UFO Dakar Hand Guards, Panoram Computer, Ottawa, Canada
  14. BillS

    No more stator rewinds from Baja Designs

    Was running 55/60, nice and bright but turn sigs often stop working often as battery discharges, depending upon the type of riding. I now run the 35/35. I once bought 2 spares, and have 3 55/60 lights - if someone wants to make me an offer I'll mail em to ya. ------------------ 00WR400, BD Dual Sport Kit, Airbox lid removed, UFO Dakar Hand Guards, Panoram Computer, Ottawa, Canada
  15. BillS

    Doug Henry Bars

    I'm in Ottawa, Canada and in my experience the situation with local bike shops sucks. For example I ordered and Dunlop tire and handguards 5 weeks ago and no sign of it. Their excuse was that the suppliers cater to the US first, even to the point of pulling shipments to Canada and diverting them to the US. I got tired of waiting and ordered the tires from Motorcycle Accessories Warehouse in CO three days ago, they shipped two days ago, expect them soon. The tire was $53 US + shipping, duty, tax versus $133 CDN + 15% tax. In the end I will probably pay more but need the tire like, NOW. ------------------ 00WR400, BD Dual Sport Kit, Airbox lid removed, UFO Dakar Hand Guards, Panoram Computer, Ottawa, Canada