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  1. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    I was already into it for around a thousand already with suspension and bigbore kit and misc. Thinking of coping out and having him finish the WR for me too. Work is starting to pick up right before vacation.
  2. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    Took bike in to Nathan at Factory Wrench in Redondo. So far he found all 3 intake valves are leaking. Compression is below 80. So he is going to go through the head. Said he found black powder residue on top of the new piston but rings piston and cylinder are all good. More to follow.
  3. VFRCaptBob

    YZ250F won’t start

    I had to disassemble the spark plug boot and clean it up real good to get it to seat correctly. Very loose fit before I did that. Taking mine into the shop. Will let you know what they fi d.
  4. VFRCaptBob

    2003 WR250F build from SWE

    Enjoying your thread very much. My YZ250F build has met some snags but I admit like you it's very satisfying to wrench on your own machines. Looking at videos on rebuilding the head with new valves and seals has me pricing out parts and tools. Any picture of your custom lapping tool? Also inspired by your thread to make my wr250f project more cosmetically focused after i get it running.
  5. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    I have actual FSM for the 2001 WR250F . PDF FSM for the YZ426F and the 02 YZ250F. Don't have the leak down test tools. There's a good picture on page 1 of this post of how my cams are timed presently. Lobes look correct. I am considering hot cams for the YZ250F and installing the 04 wr ex cam in my 01 wr since it still has stock cams. For now I just need them running for my upcoming trip. Any good shops or mechanic recommendations would be welcome too. Thanks
  6. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    Gave it my all Sunday. Re checked valve lash and flywheel and woodruff key aligment. Pulled and re installed. Tried 2 different timing settings. 1. Intake cam '02 stock setting at TDC '04 decomp ex cam 12 pins and 13 pin on cam chain between 12 oclock marks. Checked spark it looked good to me. Decided to pull the carb and do a more thorough cleaning and service. Tried injecting a little fluid directly into carb. No change. Acts like no spark, no fuel poor compression.
  7. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    Ok. Thought I was pretty spot on. But I am so far out in the weeds right now i appreciate anyone's best advice. Still could use confirmation on cam timing with auto decomp cam mod. All the original threads are lacking specific information and picture have been deleted.
  8. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    Changed the cam chain and water pump seals as I found a mystery puddle of water under the bike. Here's the problem. Intake cam had 1 slightly tight valve originally. Assembled tried to start it and then found another slightly tight intake valve. Adjusted it and reassembled and now the final valve was slightly tight. Wierd. Turned engine over and re checked. All are now in spec. Bike still won't fire up on the kick starter. Since I have an 04 wr or yz ex cam i adj cam timing with 12 pins between 12 oclock marks instead of 13 when I originally tried to start it. It sputters and pops but won't fire up. To my eye the ex lobe looks slightly advanced w 12 pins setting. I am considering pulling the head and taking it in for a rebuild. Photo shows 13 pin setting. Was considering push starting it to see if I can adjust the carb and get it to start and idle. Any thoughts appreciated. At this point I am considering taking it in to a shop.
  9. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    I did miss the opportunity to re do the head but I am waiting on a flywheel puller tool to change out the cam chain. I have to have four running bikes for out family trip to OcotilloWells over Xmass New Years so I am abbreviating this project to finish another 2001 WR250f project for my wife and daughter to share rides on. Plan to revisit the head valve rework for next year. And I have to reconfigure a 3 rail trailer to accomodate 4 bikes but that's for another post.
  10. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    So just an update. I put the motor back together and went through the carburetor. Everything seems to work normally except the motor won't start. My guess after double checking the cam timing at TDC , double checking the carb and spark is that I put the cams in at TDC but 180 degrees out. So my next attempt is to disassemble the cams and turn the flywheel one more turn to TDC and re assemble. Is this right? I am not a very practiced mechanic. How can I avoid this mistake when doing my next rebuild? May as well change the timing chain this time around as well.
  11. VFRCaptBob

    2000 CR125 rebuild?

    Nice job. Did a long over due top end on a 2000 cr125r. It had the same deep pitting in the cylinder cap and a very worn piston. Honed and installed new piston and it has been working great. I'll be tearing into the suspension next. It rode like a jack hammer last ride. Enjoying this write up.
  12. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    Thanks. Here is the link I went off of for my cams. I have to run to Cycle Gear to get a front tube so I can mount the new front tire. Then I can finish the whole chassis today. My next big step will be Jetting for the 270cc. I have found a setting listed on TT. Any input is appreciated. Ride mostly below low, high desert. Gorman below 2,000'. May do a little riding up in BigBear Alt. 5000' but can monkey with the FS and jetting for those rare rides. Main #175 Pilot #42 Fuel screw 2 turns out JD red needle 3rd clip
  13. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    Spent better part of saturday researching cam timing on using autodecomp cam in my 02 YZ250F. Old info is hard to find. 13 pins between 12oclock marks. Intake set normal. Is this correct? Going to wait for confirmation. I have plenty of assembly to do around this for today
  14. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    First top end since my Hodaka 100. Getting the cylinder over the piston was rough. Once there things started falling in place. I'll put the cams in tomorrow and button everything up. Suspension is back from Too Tech should have it ready to ride before next weekend.
  15. VFRCaptBob

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    Early xmass of shiny new kit for the old iron. Pardon my enthusiasm. Never done a piston or cyl kit before. After this bike is finished I just picked up a 2001wr250f from a friend who stopped riding. Bike won't start but has been sitting a long time. May end up plating that one since used WR250f stators are rare and expensive.