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  1. dirkus16

    yz crankcase

    hello, does anybody know a dealer who stocks a yz 450 2011 crankcase as in europe they are not available yet thanks dirk
  2. dirkus16

    2011 ecm programming

    what cam did you use in the 010 thanks
  3. dirkus16

    Question about high comp piston?

    i do not agree, if you don't change the cam:ride: when you put in a high comp piston the bike will get stronger and will give the feeling of reving faster, but in the most cases it will run less longer because of the higher compression ratio at high rpm
  4. dirkus16

    2010 crank and magazines

    well mine only had 30 hours on the clock and the crankshaft broke underneath the piston, new piston (only 2 hours on it) oil changed every hour, and everythng broken, cilinder, piston, left and right casing, balance shaft so i realy think the reliabillity of the honda is questionable, o yes the clutch basket broke already after 10 hours, a big problem here in belgium and holland regards, dirk
  5. dirkus16

    crank problems 010

    yes the clutch basket broke after 10 hours, we ride in the sand a lot, and it is a big problem on the honda's in europe, with a hinson noproblem
  6. dirkus16

    crank problems 010

    i new it wasn't the drive shaft, but connecting rod:bonk: stupid me i change my oil every hour, piston at 15 hours and keep everything in spec ok they run fast bikes in the international class but for a rod to break after only 30 hours ? but no warranty in belgium on the honda hopefully i can get all the parts together before end of next week, another championship race
  7. dirkus16

    crank problems 010

    no warrenty on honda:bonk:
  8. dirkus16

    crank problems 010

    this weekend we had a race, my son races in the international 250 class and yes the drive shaft broke, just underneath the piston. with only 30 hours on the engine both crankcases are broken, cilinder broken,piston, balance shaft bent,and the valves are bend. this was our first year on a honda crf 010 and maybe it should be our last. the bike had good fuel original cams and the piston had only 2 hours on it wat a shame, where is the best place to order new parts from ?
  9. dirkus16

    2010 250crf bogs when hot & turn throttle

    yes you have to open the pump ply back the 3 lips to get to the filter underneath the pump
  10. dirkus16

    My TUF-performance 250 on dyno

    ron is the tuf2 race cam different from the one you use for the kit with the 14.5/1 race piston, and do i need to use different springs and buckets for this cam ?
  11. dirkus16

    My TUF-performance 250 on dyno

    i saw that you are running a 14.5/1 race piston how is the reliabillity on this and can you run it on normal gas ?
  12. I have bought a program from eddy for the crf 250 010 but apperently the ecm 0 setting is different for the european bikes so it runs way to rich, can anyone confirm this ? (for the original honda crf 250 ecm) regards dirk
  13. dirkus16

    Shroud Bolt

    just use a drill and turn the bolt untill everything comes completely out off the tank, remove the bolt run a tap through the copper and glue it back in with dual component glue
  14. dirkus16

    Air Filter Advice

    if it is on an 09 or older you need to change the idle jet to a 48 or 50 when it pops it needs a bit more fuel, we always race our bikes without the screen , it gives a much better air flow
  15. dirkus16

    GREAT Valve job!

    as long as the chain did not skip a teeth on the cam gear it should be okay, but you should have checked it before starting the engine