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  1. I had the same trouble and it turned out to be slightly frad throttle cable. Just a few strands was enough to hang it up.

    I'm in, but need help

    Thanks for the replies..I checked the valve clearances all within spec. I can get this bike idling now sort of...What happens is when I bring down to an idle it will stay at fast idle like the choke is on, (I definetly know that the slide is all the way back down) then about 5 sec later the engine will drop down to the proper idle. The carb slide plate looks good ( no cracks). Do these carb slides tend to wear out and leak air through the sides?

    I'm in, but need help

    Off the 2 stroke and on the 4 stroke. I just picked up a 99 wr400 last saturday. I got a deal on it as it will not idle. I took a chance that it is something simple. The bike has been sitting for 5 months and fired up first kick but will not idle. Sounds to me like the pilot jet circuit, I cleaned it out but no good. I will also check the throttle shaft adjustment. I checked the tps setting also, all looks good. The bike will let out a couple of backfires out the carb when bringing it down to an idle then dies. Any other ideas as I have done the search thing. The bike only has 1638 kms.

    Best Return on Investment - Thanks GW!

    I understand..Wife and three boys of my own. Never without a riding partner in the future. They are to young to ride now however.

    Best Return on Investment - Thanks GW!

    "Permission" to spent it?

    Hey all you tech GPS heads...

    Just getting into GPS navigation on a dirt bike myself...These people have been very helpful. www.bajagpsguide.com

    2002 wr

    look at the yamahausa web site under "news" they say June 12, 12 noon edt

    wr400/426 differences?

    Is there any differences besides displacement on these two models? Also what kind of range could I expect with a stock tank, desert riding? I'm a silly canuck with Baja dreams....