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  1. If you haven't already, make sure the cam is timed properly. With the flywheel timing mark (T) lined up with the engine case mark, the cam sprocket mark (o) should be lined up exactly with the timing mark on the head. When that is accomplished, then you can set your valves at the same time.
  2. Rojo

    TM40 Jetting Data

    I got mine from XR's Only and they jet it to your elevation. Mine came a little fat, but was fairly close. I agree with disabling the accelerator pump when dialing the jetting in. The pump on mine was way out of rig which is something you might plan on doing a lot of tinkering with.
  3. It looks to me like you have the actual HRC spark arrestor tip, which is USFS approved. If my memory serves me, I think the muffler body itself has the approved spark arrestor info stamped on it...? I have not seen the quiet core insert made to fit the HRC tip before. I would throw that in your tool box unless you think your bike is too loud without it. It looks to me like you're good to go.
  4. I'd really like to get more pull at the carb with less twist at the throttle tube. I've read that a CRF450R throttle assembly works with a TM40 carb and provides a faster turn ratio for the XRR. Does anybody know if a quick turn throttle tube exists? Will XR cables work with a CRF throttle assembly? Any input would be appreciated.
  5. Rojo

    Flow Performance Exhaust System

    I would normally agree with you, which is why I hesitated on buying one for so long. But no kidding, unless the Chinese are taking pro TIG welding courses from an American, I'm going to bet these are US made. The welding quality far exceeds that of my XR's O pipe. They look identical to Big Gun except they aren't finished out really nice. The fit on my bike is perfect, which also exceeds the XR's pipe. But in all fairness, I just bought the slip on, and can't vouch for the head pipe.
  6. Rojo

    Help needed on Mikuni 40mm Carb

    Sorry man, I remember y-6, just could remember what it was on. I haven't touched the carb for over a year since I got it all dialed in. It's been a good one.
  7. Rojo

    01 xr650r clutch problems

    The new style bushing has extra oil holes drilled into it as well as an oil galley (for lack of a better term) machined on the inside surface just to keep it lubricated sufficiently. I don't know how critical replacement is. I understand that the bushing can gall up on the shaft and you won't be able to engage the clutch (feels like a broken clutch cable as I've heard). I never had a problem with mine, just thought I should swap it out before it happens. I've also read that the bushing is a pain to remove if it has already galled itself to the shaft.
  8. Rojo

    Flow Performance Exhaust System

    I had been eyeballing those for a long time and finally bought one on ebay a few months ago. It looks like a Big Gun knock off to me. The welding is superb on the mid pipe and bracket. The silencer is very heavy duty. The end cap has some machining imperfections, but works and fits great. It is not a bling bling part, but the price is right. The idle sound is pretty quiet, but gets a little gnarly when you rip the throttle. I don't know if it will pass a sound check, but judging the sound compared to my XR's Only supertrap, I bet it will. I'm pretty happy with it so far. It did need a little extra muffler packing when I got it. An XR's Only silencer plug fits perfect and quiets it WAY down if you don't want the Db's.
  9. Rojo

    01 xr650r clutch problems

    I recently replaced the clutch bushing in mine and vaguely remember the clutch push rod had an end piece on it that detached from the rod. Any chance that piece is laying on a workbench still?
  10. Rojo

    Help needed on Mikuni 40mm Carb

    Anybody out there, correct me if I'm wrong. It sounds like it might be running rich to me. The slow return to idle rpm makes me think that. When I bought my new TM40, it came jetted a little rich, even though it was supposed to be jetted for my elevation. Also, the accelerator pump was way out of wack. It bogged pretty bad off of idle, so I set the pump to come on pretty late and it cleared right up. It then had very snappy acceleration with no hesitation whatsoever. If I remember correctly, I run a: 22 pilot (1.5-2 turns out on the fuel screw) 142 main y6 needle 1.2 air jet elevation approx 2500 ft or so, I think.
  11. Rojo

    Fork Braces

    If you want to utilize full suspension travel, you'll have to trim your fender to clear the fork brace at full compression. I would install the brace as far up as you can if you ride in the dirt and mud alot.
  12. That is very very nice work.
  13. Yeah, no kidding! That's getting to be the case everywhere.
  14. Very cool, I'm from Owyhee county myself.
  15. Looks like you have the right arm. I have the foreward mount Scotts stabilizer and measured the arm to make sure. It's the same as the one you have pictured.