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  1. Yes, I have two V-nose trailers. I don't have a flat nose trailer. I've never had any problems due to wind turbulence that I noticed....
  2. Aerodynamic drag has to be factored in as well as weight of trailer when it comes to easily pulling a trailer. For example: I have an enclosed trailer that is 6' X 10' with a 6' inside height. I can pull an open trailer with similar (or even greater) load weight easier than I can pull the enclosed at highway speeds. I have a Chevrolet with the 6.2 liter and 3.73 rear end ratio so I can pull either easily. I get worse fuel mileage with the enclosed so I know the engine is working harder. Your travel trailer is going to catch a lot more air than my enclosed trailer. Since the 3.55 is not available, I'd buy the 3.92. (Actually, if it were me, I wouldn't even consider anything other than the 3.92....)
  3. David_L6

    CR250 as a woods bike..

    I do NOT recommend using a 12 tooth front sprocket. Stock is 13. Either stay with 13 or go to 14. The larger sprocket keeps the chain away from the swingarm. Just go to a larger rear sprocket....
  4. David_L6

    CR250 as a woods bike..

    I'm a little late to this thread and haven't read all the posts but it is very possible to set up a CR250 for woods duty. I have done so to a 2002 and a 2003 CR250. Below is most of what I did: Squish band modified by RB-Designs. PWK Airstriker carbs. Rekluse Z-Start Pro clutches. Suspension set up for woods / trails instead of MX.
  5. David_L6

    Haulmark Trailers Suck!

    Links don't work.
  6. Neither of your links worked. ???
  7. David_L6

    Small Dirtbike haluer sleeper

    A lot of people do. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/296280-enclosed-trailer-setups/
  8. David_L6

    best replacement clutch basket 02 250?

    You don't have to take your motor as far apart to install / uninstall the Rekluse basket if that matters to you. It's slightly smaller in diameter and fits through the hole.... I have one in our '03 but I've never taken it back out. If I ever do though, it will be easier than the other brands.
  9. David_L6

    best replacement clutch basket 02 250?

  10. David_L6

    FMF Racing Gnarly Pipe

    Have FMF Gnarly pipes on a 2002 CR250 and a 2003 CR250. Both bikes are used for trail riding and hare scrambles. Like it best of several pipes tried. Highly recommended!
  11. David_L6

    Best Enclosed Trailer Brand?

    Sounds like you have the Max Trailering Pack option. I have a 2012 crew cab Silverado with Max Trailering Pack. It'll tow pretty much anything you should tow with a 1/2 ton but it like gas... Look for trailers built in your area. Does you no good to hear that the best trailer is built on the opposite coast from you unless you're willing to travel for the best. I have a Pace and a Cargo Craft. The Pace is light. The Cargo Craft is pretty good. Neither of them are car haulers.
  12. David_L6

    Manual As Daily Drivers

    I've owned 5 manual shift vehicles (1 car, 3 pickups, and whatever the heck a Honda Passport is classified as....) and have driven a bunch more. Maybe I've gotten lazier as I've gotten older but my last 4 vehicles (1 Suburban and 3 pickups) have been automatics and I don't want drive anything but automatics now.