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  1. bones454

    Rekluse Auto Clutch

    Thank you!
  2. bones454

    Rekluse Auto Clutch

    Thanks for the input I know folks are using them around here to keep there hands on the bars so they can concentrate on there lines in the woods more. They have no problems with downhill engine breaking and never have to worry about stalling the engine coming in too hot in corners. They say they have gained a lot of speed so I guess its something i'll just have to try as I can never have enough speed so thanks again and will report back. As far as the LHRB that would be great i'll check the options out for my DRZ.
  3. bones454

    Rekluse Auto Clutch

    Who is running one and how do you like it?
  4. bones454

    92 kx 250

  5. bones454

    dr 250 dies in water

    Put some die-electric greese in your spark plug boot its the steam get it at the auto parts store.
  6. bones454

    crf 250 help

    Looking to buy a crf 250 can someone tell me what years or year that had the valve problems? Also if you were riding woods for a enduro or scrambles would the crf 250r be better than the X with some mods. Thanks
  7. bones454

    cylinder re-plating, who has suggestions?

    USchrome screwed my kx250 cylinder up had to grind on it to get exhaust flapper to work.
  8. bones454

    '02 KX250 pilot jet danger zone?

    I'm working my way down too on a fresh 92 kx250,I have worked my way down from a 58 pilot to 52.I going to a 45 this week but I have been told a 42 is the pilot I need.The air screw will tell me if I'm there.I am keeping my 162 main.
  9. bones454

    keyster pilot jet question

    Thanks Eddie I go back down and take it out.
  10. Are they different from oem? Would you use them?
  11. bones454

    is this a good price???

    good deal.
  12. bones454

    Renting at HP

    Rents KTM's,about 10 miles to motel,trails from 1 diamond to 5 diamond and is a very nice place to ride I can be riding in 45 minutes from home for 20 bucks.
  13. bones454

    Highland Park Ga on the 10/13-10/14

    Stewart looks like I will be doing dp friday with some friends instead have fun at hp.
  14. bones454

    Highland Park Ga on the 10/13-10/14

    A travel trailer should be easy to pick out there but what will he be riding I will look him up.
  15. bones454

    Highland Park Ga on the 10/13-10/14

    I will be there on friday but I haven't yet tried the 5 diamonds for lack of a partner.Not many people to ride with on my off day.