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  1. Spud786

    Locating TDC Urgent

    you need to pin this gear on the cover, which should be done before removing the cover, other wise you have to realign the marks, then pin it before installing the right cover.
  2. Spud786

    Locating TDC Urgent

    There's two times during a cycle, the piston is all the way up, If you didn't feel the compression stroke coming up, Id pull the valve cover and check the time marks. Make sure that you back out the screw. all you have to do is lift the cover and shine a light and see if marks are aligned
  3. Spud786

    Locating TDC Urgent

    At this point, I think you need pictures, if what I said didn't make sense, service manual shows these things.
  4. Spud786

    Locating TDC Urgent

    BTW the bike comes with a TDC screw(you just remove the thick washer from it), you bought an additional one?
  5. Spud786

    Locating TDC Urgent

    By the way, if you pull the right side cover, you mess up the counter balancer timing, that has the be timed, going back together. which takes a special screw, although you might be able to duct tape a drill bit or nail to the case hole, holding in place
  6. Spud786

    Locating TDC Urgent

    Take out the spark plug, and take out the screw that you remove the washer from, in order to reinstall it in the proper hole presents itself. put bike in sixth gear bounce wheel around till you feel compression coming up(gas tank removed). you can shine a light in the hole and see the piston, and you will need a small screw driver, to feel piston at top of the stroke. then you can bounce the rear wheel forward and back feeling the piston drop, so when you think its a top dead center, look in the hole where locking screw goes, and if you don't see a perfect fit small hole for that screw, then you aren't at top dead center, but another stroke. Otherwise, pulling the valve cover atleast gives you some easy marks, but you may still have to do the above in a small wiggle , the screw should go all the way in easily, no pressure on it.
  7. Spud786

    300 xcw tpi 6 days or regular 300 xcw?

    Since your neutral to the 6 days, and yeah some 6 day year graphics are not appealing, I would go with the one, that you feel will cause you the least amount of TROUBLE. I already adapted 6 days rotors, on the standard model.
  8. Spud786

    2 stroke oil and ratio trail riding

    Depends on the particle size, but if you manage to keep the same filtration level, and run your new oil, and the ring wear improves drastically, then that points to oil improvement. Your best filtration, is going to be running a non bio degradable oil with a dry prefilter , cause a wet one is gonna to fast cause they tend to be single stage material. I use either a single or a double medical hair net, they flow well, and don't clog , and your main filter run so clean.
  9. Its better than nothing? sunstar steel is the best longevity in the industry, and I have the time on those sprockets to say that.
  10. Spud786

    MM to OZ Calculator

    Using ounces for set up on a cartridge fork , is not wise. A cap full of oil can mean a fork that works well and one that doesn't. I use Honda ss7 oil, which comes in 16 ounce bottles, using takes near a bottle and a half, to get the bleeding started on one fork. I also like to mount the cap, on the rod without the spring, and then install cap on the outer tube extended, and turn the whole fork upside down, open it back up and bleed some more , then final oil height setting. I find I get a more consistent measurement, when I take the forks apart again months later, and the oil height is exactly where I expected it to be. It pisses me off , if I take the forks apart and its 5 mm - or postive
  11. Spud786

    cmbthumper 19' KTM 500 EXC-F

    Jeff aka "Bolt" on this forum can get you all the parts you need for less than the big suppliers. He sells everything Rocky Mountain ATV sells. Look him up & send him a private message for prices.))) Pardon Me, did you just try and compare Bolt to Rocky mountain Atv. Does he have a Multi million dollar inventory, does he give me the ability to see his inventory on shelf stock online, and offer free fed ex shipping , and a liberal return policy? Stop peddling unless you intend to pay for his advertising
  12. Spud786

    KTM Hard Parts Flex Levers?

    Are you talking about the rubber Boots fit perfect, or the plastic cover things?
  13. Spud786

    C12 Race fuel in 4stroke

    Ive got a few hundred thousand miles on various 4 strokes with c12, all Long life motors, the oldest with 113,000 miles. Don't run the stuff at full strength though, 25% or 50% max, you'll get lead build up. From a lubrication, cleanliness aspect, you only need a cup or two per tank , and a whole lot cheaper on your pocket book. so run your 93 and fortify with c12
  14. Spud786

    Adjusting Your Carburetor

    For some reason, circumcision , has become a big social media (fad) topic recently, evidently its spilling over here no telling what will be next
  15. Spud786

    18 450SXF Problems

    The bearing coming apart, with the balls in there, MY opinion caused the push rod to start spinning and flared the end, obviously you need a whole new slave unit too.