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  1. MJT77


    I have a Suzuki LTR450 quad that has a fuel injected motor that I've often thought would be tons of fun in my DRZ. This motor in stock form rips.
  2. I picked up a used pro circuit pipe for my xr50 and i'm getting some lag on the throttle. Do i need to re-jet due to the pipe? Anyone have any experience with the jetting that works best.
  3. MJT77

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    That wasn't me. These pics were from about a month ago. I just got around to downloading all the hundreds of pics of my camera. Keep an eye out for me though, Cleghorn has quickly become one of my favorite spots to ride.
  4. MJT77

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    My '04 S up at Cleghorn and backside of Silverwood Lake
  5. MJT77

    Your thoughts on this used DRZ

    Picked up my 04 for $2,900 on Craigslist in CA. But it was far from bone stock like this one. Mine came with Yosh RS-3, Hot Cams, 4.2g tank, MCCT, skid plates, Vapor computer, Battery Tender, FCR39 carb, suspension by RG3, Renthal bars & risers, extra tires, tubes and rack. It only had 4,200 miles on it. I think your prospect is a little high. Go by and see it and make him an offer of $2,500 max. Good luck.
  6. MJT77

    xr50 forks

    So I just picked up an 02 for kid to ride and noticed after I brought home after riding that the front wheel seems to be cocked to the right of center. My kid took a few soft diggers bug nothing that I would think could tweak the forks. How flimsy are the forks, or is it maybe the weak triple?
  7. MJT77

    How hot is too hot?

    Thats the other thing, is I've never heard or seen the fan kick on. What temp is the factory thermoswitch set for? I know the fan works cause i've tested it.
  8. MJT77

    How hot is too hot?

    So I just picked up an 04 S and was wondering what temperature ranges the DRZ's should be running at. I'm keeping tabs on the temp from the Trail Tech Endurance and is it possible that its not taking accurate temps? The bike got as hot as 212 when it was idling after a pretty intense ride. My buddy has a KTM and he's only running 180 deg. What do you think?
  9. I'm thinking of picking up a bike that's for sale locally, but I don't know a whole lot about the KTM's. Are there any known issues with this year or bike? I know KTM's are the best dual sport bikes around. Any information about the bike would be helpful. Thanks.
  10. MJT77

    2000 drz400s

    I have an opportunity to buy this bike with 5k miles. I am looking to confirm if the S version has the 39mm carb as standard equipment on this particular year. Just trying to limit the amount of additional money I will spend for mod's.
  11. MJT77


    So I'm interested in picking up a DRZ, however, I'm seeing most of the bikes out there with around 5K miles. There was one that I am really interested in that has 17K on the display, but the owner states there is only 3K on the new piston. What's the average life of a piston? What should I be looking out for?