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  1. So they weren't free after all...? Rats.
  2. G31m

    Losing Motivation To Ride...?

    I think you mean Malcolm Smith. Marty Smith came later.....
  3. G31m

    Losing Motivation To Ride...?

    For years I rode at least once a week spring/summer/early fall. Have three great trailbikes (150, 200, 450). Couple of years ago we had a really hot summer; close to 100 F. for weeks on end. I couldn't find the enthusiasm to put on all the gear and go out for several hours. I drained all the fuel out of the bikes, even sold the KLX450R. Then, this last summer, I bought an XR650L to dual-sport with a new-found riding buddy. We've been out half a dozen times (too cold now) and I've found that I'm getting back into it again. Sometimes we have other things to do, sometimes circumstances prevent riding, sometimes we just need a break. Ride only when you want to. By the way, I'm 70 years old, and have found that it takes energy...physical, mental, and emotional energy....to ride day in and day out. Sometimes we just don't have it, and the older we get the more difficult it is to summon up the energy.
  4. G31m

    Tires.....How old is Too Old?

    When it's worn out. Age would not make your tire "wobbly". It's not mounted correctly/fully. Let all the air out, break both beads. brush a little soapy water around both beads, inflate to about 40psi, make sure the beads seat fully all the way around (there is a check line on the sidewall). If it won't seat, ride it slowly for about five minutes and re-check. If it still won't seat, take it back to the tire installer and have him rectify it. If it seats, don't forget to adjust the air pressure before you go for a serious ride.
  5. Why is the gas so dark???? Something is NOT right here....
  6. G31m

    Sand tire

    I have a Michelin StarCross MS2 on the rear of my 150R. It works pretty well in the deep sand riverbottom I ride in a lot....better than a more conventional knobby, anyway.
  7. G31m

    My crf150rb woods bike build thread

    Nice work, Dances. I've thought about putting full-sized wheels on my own 150R, but think that would take away the major reason I bought it; low seat height. Have you noticed the raising of the chassis to be an issue with you?
  8. G31m

    Any Adults Using 150r As A Trail Bike?

    I bought my CRF150R because my KLX450R is a bit too tall for me on the tight trails I have encounter. The Honda makes for a relaxing, if somewhat loud, ride. (By the way, I'm 70 years old) Like Dances, I cut the footpeg mounts off and welded them back on about 1" lower and 1" further back. Added a sidestand. Put a larger rear sprocket on it. Acerbis brush gards. CRF450R steering stabilizer. Different (sand pattern) tires. Slightly taller bars. No need to detune for the tight woods I ride here other than the gearing-up. (I'm a retired MX rider, so the stock power is fine with me). Of course the suspension is set up for my 160 pounds. As a trail/woods bike I like it.
  9. G31m

    Tuning a 150R down some?

    That's okay. He likes talking out of his neck.
  10. G31m

    Any adults riding these?

    The suspension and motor won't be a problem. The physical size of the frame will be a major problem, though. I'm 5'6" and, even with lowering the peg mounts 1" on the frame, I'm cramped when sitting down and standing up has the bars WAY too far back to be comfortable for fast riding. The RB is no better in this respect, since it has identical frame dimensions. The low seat height is nice, but I do wish the bike were longer. If you DO get a CRF150R, get the RB...it will handle deep sand much better.
  11. G31m

    56 Tooth Sprocket Problem

    You got that backwards.
  12. G31m

    Big or small wheel?

    The R and the RB are the same bikes with different sized wheels and swingarm. The only change is that the RB will have about 1.5" more seat height. It will also handle a bit better in deep sand. I ride an R, and I'm 5' 6". I wish I'd gotten the RB now. (Actually, the ideal would be an F with the R engine and suspension....)
  13. G31m

    CRF150R Or F?

    If you are just trail riding, get the F. I trail ride a CRF150R and it is just too small, cockpit-wise. I'm 5'6' and when I'm standing up the bars are almost against my thighs. (Moving the bars forward an inch makes no appreciable difference) The F will have half the power of the R, but has all the power you need to get yourself in trouble. There aren't many times I've been able to use the full power of the R on the trails, anyway. The R does have far superior suspension, though. I'd really like the R if it were the same physica size as the F....but, the R wouldn't then be a kid's motocrosser, would it?
  14. G31m

    Fair value on KLX450R

    No one has any idea what the bike is worth?