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    Pilot Air Screw Tool

    Hey Rick, if you haven't already, would you mind sharing the story on your '01 burning up? Just curious... Chris Desert racer
  2. wrpunisher

    any one using quiet pipes

    I have the Big Gun system and like it. With the quiet core I scored a 96 dB at tech inspection for a local enduro. That was with the airbox lid off and room to stuff more packing in the muffler. Performance is much better than stock/corked, probably a bit less than stock/uncorked. I also run the IMS 3.4 gallon tank, and heating up the petcock is an issue (as is burning your pants leg). I solved both of these problems by wrapping some header tape around the pipe under the petcock, then covering it up with a Go Products aluminum heat shield so it still looks nice. Chris ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  3. wrpunisher

    Burnt pants W/Powerbomb header

    I had the same problem with my Big Gun system. Bought a clamp on heat shield from Go Products for $30 or so. Their web site (http://goproductsatv.bigstep.com/) is down, but you can probably find an ad for them in the back of an ATV mag. Looks great, and no more burnt pants! ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  4. wrpunisher

    What Tools/Accessories ?

    Garage: Torque wrench(es); NoToil air filter and cleaning/oiling/greasing products; *two* 22mm (pretty sure) deep sockets to get the linkeage bolts out of the swingarm; long, strong tire irons; good lighting; bike stand/milk crate; chain breaker; air compressor; magnet; latex gloves... Trail pack: enough drinking water, special spark plug tool and something to turn it; spark plug; enough tools to take the tank off to change the plug (10, 12mm sockets and a long extension for my IMS); 8, 10, 12mm etc. sockets and/or wrenches; bailing wire; duct tape; pliars (needle nose, channel lock, vice grips - miniature versions); screwdriver(s); first aid kit; matches; powerbars; space blanket; tow strap; flashlight; water purification tablets or filter... Just something to get you started. I'm still learning and adjusting my garage and pack. I've gone from carrying next to nothing while riding to carrying too much, now working my way back towards the middle. The pack gets heavy quick. Try to get a seperate set of tools for each space so that you don't have to break your pack open in the garage, and accidentally leave something important behind. Good luck! ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  5. wrpunisher


    For whatever reason, the NoToil filters make it really easy to get the bolt started. But I still smear the damn rim grease all over the box getting it down into position. ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  6. wrpunisher

    Moto DVD's

    Check out www.videoxsports.com. Revelation 199, Seth the Hard Way, and Total Chaos are listed as having DVD versions. I seem to remember more in their print catalog... ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  7. wrpunisher

    Bent Radiator

    I rode with mine bent and dented in for about 4 months - until the heat of summer started worrying me. Take a look at getting yours fixed before buying a new one. Myler's fixed mine up for $35, and it was quick. Their # is 801-280-8040. ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  8. wrpunisher

    Fuel line insulation.

    I'm thinking I need to do some kind of insulation on mine. I'm pretty sure I had gas boiling earlier this summer, after a long, slow, 1st gear clutch punishing climb up some nasty singletrack. Resting at the top, I thought I was just overheating but after awhile realized the noise was coming from the head tube. I pulled the breather hose out and it was fuming and spitting. My fuel level was a lot lower than before the climb. I've had the IMS tank for almost two years, but had just put a Big Gun exhaust system on, and the header pipe runs higher - much closer to the petcock and fuel line. This was also the first ride with a heat shield on the header, that I put on to keep my pants from melting on the pipe. It worked for that, but may have also redirected more heat towards the tank. So I'm still not sure what happened and why. I think it's the petcock heating up from the header, but it hasn't happened again. I'm definetely keeping an eye on it, and should probably experiment with some insulation. ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  9. wrpunisher

    YZ Seat Tank Kit

    I've got a YZ Ceet seat from IMS that I'd like to sell. The cover is trashed, but the base and foam are in excellent condition. I'll take $50, including shipping. Email me if interested. ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  10. wrpunisher

    Harescramble question

    Check the rules of your race promoter, sanctioning body or whatever, but around here I don't think there would be any problem just signing up for A class if that's what you wanted to do. Especially if it's just a one time deal - if you're racing a series maybe a "points steward" type person would pay attention, but probably only if you were drawing that attention for some reason. Seems like they're more concerned about A level riders racing in lower classes than the other way around. And if it's a big event, chances are even less that any one would care. I raced a national hare & hound earlier this year, and there were quite a few sanbag...errr, scary fast C riders out there. Just do it :-) Chris ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  11. wrpunisher

    Riding Jackets

    I'll second the Moose XCR recommendation. Fits comfortably over the CP, is warm, waterproof, has lots of vents, and you can stuff it into its own self-contained fanny pack. Chris ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  12. wrpunisher

    I REALLY need a YZF tank...

    Do you need a YZ seat to go with that tank? I've got a Ceet seat I'd like to sell. ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  13. wrpunisher

    2 vs 4 tiedowns for transport

    I just started using this method with great success: Push the front tire into the front corner of the PU bed, and drag the rear of the bike around so that the rear tire is up against the bed wall on the opposite side. Run one strap from the handle bar to the front corner of the bed opposite the front tire, and run another from the other side of the bar to the rear corner of the bed on the same side as the front tire. This pulls the bike forward into the bed front and backwards into the bed wall, locking the bike in place solidly with two straps, and without squashing the front suspension. For extra strength/security, I use strap buddies (I think that's what they're called - little looped nylon straps to hook the tiedowns to instead of puting the hooks on your bars), and I replaced the hooks on my Ancras with carabiners rated at 10K pounds or something like that. I've got 5 hauls on this system, including about 40 miles of dirt road with lots of washboard sections. ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  14. wrpunisher

    Any SW Idaho Riders

    I'm in SW Idaho, but reading this too late. Hope you found someone to ride with. In case you haven't seen this, there's the Idaho Ride Board at http://www.motosports-boise.com/disc1_toc.htm. It doesn't see much action and it looks pretty bad right now, but it may be useful at some point. ------------------ Chris 99WR400F
  15. wrpunisher

    FMF Quiet Pipe?

    fershy sez: I just got the Big Gun System with their "quiet core" but I am not holding my breath. If it delivers the 94 db they claim in comparison to the 104 db of the Powercore IV I will be happy. I think you'll be happy. I've got the Big Gun Race Series with the Quiet Core, and I passed tech inspection at the Idaho ISDE qualifier. It registered 96 dB (LOI riders needed to be 94 or under, everyone else 96). I think the final measurement was from idle, although they measured it just above idle too. 20" at 20-degrees, or something like that. I think I could have gotten down to 94 with the airbox lid on and more packing in the muffler. I'm happy. ------------------ Chris 99WR400F