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  1. stanman

    Crazy house/trailer near Stonyford??

    These pictures were from last year
  2. stanman

    Please help with Pit Passes for San Diego SX!!

    Circuit City had alot them for the SX at San Francisco. Check web site for http://supercrossonline.com/circuitcitylocations/#sandiego the ones by you. There back by the car audio
  3. stanman

    cheap dealer & exhaust Q

    Try EBay I just got a new FMF Q for $112
  4. stanman

    I wanna see You're 450s

  5. stanman

    Penny Pines

    Hey Bob how much farrier is penny pines then middle creek, is it off the same road? Went to middle creek for the first time all those water crossings are wild.
  6. stanman

    any pictures of forest hills or stonyford

    Most of these are from November at Stonyford.
  7. stanman

    Stonyford this weekend.

    do you know what the snow level is, would you be able to go across ridge to trails 4 and 6 by the weekend? Stan
  8. stanman

    Stonyford and Middle Creek

    Thanks it looks like Mammoth Bar then. CYA
  9. stanman

    Stonyford and Middle Creek

    Did anybody ride Stonyford or Middle Creek today, thinking about going tomorrow or Monday.
  10. stanman

    Anyone been to Stonyford recently?

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v609/stanman150/topoftrail4.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v609/stanman150/trail36.jpg Here's some pictures from Nov. 27 snow is probably melted by now
  11. Will be installing jd jetting tomorrow, will be riding at Stonyford at about 1000 to 6000ft. Carb also has the powernow on the carb. Anybody have a good setup. Stan
  12. stanman

    HELP! Gotta make a tough decision on 04 YZ250F 4 Stroke

    You can ride at stoneyford year-round
  13. stanman

    Post bike pics...

    I did it