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  1. i'm looking for options for a complete frontend upgrade for my 02 kx250 . what year bike will fit ?
  2. I want to use the 1st and second gear from a 98 kx250 with the 3rd 4th and 5th of an 02 kx250. will this work in 2002 cases ? with the 98 shafts ?
  3. bad72ss

    Factory Yellow 2005 yz450

    Sorry miss read your reply. Any idea who to talk to about who's bike it could be from?
  4. bad72ss

    Factory Yellow 2005 yz450

    Team yamaha ran 2005 yz450f 's in yellow for the unidilla race. This is off a factory backed bike. I'm trying to find out what bike it's from
  5. bad72ss

    Factory Yellow 2005 yz450

    Photos of tank
  6. Ok I have a yellow 2005 yz450 tank. I know the factory teams ran the yellow bikes at unidilla that year. Did yamaha offer yellow tanks to the public that year? under side of the tank has 6 E written in pen.
  7. what year engine cases will fit a 2001 cr250
  8. post photos of your white and red YZ'S . I I already have a retro yellow one. now I want to build a white and red retro 250
  9. its running great . hope to get it out this weekend.
  10. The bike is looking good !!!!
  11. bad72ss

    yz360af biuld !!

    I know is been a while since I posted but here are some short videos http://youtu.be/P6aRu6s4qrE http://youtu.be/uhqmQxSUtbM http://youtu.be/W7TgCLT4h9Q