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  1. moto278

    07 yz250. Metal shavings in oil

    i thought they resembled drill shavings as well. but no evidence i could find of anything drilled or tapped or any healy coils. the cases just did not look that way when i had them apart last to swap in a new clutch basket a couple seasons ago; so it makes me nervous.
  2. moto278

    oem titanium pegs

    cast would make sense versus welding. thats why i came here with the question haha. smarter minds than mine to say it could/would weaken them or make them brittle by simply trying to achieve a cosmetic achievement.
  3. moto278

    oem titanium pegs

    so heating up the stock pegs would make them brittle? its seams like a high risk even for something like a foot peg if that were the case. why do aftermarket ti pegs come discolored and stock pegs dont? it seems it is a coating that i would think would come off with work or time?
  4. So I've been tearing down a bike ive had for a while. Doing a full race build and making sure everything is in top shape. I've had metal shavings in my oil for a while, never had any issues. My crank is off getting rebuilt and i have to replace 1 transmisson gear that broke apart. The shavings i keep finding are non magnetic, which is part of what threw me for a loop. I was cleaning my cases and noticed the inside cases appear ti be peeling? The bike had unknown hours. I am debating if i should blast these and see how they come out or replace? On another note. Noticed something got caught in the crank to and put a little groove in the case as well. Safe to smooth it out? It catches a nail slightly.
  5. moto278

    oem titanium pegs

    hey, curious when i saw a separate thread/pictures earlier today. with yamaha's oem titanium pegs, do they have a coating on them to give them their appearance? if so, has anyone tried removing it in order to torch them like aftermarket pegs to give them that heated blue hue? just curious is all.
  6. moto278


    Ha! Any tv in a public facility of any kind in this town has 4 channels. CNN, local news, Disney for kids, ESPN. There was a group years ago tried getting together Saturday nights to eat, drink have fun in a local bar or restaurant and watch the races. Lasted 1 race before getting shut down by local yahoos.
  7. moto278


    Thanks dyldog, didn't realize it was a part of YouTube's subscription package
  8. moto278


    i REALLY hate feld. being as we dont spend much time at home, my wife and i dont pay for cable, so we watch things online. trying to find it online after the fact everything that pops up saying feld took it down.
  9. moto278


    Never heard of it so I didn't know. Short of calling a dealer to order one I'm not sure where to find one. Never seen the brand listed on sites like motorsport, rmatv, partzilla, ECT. Try eBay?
  10. moto278


    Quick Google search showed a performance parts site. Never heard of malaguti, Chinese? European? http://www.harglo-performance.com/malaguti-grizzly-parts-29-c.asp
  11. moto278

    2005 YZ 125 Bike Build

    what did you do with the tank to make it black? die? or buy one?
  12. moto278

    New Forks

    Bike bandit, rocky mountain, motorsport, dealers.
  13. moto278

    Yz250 carbon tank

    Thanks smez! This is the kind of info I've been looking for but seem nearly impossible to find.
  14. moto278

    Yz250 carbon tank

    I saw those. They use the oem style shrouds though and was eyeing the ones that use the 10-13 yz250f shrouds
  15. moto278

    Rtech Revolution in the USA

    I've seen those and may go that route anyway due to it being plastic anyway. Just heard back from rtech that they do offer just the tank/shrouds which is all I am interested in