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    restoring old japanese road bikes, two strokes in particular.
    Jetting 2strokes. tinkering in the garage.

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  1. riles

    2010 yz125 120 psi?

    That’s strange and low. Maybe someone didn’t size the piston correctly. Did you/someone measure the new ring gap? My gauge is pretty a accurate and I get 160 psi cold on a run in new top end. My base gasket is .65mm thick. When I rebuild I check in the garage and get 157 or so then after run in I get 162.
  2. riles

    2020 YZ125X first impressions and review

    I think I have 29-30 and 107mm. It’s just right for me
  3. riles

    2020 YZ125X first impressions and review

    Thanks fo the excellent review and details, especially jetting and suspension specs. I’m hoping it will serve you well. Like you I like small bores and had a 2013 KTM 150 XC and now a modified YZ125 (a home made X) which I find I ride more often than my other bikes. I’m likely to get a 2020 X when they arrive. A couple of questions. I’m very familiar with YZ jetting. Will you be getting a few needles to try? A 44-75 for example (clip 2) and or others. After you check/adjust float height the 35 pilot might stay in there? I read in the Yamaha release that the springs were “softer” but they didn’t say what rate so thanks for listing them. (I’m 180lbs and ride slower technical trails) Thanks again and I’ll be reading with great interest any updates and progress
  4. riles

    2015 YZ 250fx vs. 2019 YZ 250fx

    I had a 2015 for 2 years (150 hours) and have had my 2018 for 125 hours. The 18 has quite a few noticeable changes ( the cylinder head, intake, etc). I notice the following. Stronger front brake, more HP in the mid to top end, lower foot pegs (Im tall so better for me) reserve light and suspension valving. If you can afford it is a better bike IMO.
  5. riles

    2015 200 XCW Head Mod

    I’ve been running 1.05mm squish, 195 psi for over 4 years/280 hours. Premium pump fuel (no ethanol) Still going strong. A top end every 100 hours. Starter works fine. Its a 2014 200 EXC
  6. riles

    Skid plate for 2019 300xc

    AXP skid plate and linkage guard on mine. It’s very good
  7. riles

    YZ250FX Spark Arrestor

    I could be corrected but I think in some markets the FX is sold with a slightly quieter muffler than your USA models. Im on my third FX and each of them have had a little cone shaped insert an inch or so inside the muffler end that may be a spark arrester? It looks like it deflects the gasses into the side of the muffler instead of letting it come straight out. It’s not on the YZ but externally they look the same muffler. It seems to drop the noise level down a tiny bit compared with the YZ. In any case the FX muffler is still a bit noisy which you don’t notice so much in the first few hours of riding but in the second half of a ride or day I notice it more and was keen to get something a bit quieter. I chose the FMF Q but I have to say it’s not particularly quiet and I’m running it with the SA in it. It is quieter at idle but as soon as you open up it is relatively noisy.
  8. riles

    YZ250FX low fuel light

    My light comes on when I’ve got about 1/3 of a tank left. A bit too early IMO but thats OK. It’s a reminder. After a typical 100km ride I still have a litre or so left. I reckon it would go 115km/70m to empty.
  9. I've gone back to a 250 from a 300. It's a sweet smooth motor. I'm liking the change. The 2018 XC is a very good bike.
  10. riles

    te300 cylinder head mods

    sandking, good write up. I agree with all you have said. I've virtually done the same to my TX300. I find with the red spring, good jetting and the modded head it really goes hard and revs quick, especially in the mid range. Very much like an SX250 on steroids. In slower technical terrain, when wet and with lots of hills it can be a handful. A yellow or green spring might be easier, but, like you, I like the full "hang on" effect, especially when you have the traction. Anyway, good luck with it, hope it serves you well. Note, see my photo of the head mod, slightly different ceiling shape in the dome but I reckon we would have similar volumes. FYI my squish was 2.15 and is now 1.39. compression went up 20 psi.
  11. I have a skid plate on my 17 300. I also put a linkage slide on it. The main plate is plastic (French) and the Obie skid plate is from U.S.A. I haven't put many hours on it yet but seems to work just fine. The Obie slide was not made for this plastic skid plate but I made it fit nicely. I normally buy aluminium plates (with no slide) but these caught my eye and were available when I got the bike a few weeks ago.
  12. I'm with Memphis, I like the TX look more than the XC. The handlebars are different and the pro taper bend and height suits me perfectly. I usually change those flat straight KTM bars first thing. The German made Magura clutch works brilliantly. I wouldn't have cared if it came with Brembo but I'm glad it came with Magura. The subframe is debatable, I like the carbon composite. Mine has survived a flip already and no damage. On the negatives, the white plastics mark up quicker than the Orange. They are both great new model/revamped bikes
  13. riles

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    Surely there are more Mikuni needles to use instead of waiting on the JD kit needles. Can't you just buy 6B 43 or 44 - 74 and 75 needles. They would be slightly leaner off idle which is where I'm reading most owners are finding it too rich. Or change the needle tube to a leaner type. I believe this is possible with Mikunis (not possible with Keihin) I'm waiting on a 2017 300 so I'm keen to see what people have to say in general
  14. I haven't and never will. However I do spend ridiculous amounts of time washing and re washing then rinsing and then re rinsing my air filters. My compression figures hardly go down after over 100 hours and I've never had worn cylinder plating or out of spec rings.
  15. I'm at 60 hours and still running the original 13/51 on my FX. No complaints but to answer the OP question, if I had a 52 on the shelf I'd use it. The top gear is still very high and gives ample top speed. Sacrificing a few MPH won't hurt and like the others have said may make 3rd gear more usable overall