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  1. coffinhauler

    Seeking advice on new 2017 300 xcw price

    I got a leftover 2018 300xc in April of this year for $8900 OTD. You should be able to do better.
  2. coffinhauler

    19 TE300i Forks (XPLOR)

    Buy a TX? 😉
  3. coffinhauler

    PA Allegheny national forest trails

    Recommend the bike loop, it’s 20ish miles and most suited to dirt bikes. They do allow ATVs on the bike loop, but not class 2 (no UTVs). The ATV and Timberline loops are too tame for two wheelers and better suited for cruising on four wheels.
  4. coffinhauler

    Lectron or Smart carb? And will it fit?

    I had a Lectron on my 99 KTM 380, however recently switched back to the Keihin PWK. At this point I prefer the Keihin and the ability to fine tune each circuit to my liking. Being an engineer this is satisfying to me. The Keihin has a more traditional feel and provides more “hit” at midrange. Also, I was able to make it more flexible to temp and altitude changes by having the head squish corrected. This was actually quite critical to get the 380 to run cleanly. The Lectron is definitely a nice carb. If you follow the suggested metering rod starting settings it will run quite well. Tuning is usually a quarter turn away. Fuel mileage, as noted before is quite an improvement. But with this, common sense tells you it’s a leaner running setup, generally, as compared to the Keihin. That’s ok, it’s just different. If if you want a carb that is super easy to setup and require minimal, if not zero adjustments throughout - get the Lectron. It’s just not my preference at this point. Actually, I was considering selling my Lectron, let me know if you are interested. I haven’t even considered what I would want for it. If you are interested, PM me.
  5. coffinhauler

    Kickstart lever alternative

    SOANZ, not a bad idea! I actually have some short ice racing screws laying around that should work dandy. I actually pulled the kicker off my KTM, splines are the same as my Yamaha. But, the “knuckle” is bigger and the kicker gets jammed up against the frame at the bottom of the stroke.
  6. Hello I still enjoy taking my trusty old steed out on a woods romp, 2003 YZ450F. The problem I have recently noted (and likely due to my getting older and less limber!) is that a wet boot makes kicking this thing difficult. Not hard to press down, but I have noticed the part of the lever where you boot it is very short, maybe only 3.5” long. Wet boot = a slip and that dang lever hits me right in the shin above the boot. Looking for a simple fix hopefully, are any of the other Yamaha kick lever models compatible with my bike, i.e. bolt on? Looking for one with a longer “foot bed” that would provide better grip. Thanks CH
  7. coffinhauler

    KTM Stator and Headlight question

    Also, from what I recall, the 2k-3 110W stator was only fitted outside the US.
  8. coffinhauler

    KTM Stator and Headlight question

    My 99 380 m/xc came with the 2k-2 stator, which puts out 40W to the headlight. Clearly delineated in the service manual. I was considering the Trailtech light, which draws 70W, but for the price and realizing I would still only pump out 40W of light, I audibled and bought the Polisport Halo halogen: https://www.polisport.com/en/off-road/products/headlights/halo/?id=84&pid=185 nice light, really especially for the price. For fast Offroad, not enough power, but plenty to make you steet legal or an easy dusk cruise on the trails. You need to buy a headlight socket at the local auto parts store though. You could consider a LED lamp for more light output, but then you get into rectifiers and what not.
  9. coffinhauler

    KTM 380 Seizure

    Reporting back finally, received a beautifully done replated cylinder from Millenium, fitted to the Wossner piston I supplied. Bolted her back together and fired off quickly. Called Lectron and went back to the starting settings with the richer 4-2 rod. Definately feels and sounds richer from what I can recall, no matter - now I can jet to my liking and avoid being too lean for my type of riding.
  10. coffinhauler

    2 rim locks on my rear 19"

    They make such a beast... https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1076/50371/DRC-Rim-Hole-Plugs
  11. coffinhauler

    Pittsburgh Area Ride Meetup

    Fun place to ride is Scrubgrass OHV Park in Templeton, PA. Not open every weekend, just keep an eye on this website. They also host the AWRCS series for at least one race. https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/pennsylvania_14590/ride_f71d.htm
  12. coffinhauler

    KTM 380 Seizure

    Here is a picture of the plug, post seize. Also mental, I bought the bike in SW Pennsylvania (it does have late model plastics). As as I await the replated cylinder, I installed the richer needle (4-2) that was supplied with the carb, at recommended starting setting. PO had the leaner 4-2m rod installed. Also, powerjet was found 2.75 turns out, which seems excessive to me. But I am sure the rod and power jet overlap some.
  13. coffinhauler

    KTM 380 Seizure

    Good point, I will check comp when I get the cylinder back from Millenium. Otherwise, I did not observe detonation during any riding conditions. My take is, the previous owner had the Lectron setup crisp for bottom end performance but it was too lean for high rpm/high load operation, especially in relatively cold conditions.
  14. coffinhauler

    KTM 380 Seizure

    COOKED for sure, and for the record yes had plenty of rad fluid!