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  1. 98rm250_90cr500

    Riding near Redding?

    I figured since i was making the trip might a well bring the bike. If its to hot during the day i will ride at night and dust isnt to much of an issue i race in it all summer around central washington and oregon.
  2. 98rm250_90cr500

    Riding near Redding?

    Does callifornia require any special requirments and insurances for out of state riders or is my oregon ohv stickers and spark arrestor good enough for a day trip? I am thinking i will check out chappie one day and this other spot the later in the week. Are the trails well marked or should i bring my spot gps? I am hoping to hit mid week riding and miss all the weekend crazy's and probubly do some night riding because temps are pretty hot.
  3. 98rm250_90cr500

    Riding near Redding?

    So no riding accept at shasta? No recomendations for good riding areas? Or a good route ?
  4. 98rm250_90cr500

    Riding near Redding?

    I am from oregon i am coming down to redding probubly end of july early augest. Looking for some good riding, i heard about shasta area and its only 10 mins or so from redding. I am 32 years old and race xc and gp in the 30 + expert class, realisticly i am a fast b class racer who wanted more challenging racing. We will be down for a week so i would really like to hit trails mid week any possible guide volenteers would be awesome. I love single track butt wider trails are fun to. I ride a 07 crf 450x set up for baja so night rides are cool if temps are to hot.
  5. 98rm250_90cr500

    I think Im ready for something different...

    So noboby mentioned the yz 250, A little suspension work a fly wheel weight and a big tank you have a bike that putts down nearly as much hp as any 450 weighs a ton less is arguably the most reliable twostroke/dirtbike for that matter ever built. Lost of low and mid range to use and more top end than any 300cc smoker. The pumpkin patch bikes are cool but they are not proven lime the yamaha. Just my opinion.
  6. 98rm250_90cr500

    450x piston choice

    I think the bigest issue is people dont mark and drill oil holes in the skirt like wiseco recomends for most applications. Prox is another good choice thats what i run in my cylenderworks big bore kit.
  7. 98rm250_90cr500

    Ultimate Dream Motor

    Jcr racing, billion time baja 1000 winners run srock motors for reliability and horse power. But this is a what if thread. Keeping the stock compression ratio is no good for peek horse power you gotta go race gas all the way. Full port and pollished head stage 3 Stage 3 hot cam Oversized valves, stainless intake ti exaughst Cylender works big bore kit with hit rods stroker crank puts you at 500 cc and high compression. Use athena big bore gaskets. Obviously you wanna mod the rev box or get a suped.up one fro tokyo mods so you can ring out all the new ponies, and the mapping switch is nice for variouse terain. Your gonna need some carb mods too. Definatly need to get a bigger AP cover and i have had good luck with the quick shot from boysen. Pipes are all over the board but my personal choice would be a full fmf system. Power bomb header and 4.1 silencer. Or a full drd system. Probubly wanna up size the rads to keep things cooled down. And thw high flow boysen waterpump cover and impeller wheel. I am sure thier is alot more but thats the basics for now.
  8. 98rm250_90cr500

    2007 x not starting.

    So i have 80 hrs on the head and this is the first valve adjustment sinse then? And you think it realy needs rebuilt again?
  9. 98rm250_90cr500

    2007 x not starting.

    Thanks, I got the shims out and measured up, so i will hit the local honda shop today and get the new ones. Good thing to because its only 7 days till the bigest 24hr race in the country. 100 plus teams and over 15 ironman riders signed up. Its basicly the superbowl of offroad racing around here. This is the tenth aniversary and hoping for the best race ever.
  10. 98rm250_90cr500

    thinking about buying a 2006 450x

    Did you drain both trany and engine oils the honda has two drain plugs. One right below the stater cover and one farther under the edge of the outer case ahead of the shifter.
  11. 98rm250_90cr500

    450x piston choice

    Wiseco. Piston and gaskets run 209 Www.motosport.com
  12. 98rm250_90cr500

    Headlight bulb?

    Stator upgrade $200-$300 Good $300-600 The ability to ride full speed at night or just piss your nieghbors priceless. If your looking for night riding options you can do a stator swap with a new regulator rectified to convert your light power to dc . You can then buy a auto hid kit from HIDnation.com for cheep Mount the balast to the back of your head light shell and the bulb is a direct fit you will get light 3times as for ahead of you and with a good helmet light your set for under $500.
  13. 98rm250_90cr500

    2007 x not starting.

    Well i did more cleaning and a good once over to make sure everything was right. Batterie died trying to start so i resorted to using the kick start and after seeing the catastrophic case fractues i absolutly hate to even touch that thing. So 10 good kicks and some throttle chopps resulted in a sputter and finaly a few more kicks brought it to life. It seamed to idle dine and throttle responss was good. So i am going to get back into the head and pull shims and measure for adjustment. I hope i can go smaller on my shims and get a lottle more life out of it nefore its full head rebuild time again.
  14. 98rm250_90cr500

    2007 x not starting.

    Exactly my point, seams lime it should still start. I replaced timing chain and guide piston and rings and all new gasgets. I aligned all the timing markes and looked into the cylender through the spark plug hole to make sure it was at TDC and re installed the cam sprocket. Cam lobes are facing the intake side at tdc. is it possable fot the timing to be out 180°? I am also gonna go through the carb again and make sure everything is good.
  15. 98rm250_90cr500

    2007 x not starting.

    No popping or anything i cleaned the carb realy well. And when i rode it down to the shop it seamed fine, responsive power and mo issues other than it was a pain to start.