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  1. ride for life

    2018 YZ250X

    There is a dealer that has a few leftover 2018 YZ250x's in crates, which is the bike I'm looking at currently.. I was quoted at $7,442 OTD. Freight: $399 Prep: $299 tags: $124 .. F+P are the real shafting.. What do you guys think about that OTD price? First bike back into riding since my crf250r a few years ago, first 2 stroke, but I've read a lot of great things about these bikes. Got the offroad bug back since going street. Any of you that have one feel free to chime in. Blake
  2. ride for life

    07 RM 250: what's it worth?

    Just as an update.. seller said they're firm at $3,800. in my opinion that is asking too much, I don't care how nice the bike is, it is still 12 years old after all. It would need about $1,500 in upgrades for offroad which is why 3,800 isn't going to work. Seemed like a nice find, I guess ill have to keep looking for another bike.
  3. ride for life

    07 RM 250: what's it worth?

    Looking at a used 2007 RM 250, looks brand new but I haven't went to look at it, seller said he rode it only a few times and the owner before was an older guy who hardly rode it. Stock everything, 2 rides on new tires, seller wants $4000 OBO. I would guess 15-20 hrs. Do you guys know what this bike is worth? Thanks
  4. ride for life

    '14 yz250

    rekluse pro clutch, handguards, skid plate, pipe guard. Apparently still on original tires. How much would you pay? Looking at one in my area that's for sale. Thanks
  5. ride for life

    Protien Shakes -what do use? (DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO!?)

    Just find your maintenance calories which is the number you eat everyday where you don't gain or drop weight. Eat foods that are easy to count, get a good scale for meats. For people that want to bulk, they eat in excess of their mait calories by 500+. For people cutting weight they eat at a 500 cal deficit. Pretty simple. I'm 5 ft 61/2 and I'm cutting at 1300 calories. When I was bulking I got to 174 but then got hurt and could no longer lift like I was. So factor some shakes into your mait calories and you'll be good to go. Cheers
  6. ride for life

    Protien Shakes -what do use? (DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO!?)

    Whey is the best protein, better than soy and egg protein. It's 100% absorption rate. You will "bulk up" if you are taking in 500 more calories than you are burning everyday. Actually bulking up means gaining muscle so if you're not lifting heavy you'll just be putting on weight. Drink the shakes at your maintenance calories every day. The increased protein will keep your muscles full and well. And what's so wrong with bulking up?? Are you looking to be a scrawny twig? No offense
  7. ride for life

    Protien Shakes -what do use? (DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO!?)

    ON golf standard has 48g protein per 2 scoops and 5 carbs for 2 scoops, or really close, under 25 carbs. 1.5-2gs of fat. Great stuff, excellent for cutting or maintaining weight
  8. ride for life

    Protien Shakes -what do use? (DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO!?)

    I'm using ON gold standard whey, it's been the #1 protein powder since like 2006. I was bulking about 2 months ago and making great gains, I was doing great then I was doing military presses with 60lb bells and when I popped it up from my knee my left shoulder went out. MRI, torn glenoid labrum and the joint is loose. Can't lift shoulders or chest anymore, from my bone all the way down to near my elbow becomes "dead arm". Anything over 5 reps. It sucks its a major setback for me, I was just rushing things and my form went bad. Don't make my mistakes and gradually raise weight. Anyways, I'm back to cutting, fortunately I can still hit arms and back hard and legs. Just have to switch my goals up a little. Might get the shoulder scoped next fall though
  9. ride for life

    Bottom End Going Out I Think.... HELP!

    Get yourself the service manual
  10. ride for life

    Bottom End Going Out I Think.... HELP!

    Are you sure it's not just a really loose chain slapping the swing arm and chain rollers?? A bottom end would be knocking regardless of being in neutral or not.
  11. ride for life

    2007 crf250r running hot as hell plz help

    Yeah like stated before.. what I do is when I start my bike I keep checking the top of left radiator and as soon as it starts getting warm it is time to take off.. I also have a temp sticker on cylinder head, and top of radiator just to keep an eye on temps. I flushed my radiators and put in Engine ice coolant, it actually does work and keeps it cooler if you are riding in the woods at a slower pace.
  12. ride for life

    WestVirginia WV/PA boarder

    Anyone on here ride around the WV/PA boarder?
  13. ride for life

    Pennsylvania Riding in PA

    hey does anyone know if there is any riding near the Bedford county areas? Or near the WV/PA boarder, or possibly down into WV a little? Have some cousins out there that I could stay with, but wanted to see if there is anyone on here from out that way.
  14. ride for life

    Is It legal to ride on the powerlines?

    yeah, who cares.. I grew up riding in farmers fields woods and powerlines.. just don't overdo it in one place
  15. ride for life

    2012 CRF450 or 2012 RMZ450

    I was reading the RMZ has the most power stock. Personally out of the big 5, my 2 choices would be honda or suzuki, Motor mods would be more expensive, (2 cams) I saw a suzuki with black rims and yellow spokes, pretty irrelevant, but suzukis are pretty sexy. the honda was the steering damper too, idk man just get one, be glad you are able to be on a new bike