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  1. Hi! 2 quick questions: Does the full exhaust system of the aluminium frame WR's fits on the steel's one???? And if not..Does a WR450 08 muffler fits on an older WR with steel frame.. ??? tnx!
  2. kloss, my sensor is fitted on the left side but before the cooler.. i get the highest temp of oil... also i've check my coolant level and it's ok.. and my sensor reads in the coolant hose too... i've check the wiring and it's ok.. probably my sensor has the problem... and another question... how often do you guys change your coolant fluid??
  3. Hi all! I've got the trailtech vapor installed on my bike more than a year now. The normal operating engine temp is around 70-90 C (160-195F). The last few days, when i start the engine to get the bike warm up, it take too long to go to 38C (100F) than before... then hardly gets to 50C-60C (120F-140F) but when ride the bike, the engine temp drops below 38C (100F) in seconds! Has anyone the same problem before? I did no changes on the bike I reset the vapor but no luck..
  4. My top speed is 160km/h. WR450 08 17" wheels free mods AIS removed FMF Factory 4.1 full exhaust Sm air filter Re-jetted Adjustable screw
  5. 1. The ambient temp gauge response is slow and it shows always 4-5 Celsius higher than the normal temperature. 2. When you switch off the bike, the vapor remains on for 20 min! 3. If you stop and the speed sensor is on the magnet, it stays on! Except this 3, it works perfect, and is really easy to install it!
  6. Good job! What is your gearing? I have on my WR450 08 15/48 for highway use.
  7. Change and the stock header! This will give you really power!!!
  8. I didn't notice that! Thanks for the info kingquad450. I will keep that in mind!
  9. Just install a new TrailTech Vapor stealth on my WR450 08 sm. I couldn't fit the speed sensor on the caliber cause i have a bigger rotor brake front, so i drill the plastic and screw the sensor on it. nice n clean. I've check the vapors speed with the original computer and the 2 speeds match perferct. Now i just have to remove the old wr-computer and put the vapor to its place. And i hate when i switch off the bike, the vapor remains on for 20 min!
  10. On my WR450 08 i have the FMF 4.1C Ti Muffler and Titanium mid pipe (Slip on). Next i bought the stainless Powerbomb header. It's more strong, cheaper but heavier than the Titanium. And yeah fits perfect! Just use some high temp silicone for sealing.
  11. Great work on it! Black looks great!
  12. http://p1.bikepics.com/pics/2009/08/29/bikepics-1766821-full.jpg WR 450F 2008 sm
  13. Buy the header too!! i put on my WR450 08 the FMF factory 4.1 slip on system and i see small different. then i replace the wr's stock header with the fmf powerbomb and.. HUGE different!!!
  14. The problem solved by it'self!!! just riding around 1-2 times and the bike runs perfect now. probably was the sudden jump to 170MJ and 48 PJ. JD is a perfect kit!
  15. Yeah. thats right, YZ 06 and the next models have the aluminium frame. instead WR's which use the aluminium on 07' 08' 09' models. probably the skid plate will not fit on your bike.
  16. Hi guys. I have just rejet my bike because it was too rich. Now it runs better, smoothier, no backfire. But when is cold and start it has realy high rpm at idle. I adjust the idle speed and ride it for 15-20min and when the bike gets hot and close the throttle it shuts down. Start it again with hot start (difficult to start) and the bike stays with low rmp at idle and shut down again. then I adjust the idle speed again but the rpm are not steady. when i give some throttle increase and drop down again. My bike is a WR450 2008. Before i was using the jets from the GYTR-AIS kit Main jet: 175 (GYTR-AIS) Main Air Jet: 110 (GYTR-AIS) Pilot Jet: 50 (GYTR-AIS) PAJ: 80 (stock) Leak Jet: ? from GYTR-AIS Starter Jet: 65 (stock) Fuel screw: stock Needle Model/Clip position: GYTR AIS 4th Grey Wire Mod (Y/N): Y TPS Connected (Y/N): Y Airbox Snorkel/Lid (on or off): OFF AIS Removed (Y/N): Y Airfilter Brand: Notoil sm Exhaust Brand: FMF Factory 4.1 complete, powerbomb Average Altitude: 0-1000ft Average Temp: 60-90 Now i replace the Main jet: 170 JD pilot jet: 48 JD Jet Needle: JD red - 4th and put a ZIP TY Fuel Screw 1/2 turn (still try to adjust it). Now is summer here, about 90f. Need to go to a smaller pilot-jet? Or is something else?
  17. Year: 2008 Model (400 - 426 - 450): 450 Cam Timing (WR/YZ): WR Main jet: 170 Main Air Jet: 110 (GYTR-AIS) Pilot Jet: 48 Pilot Air Jet: 80 Leak Jet: 50 Starter Jet: 65 Fuel screw (turns out): Zip Ty 1-1/2 (still tuning) Needle Model/Clip position: JD red / 4th clip Grey Wire Mod (Y/N): Y TPS Connected (Y/N): Y Air box Snorkel/Lid : Removed O-ring mode: Done AIS Removed (Y/N): Y Air filter Brand: Twin Air Exhaust Brand: FMF Factory 4.1 complete (open) Average Altitude: 0-500ft Average Temperature: 60-90f Average Humidity: 50-80% Degree of Satisfaction (0-10): 9 Additional Mods/Comments: I've got before the 175main - 50 Pilot. The bike before accelarates immediately and make some backfire. Now with the 170/48 runs more smoothly.
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