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  1. woods4life

    My 500 buck beater

    no way
  2. woods4life

    Log Crossing

    nice one! That looks intimidating
  3. woods4life

    awesome new vid of JBS..

    very nice video
  4. woods4life

    FMX - and a lil' bit of everything.

    cool man, too bad about renta-cops
  5. woods4life

    Best riding pics from the year passed

    great pictures! Like the wheelie ones
  6. woods4life

    Mountain Bike Stunts

    check www.pinkbike.com
  7. woods4life

    05 wz250f winter build

    trade ya
  8. I'd ask him why he talks like a girl
  9. woods4life

    My Atlanta Supercross Pit Pic's

    nice pictures
  10. woods4life

    Lets see your bikes for the 2009 season

    One sick looking motorcycle right there!!!!!!
  11. woods4life

    my ATL pics... LOTS no 56k!

    nice pics man... how much did that lense run ya if ya dont mind me asking
  12. woods4life

    helmet cam wheelie crash

    thats too bad
  13. woods4life

    Any mechanics in here??

    Hey man... tough times for bikes! I am a semester away from both my A&P (airframe and powerplant) and a BS in helicopter maintenance from Southern Illinois University. This degree will allow me to do my passion (turn a wrench), but there is so much more to offer than bikes. Just think about the cost off the floor... 5K or 500K... Labor is more, parts are more, work takes longer, etc... The "royal" class is not going anywhere in this society plunge... they will still fly their little smerking asses around in private jets. Since everything has to be signed off by an a&p, jobs will be avaliable. With my degree, when I am done I can choose any state and plenty of countries and be hired the day out of school. Just food for thought.