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  1. swedishfishmx

    2014 TC250 Reviews Anyone

    DeCal Works is who supplied the graphics kit. As for the seat, it's just a cover produced by TractionMX. Pete is the owner and he was super helpful and responsive in assisting me. The seat is probably the best mod on the bike. IMO it's a must have.
  2. swedishfishmx

    2014 TC250 Reviews Anyone

    It's not restricted when you take the seat off, but most bikes (if not all of them besides the new Husqvarna) have large cut outs in the side number plates that would allow air to flow directly to the filter. I challenge you to find an opening that allows direct airflow to the filter with the seat and all plastics on the bike. You won't find it because their isn't one.
  3. swedishfishmx

    Te300 high speed stability

    I rode my bike with stock suspension in the woods for a few months. I've been anywhere from 1st crawling to 5th tapped in some choppy straights with no issues. I recently had my suspension revalved and rebuilt. Still no issues with headshake or feeling unstable. Coming over a very stable 250f I'm surprised at how stable this 2-stroke is at speed. I have 40 hours on my TC250 with not a second of headshake. Take it for what it's worth. I realize it's not a TE, but I do belive that the new frame is lightyears better than previous models (I have owend an 07 200sx and an 09 200xc-w). I also have rode several other model years. If the new frame is anything like the Factory Edition KTM that is out now than it is going to be better than mine even. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if that is what's holding you back.
  4. swedishfishmx

    Te300 high speed stability

    Neither? Are the forks at the top of the clamp or slid up some?
  5. swedishfishmx

    Te300 high speed stability

    Is the sag set correctly on the TE?
  6. swedishfishmx

    V force reeds

  7. swedishfishmx

    CRF250R Woods Setup

    Here's my old CRF It was a really nice woods bike: 18" wheel Clarke Tank Some suspension/motor work and that's about it. These bikes don't need much.
  8. swedishfishmx

    Head on Crash - "awww yeah that was awesome"

    Doesn't look head on to me, and his peripheral vision is terrible.
  9. swedishfishmx

    Te300 high speed stability

    Don't let previous bikes sway your opinion on how well this new frame handles. High speeds are a non-isssue with the new frame. I've hit several sections as fast as the bike will go with no issue. I do not have a steering stabilizer either, and don't plan on purchasing one.
  10. swedishfishmx

    V force reeds

    I'm aware of this, I was referring to his post about the reeds being cheaper material, which is not the case. The OEM system that is now on the "new" Husqvarna's is a KTM spec reed made by Boyesen. It's not their standard reed. I should have stated that. Rancher...All of the bike prices have gone up, not just Husqvarna. The price jump is also direct correlation between Husqvarna now using a superior product versus what what they had been selling. Should I end this with another "nice try?"
  11. swedishfishmx

    2014 TC250 Reviews Anyone

    I will be trying cutting apart my airbox soon. I couldn't believe how choked up and restricted it was when I first bought it. The 2014 TC comes with CC forks, not the 4cs fork which is on the TE.
  12. swedishfishmx

    V force reeds

    Incorrect...nice try though.
  13. swedishfishmx

    2014 TC250 Reviews Anyone

    I love mine. No issues so far. Just the usual change jetting and a few other parts. Things I've done so far: OEM TE Tank Vforce4 Reeds FMF Shorty 14/51 combo with an x ring chain Race Tech Gold Valve II on the way TractionMX seat (stock one offers no grip) PHDS clamps ODI bars and Emig V2 lock on grips RM Needle Stock spring 1/2 out from flush. The RM needle helped out a lot. It cleaned up the middle of the throttle nicely. I may switch to the bigger carb at some point, but for now the smaller stock carb works well enough.
  14. swedishfishmx

    2014 TC250

    Seems about right. I changed the needle and moved the clip up one position.