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  1. silentZ

    I watched the A3 450 LCQ again...

    I re-watched it as well, and I noticed the Dungey snub. My thought at the time was, Dungey was unimpressed with the gooning and his body language said "&%$#@!?" After seeing RD win the main, I thought back and realized that his mindset after the LCQ was all business and he seemed pissed that Albertson was taking the LCQ so lightly.
  2. silentZ

    erin vs diana ?

    Is Diana still Miss Supercross? Is this a dictatorship now? They need to decide if she is going to be the 30 sec. main event girl, or the girl who tells us how to hashtag that ass. I really do not need her to speak to enjoy her.
  3. My method: Windex on the tire bead. 3 tire tools. Attach two of the tire tools. The third tool will go in the middle of the existing two. The second tool that was lodged now gets catapulted away from the tire and goes bouncing around the garage. The bead that just got worked on now starts to come up. The tube is now crooked in the tire. The valve stem looks like it needs V8 juice. Shirt drenched in sweat. Flip the tire over to deal with the sprocket side. Proceed to tear flesh off the knuckles and watch as more tire irons go flying around the garage. Completely drenched in sweat, the tire bead is finally on the rim. Air up the tire. Discover pinch flat. Practice new combinations of curse words followed by throwing of anything that is within arm reach. Grab a beer and go google mediation techniques. Look at pictures/videos of girls instead. Go to the moto shop to buy TWO tubes this time! Pick up more supplies (beer) and start over. The Dunlop videos are pretty awesome. It really is all about leverage and making slack where you can seat more tire into the rim when working the opposite side.
  4. silentZ

    SX Eye Candy

    mmm. I love lip implants. Have any of you ever dated a woman with fake boobs?
  5. SG10 or 12. I have SG12s.
  6. Did anyone else notice how similar Martin Davalos' launch off the bike and over the berm was to that scene from Spaceballs when they pull out of warp speed and Dark Helmet goes flying into a panel at the front of the ship?
  7. silentZ

    Erin Bates hot or not?

    She is still very hot. You need to see her in person. Conversation over.
  8. silentZ

    RC.... nervous or drunk?

    LOL. I remember last year when he busted out the jacket with the zippers. He was labeled the COAT! This guy is obviously not well educated. He keeps saying "I SEEN." really dumbass, You seen? Are you serious? "I seen it no doubt. For sure." He can pick out when things are happening on the track, but he is not polished. Hell, Emig with his few speech issues is leaps and bounds better than Ricky. Sorry Ricky, if you are going to be on TV, please take some grammar classes. Most people who speak English speak it FLUENTLY!
  9. silentZ

    FMF Rocks!

    I just placed a call to FMF regarding a stripped fastener that attaches the slip on pipe to the subframe. The guy took down my shipping info and said he would send two brackets. He never even mentioned price! AWESOME!!! That is what I call customer service!
  10. silentZ

    "hey can i try your bike?"

    I let my friends ride it when their bikes break. Of course I know them well and I know where they live. They certainly will pay for any damages. My baby was involved in a wreck and I could tell my buddy felt terrible that he crashed it, even though it was some other numb nuts fault for exiting the track in the middle of a blind jump. I am still a bit bitter about lending out a spare pair of gloves to someone who apparently is going to keep them forever. Next time I see the glove guy at the track I am gonna lay down some passive aggressive sarcasm. That's how I roll.
  11. silentZ

    Stewart's wristwatch

    I bet he'll pick you up on time!
  12. silentZ

    Stewart in for High Point

    There you go again, making shit up. How is it possible that you are clairvoyant?
  13. silentZ

    Spoiler HAHA

    Some people speak when they have nothing to say. Some also type.
  14. silentZ

    Spoiler HAHA

    What about lurkers. How are they measured?
  15. silentZ

    Spoiler HAHA

    How does one quantify a "Pro regular"? Is there a degree for that? Does a person need a certain number of accolades to be deemed a true "Pro regular" in these parts? Do I need to sign up to a for profit online college to achieve this astute qualification?