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  1. I get hurt (scrapes, bruises) about once a month. I've only had one major injury so far
  2. at 32:1 with synthetic oil, I dont think you could seize it without purposefully trying to. Rev limiter prevents extreme over-revs, and saves you from over revving(accidental or otherwise), unlike a shifter kart, where you may not have a rev limiter, and the engine leans out so much it runs out of oil and seizes.
  3. JB MCS

    NEW 2010 YZ 450f WOW!!!

    Looks like it could potentially damage/crack/break piston skirts with the offset crankshaft. Not immediately, but over time of course. Not a problem with regular maintenance.
  4. JB MCS

    Sprocket broke

    Steel sprockets can do the same thing if your sprocket bolts are loose/off center/ missing
  5. JB MCS

    quiting for a while, have you done it?

    Riding has stopped exciting me. All the bikes are parked, and I'm focusing on my school work. I may ride tomorrow, and it will be the first time in about 4 weeks.
  6. JB MCS

    Home-made Riding Trails??

    Oh, sorry, I havent checked this thread in a while They were so over- ridden last year that they turned into hardpack and every time it rained it was muddy for a week. I'm planning on letting them get a little grown up so I can ride them about once-twice a week and not beat them down to nothing again, because they are all on the side of a mountain. I dont want them all to erode in 2-3 years. I'll try to upload a video from my brothers kdx or my yz in a while, because my drz-125l is getting a little... small...
  7. JB MCS

    my oil pan cracked !!!

    A picture is worth 1000 words, but in this scenario a picture would be worth 5,312 words because the problem was not adequately described. Umm, wow... I can't figure out if this is a troll or just... wow... Wow, man... Please use proper grammar.
  8. Yeah, I was taught not to do these type of things when I was like 5, so I think I'll avoid that. I do occasionally set it on the stand in 1st gear running when I'm cleaning the hubs, but it is only for ~5 seconds or so, and I use the pressure washer. Moving parts+pinching parts=dangerous and stupid
  9. JB MCS

    Home-made Riding Trails??

    I made around 2 miles of very crude trails, yes they are good. I'm letting them grow up with weeds a while this summer.\ Linustitus I use the same setup on my camera
  10. JB MCS

    Theft and Recovery (Happy Endings?)

    Good ending, but next time you need to beat the crap out of the kids Sorry about your bike, did you ever find the plate or are you going to get a new one? I suggest at least checking the valves and once-overing the bike to make sure everything is OK, change oil+coolant, make sure everything is GOOD. Also, examine your oil filter, it may be filled with the beginnings of a major problem.
  11. JB MCS

    Thanks flagger !@#$-U

    Chuck norris can go right with two left turns How badly is your hip bruised? like pink-purple-yellow brown bruise, or is it underneath the skin? I caught a tree on my thigh 5 days ago and it left a bruise the size of my hand on it. I have limped a little since, but it doesnt bother me much now.
  12. JB MCS

    Need help, is this a fair trade.

    do the 2006 cr250 and 200 bucks for yours "just in case"
  13. JB MCS

    So you think your Quad is fast?

    Look at 1:48 to 1:53 or so in the video, he is pulling the throttle back, not pushing it forwards.
  14. banshee, or Bombardier 800 (whichever...)
  15. JB MCS

    What Do You Wear When Riding?

    Don't feed what I assume is a troll... Full gear at least. Helmet, pads, boots, leatt, chest protector, and either gear, or several layers of warm clothes (in the winter)