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  1. mikenash

    Need a Motor 2014-2017 YZ 450

    Anyone have any leads?
  2. mikenash

    How often do you lube your chain?

    Before every ride WD40 and after I wash the bike.
  3. Looking for a 2014-17 YZ 450 motor running in good shape. Any help would would be much appreciated Thanks.
  4. mikenash

    Top end rebuild, what happened?

    Use OEM parts
  5. mikenash

    2018 yz450f kickstart

    Ok there might be a bad sell in the battery. So I would take it out and have it tested and if no good buy a higher cold cranking amp battery.
  6. mikenash

    2018 yz450f kickstart

    Way over thinking it.
  7. mikenash

    WR Headlight on a YZ250FX

    I have a stock wr headlight on my 450fx and works fine you really don't need the longer wr brake line it fits snug and I haven't had any issues. I run a wiring harness from Pro Racing in the UK which is a little more pricey than a rocky mtn kit but its also made nicer I think. I hope this helps
  8. mikenash

    2018 yz450f kickstart

    Why? The new electric start bikes are spot on as I have a 18 FX and have never had an issue.
  9. mikenash

    Best off-road helmets under $350.00?

    I am in the market for a new lid as well I looked on Rocky mtn and they have Bell Moto 9 carbon flex on sale for $350. kinda hard to say no to that as they retail for $650.
  10. mikenash

    Knee Braces on a Budget?

    I can tell you from experience that knee braces are a joke there stronger than your knees and there for do more damage than good, In my passed life I used CTI 2 customs and really thought they where it until I blew out my left knee not once but twice and when I went to the Dr's and we had a good talk and it all made sense. So know I just use Leatt axis knee guards and knock on wood I haven't had any issues. Just my 2 cents.

    • FOR SALE
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    Brand new in packaging fits all 250's 2strokes from 01-19. Free shipping lower 48. Text for pictures.


    Reno, Nevada - US


    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Good

    Tank is in great shape with screw cap and petcock. Fits all 125 and 250 2 strokes from 2002-2019. Will work with buyer on shipping.


    Reno, Nevada - US

  13. mikenash

    Best oversized tank for a 14 WR450F

    I had an IMS and it worked well I would go with a white so you can see your fuel level.
  14. mikenash

    2018 Yamaha Yz First Look

    Has anyone seen a YZ 450 FX in a showroom yet?
  15. mikenash

    wr426 eline stator shifter

    Yes IMS shifter then it needs to bent to fit.