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  1. travisn

    Shorai batteries keep dying?

    I have a lot of experience with these batteries. If you let them go below 10.4-11 volts (resting voltage) the internal chemical composition changes to where it is no longer a battery. If the bike isn't charging (14.4v) when running then you are just draining the battery over time and it will kill it.
  2. I have access to 2012 wr 'engine swap' parts minus the engine; carb, wiring, tank, exhaust, controls, etc. Is any of it able to be used on my 05 yz? Thinking FI swap but I imagine enough has changed that it wouldn't be very straight forward.
  3. travisn

    Steel frame, gray powder coat?

    Hopefully I can get it stripped down tomorrow, not sure how long the PC guy is gonna take. He quoted me $400 for the yz frame and my mountain bike frame. Seems ok?
  4. I'm talking about the carb as a whole. Jets, yes obviously clean those with a drill bit or torch tip cleaner, but if a bikes been sitting for any amount of time a good day or two soak does wonders.
  5. dunking a carb in pine sol does more than open the jets, it removes tarnish and gunk from all surfaces and passages. cant really get a drill bit around a corner
  6. travisn

    Steel frame, gray powder coat?

    Yea it'll remove the coloring. Maybe if it was dipped but I'm sure it was removed when originally prepped.
  7. Have an 05 450, thinking of going gray/silver instead of blue, then I can switch to black, white, or blue plastics and/or black rims and it will still look good, it might make it look newer since it will look like aluminum, and I don't have to worry about trying to match stock colors. Thoughts? Pics?
  8. travisn

    Defective Hot Cam?

    Yes, we had to go to a 24v starting system to spin it fast enough. I guess we didn't use a yz head last year, but still had difficulty starting. I think it was because we have a very large plenum volume among other things most likely. I believe we went through 5+ starters, probably more, at $250 a pop.
  9. travisn

    Defective Hot Cam?

    Can you elaborate on the ability to use the electric starter part? We use a wr450 engine with yz top end in our race car and have always had starting issues. http://www.rit.edu/kgcoe/formula/
  10. No way, just soak in pine sol for a couple days. I do it to every bike I work on/buy.
  11. sweet, good to hear. should I remove the grease that's in there and hope it mixes well with the engine oil?
  12. So I ordered the 'wrong' 6205 bearing for my f7 rebuild. I got one with seals and originally it doesn't have any. There are ports for oil to enter/leave the bearing. I've already peeled the seals out with my knife and it seems like it will be ok, thoughts?
  13. travisn

    Transmission problems

    bump. anyone have any advice on what/how to check?
  14. travisn

    Transmission problems

    I have one, doesn't go into what I need help with, just a quick disassembly/assembly procedure. I never took the gear assembly out of the case so I am stumped to why it's not working.