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  1. Sean Wilson

    2.5 weight oil in YZ forks ?

    Ooops, yes, I meant 300 cc
  2. Sean Wilson

    2.5 weight oil in YZ forks ?

    Many thanks everyone, very useful information and much appreciated. I just rebuilt the forks this weekend using 2.5 weight and have started at 300mm from the top. Have not had a chance to ride it yet but will give you some feedback after next weekend.
  3. Sean Wilson

    2.5 weight oil in YZ forks ?

    Thanks very much gentlemen, you certainly know your stuff. Two questions. 1) How much less oil in the outer tube would you suggest ? Not sure if the manual states a minimum. 2) If standard rebound setting is 10, how many more clicks out would you suggest ? Finally, has anyone got a shim stack combination and spring rates that has been proven to make the 2010 YZ250F suspension more suited to technical enduro type terrain?
  4. Sean Wilson

    2.5 weight oil in YZ forks ?

    Thanks Mog, appreciate your advice.
  5. I ride a 2010 YZ250F mostly in quite technical, rocky enduro type terrain and need to soften my forks a little. I have softened my compression damping to full out (max soft) but his does not seem enough. Have rebound set at 9 clicks out. The manual calls for 5 weight oil but would 2.5 weight give me the softer compliance that I'm looking for ? At this stage, I don't want to go to the expense of revalving or putting in softer springs. Any advice much appreciated.
  6. Sean Wilson

    Crf230 oil pressure check ?

    It's a 2008 model.
  7. After recently rebuilding my kids 230 engine which imploded from the lack of oil, or the lack of oil pressure, how do I check that oil is getting up to the valves and rockers. When I disassembled the engine to rebuild it, the cam lobes were basically worn perfectly round and the rockers ground away which implies that the top end did not get oil. The piston, barrel and rings however where perfect. The centrifugal oil filter was filled with metal and debry. I'm now paranoid that it wasn't just low oil level but the lack of oil feed to the top end. How do I check that ?? Any help appreciated.
  8. Sean Wilson

    2010 YZ250F Gas Fuel Range

    Unbelievably I got 80 km (50 miles) out of tank at gentle trail riding speed and still had about a liter left in the tank. Guess race pace would knock about 40% off of that.
  9. Sean Wilson

    Headlight Causes Misfire ???

    Yes, putting the headlight back solved the problem completely.
  10. Which is the best Yamaha boil bottle to fit to my 2010 YZ25F and does anyone have any advice on the best way to fit it ? Any help appreciated.
  11. Anyone know if 09 YZ 250 (2 stroke) rear fender and radiator shrouds will fit an 09 WR250 F ? Got a set free and seeing mine looking a bit tacky, thinking of switching. I understand that you just need to drill holes for the radiator reservoir ?
  12. Sean Wilson

    YZ number plate and rear fender for a WR

    I took the headlight off my 09 wr250 and had endless misfiring until i put it back. So yes, on 09's at least you need to wire in a resistor or something.
  13. Sean Wilson

    yz 250f fuel injection

    That was a hot tip so must be chili !!!
  14. Sean Wilson

    yz 250f fuel injection

    Fuel injection on the YZ250F will be with us on the 2012 or 2013 models. I have my my sauces