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  1. Awesomeness you got a ride in and felt great! yes we need to meet up on either the western slope or front range for a ride!!!
  2. Well race weekend a month ago didn't pan out to well for me... crashed 5 mins into practice, separated my hip and a deep hip bone bruise. So I have been off the bike and recovering. My wife got one photo of the race, me looking so fresh and clean before practice... lol Finally got back on the bike Friday night for a ride with the wife. Boy I sure missed my bike!
  3. Thank you my man
  4. Thank you very much for the response! I pray after we purchase it he opens up a bit about the jetting. Are you wanting to do just the kit and have your machine shop do the cylinder work or doing the full kit?
  5. Any updates on the kit??
  6. Also hit up Monk on here. He rides at a much faster clip than me and is enjoying the 💩 Out of his Sphere kit. I see you are in California, who did you buy the kit from? Someone local or did you purchase from CSR suspension?
  7. Dude I have to be honest, mine were installed at my suspension guys shop which has a great vet track and single track on site, and I rode around while he watched me. He made some small clicker adjustments and now I am good to go, if it has gnarly rocks I go two clicks softer top and bottom, if Vet track I go back to my baseline and go two clicks stiffer top and bottom. I really love a great ride so the minimal adjustments made me so happy with the purchase. You are actually saying opposite to most that install, they say it has a euro type plushness in the rocks and slow technical stuff and suffers a bit at high speed hits. I am 100% using all of my stroke in the single track slow gnarly tech stuff.... also not bottoming out on a vet track please call my suspension guy. He will make it right for you, Motovate Racing Rifle Colorado 9704562678
  8. Beyond happy still. I can slay the Colorado rocky single track on a Saturday and rip a vet Mx track Sunday. I installed mine on a '15 FC 350. In my neck of the woods they are on '17 450sxf, '17 450xcf, '17 250 SXF, '16 350sxf and a '16 250sxf, we all race enduro, hare scrambles and off road racing.Some bikes have changed from AER and some from 4CS. On the front range of Colorado the Sphere kit is being used in a lot more mixed use, mx and off road and seem to be having great success.
  9. literally about to pull the trigger and I have a question or two.. Yes its Saturday so I would hope he is enjoying his family and thats why he did not answer the phone Do you guys think he gives jetting specs with the kit? Stock carb will work? Living as high like I have mentioned before makes jetting such a task. The other question is will the Pro Circuit full exhaust work or going back to stock the best route?
  10. Sorry didn't realize EO was even though it does say it at the top of the I actually was looking at that kit this week.. It should help big time at 12k ASL so we are very interested in it. fixing her suspension right now so it's next on the list thank you
  11. You guys got a link? very interested!
  12. Not a huge change but FMF Husky 4.1 sticker installed. pretty &%$#@!ing stoked I am close to race weekend! Feeling great and pray to stay on 2 wheels
  13. Oh she is gummy for sure! But the riding you and I enjoy she won't last long... be gentle on throttle and braking she will last a bit longer. Guys on the western slope have been loving them but at a cost of quick changes
  14. The desert IT on the front too? Hard core bro you back on 2 wheels yet my man? Praying so!
  15. IMO give the X-30 front and rear a try. Sounds like it would work perfect out there