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  1. smv ryder

    2015 FC350 build

    The snow settles in and my weirdness starts on buying random Mx parts... Sending the ECU to Tokyomods, I was super gun hoe on KTM of Aspen reflash but going Tokyo now after a good conversation with Justin the owner. Purchased new P3 frame guard stickers to keep the fresh theme throughout the bike. For some reason the Ride Engineering Axel and block kit was needed. Then for some reason the works connections titanium axle adjuster bolts popped into the cart. https://tokyomods.com/service/ https://www.ktm-parts.com/70-635.html https://www.ktm-parts.com/MX-AXL25-KT-BA.html https://www.ktm-parts.com/743015.html Edit: Ride Engineering axel and block kit won’t fit my bike.. So I exchanged it for the dirt tricks solid rear brake rotor. https://www.ktm-parts.com/KT-RDS.html
  2. smv ryder

    Should I buy the 2019 CRF250R?

    The RX looks very awesome as well... https://www.vitalmx.com/product/guide/Bikes,6/Honda/CRF250RX,16632#product-reviews/888
  3. smv ryder

    New FC350 Owner

    I was running 13/50 the last 2 seasons and loved it. I believe we use the bikes for different uses, i.e me single track and you riding track but still give it a try IMO. I changed my gearing this season to 13/51, so I will be testing to see if I geared too low or just right.
  4. Obviously not a big deal but after watching the video a couple times it seems that he is riding an old KX. If he is that’s pretty damn cool, I realize it’s FMX but still cool to see a pro riding old steel.
  5. smv ryder

    2015 FC350 build

    Nailed it! 😂
  6. smv ryder

    2015 FC350 build

    Crimped in tank fuel lines may have been my number 1 issues. How in the F’ does that even happen, only me.. 🤯
  7. smv ryder

    2015 FC350 build

    The stock ‘15 Husky seat cover is a joke so I moved on right away from it. I really need to find the balance between NEED and wants.. lol
  8. smv ryder

    2015 FC350 build

    I have been running Guts seats on my last 4 bikes, they are very nice! I was quite surprised to turn the seat over and the seat base they use is OEM. You need one for that sweet hot rod you have my man.
  9. smv ryder

    2015 FC350 build

    The complete seat is so nice! So much better than what I could do installing the foam and seat cover. I think I am sold and will be buying complete seats from now on. It’s also going to fix the dip in the seat and give me a much flatter seat. Very stoked for sure! I hope to test the bike this weekend but I will see how cold it’s going to be. To get decent weather I may have to go west for a while. My box of awesomeness will hopefully go on soon.
  10. smv ryder

    New FC350 Owner

    Is it the photo or is the chain a wee loose?
  11. smv ryder

    2015 FC350 build

    Guts racing must have been hit very hard for Black Friday which is a great thing! My complete tall Phantom seat will be here on Tuesday, so stoked to seat on the couch and put it between my legs.. lol 😂 Oh man things have gotten tricky for the grips... Seven released some sick teal gals but they are not the lock on version yet so may have to wait.
  12. So I am purchasing a new fuel pump for my 2015 Husky FC 350, I was going OEM but I came across Quantum fuel pumps. Much much cheaper but curious if anyone has used one? AOMC sells them so they are sold by big companies. https://www.highflowfuel.com/i-23899021-quantum-t35-intank-fuel-pump-w-regulator-and-strainer-for-husqvarna-fc-350-2014-2018-replaces-78107088300.html https://www.ktm-parts.com/821-03042.html
  13. smv ryder

    2015 FC350 build

    Houston we have a problem... and it’s finally figured out! Although figuring out the issue on my bike was amazing, my family has been rocked today. The Alaska earthquake today has made some serious hardship for my family, please pray for all the Alaskan families, and mine if you can. So taking it to KTM of Aspen we found out my fuel pump was not even close to the correct pressure, it’s supposed to be 32bar and we weren’t even close. So a new fuel pump, regulator assembly and starter assembly are ordered. They also replaced the power relay for my starter button, sometimes I would hit it and nothing would happen so that’s fixed as well. It has been a bummer for sure to figure out the bike but heck she will damn near new again after all the work and super blessed for all the help I have received. So hopefully the big box of awesomeness, IE black/teal plastics and rad graphics kit will go on next week. Another toy is in the works.... not set in stone but my childhood best friend that has too much money at times basically built me a 2015 WR450 Timbersled 137 to buy/ride for our bro sled weekend in January . I have yet to ride a timbersled but being born and raised in Alaska sleds were our jam. I am beyond stoked! The forks are being sent to Motovate Racing for snowbike fork springs/snowbike fork settings.
  14. smv ryder

    2015 FC350 build

    Nothing great to report on, we got a bunch of good information on the phone from KTM of aspen and Wade the owner of http://injectioneering.com/ to give us more ideas but not helping. I know I said it was going right in to KTM of aspen shop but they suggested a ton of items on the phone to try so we waited. She is so intermittent it’s not even funny, like start 3 days in a row with the red air screw open, then today not want to start with it open,then close it and it fires up. She is a dirty PIA.. So for real 100% she is heading in to KTM in the morning. I guess the biggest bummer is I lost 2 months of the best riding in Colorado, no ones fault but mine. Yay I found grips to match my graphics.
  15. smv ryder

    Anyones wife riding a 18/19' Beta 125 RR-S?

    Big gains for sure!! They are claiming 25% more power with the jets and slip on! http://www.motosupply.com/beta-motorcycles-beta-125rr-beta-125rr-exhaust-p-2451.html But like always AOMC has the best price https://www.ktm-parts.com/AB-11264.html I know its still expensive but AOMC has a great price on the big bore kit as well. https://www.ktm-parts.com/AB-21153.html