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  1. CRF230Frider

    CRF150R vs CRF230F

    NO WAY!!! My cuz has an o8 15of and i have a 09 230 and te 230 is like twice the and speed..... where did you get that from?
  2. CRF230Frider

    CRF230F-X Project Complete!

    ebeck, i was wonderin does that exhaust give it a lot more power and where?
  3. good q zukib i was wonderin the same thing
  4. CRF230Frider


    yeah dad has just realised that the bike is only good for cattle and we only muster them every 6 months and has started asking q's about the 125 thx's 4 the help
  5. CRF230Frider


    yeah but u don't understand this is not my first bike its my third and ive been ridin 9 yrs
  6. CRF230Frider

    What's the "best" 125 2 stroke?

    who cares about bottom end? if your gunna ride a to stroke you may as well ride it in powerband and if you fall short there's always a clutch
  7. Hi, i just recntly was gven a 09 CRF230 which is great but is no where near enough power for me even though i am small for my age ihave ridden since i was six years old so i have a good idea of throttle/cltch control and i was wonderin if a used 125 would be good for me and i was also wonderin what there advantages and disadvantages were. i am 42kg (93 pounds) 160cm tall (5'2)
  8. CRF230Frider

    kick starter hitting frame

    just get a spanner and try and lever the kickstter away from the frame and if it doesn't work then go and buy a new starter but DO NOT drill a holeinto the bike you might drill through something that costs a lot more than $100
  9. CRF230Frider


    Recently my mum and dad bought me a 2009 230 which is all good but i hate it it's just got no power for its size. my dad keeps telling me all the disadvantages of a 2t such as noise, mianteanence etc etc but i know there is a solution to all of them i wont be doing motocross and i was just wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of these bikes???
  10. i completley agree! i just recently got a 230 and it's the same sze as a wr450!!! for its size to power ratio it has got the engine of a pw50
  11. CRF230Frider

    Buying a used 125... Good year?

    i have a friend around the corner and her's is and 02 and it is very flourecent orange
  12. Get a 125 a got a 230 about 3 weeks ago and i moved up from a XR 80 and ive already pretty much mastered the 230 already. ive ridden 2 stokes and they much more fun trust me 230's are just not worth it
  13. CRF230Frider

    Let There Be Light!!! (Stator Wrapping)

    ok you guys want a head light but i wanna get rid of mincause if youve seen a 09 230 their headlight is rlly flimsy, weak and it looks crap so i wann a just put a flat front plate how do i???
  14. CRF230Frider

    best tire

    i have seen khaki tyres and was wondering if ne1 else has seen them???
  15. CRF230Frider

    Your bikes are now banned!

    well... i have never ever seen a chewed rear fender or handguard... its just a matter of common sense