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  1. Scott_321

    Desert Tires

    Actually wanted to try the Kenda Parker before I bought the last Maxxis but had to get what I could find locally. I messed around and didn't order it soon enough. Thanks, I'll give it a shot.
  2. Scott_321

    Desert Tires

    Ok, not to hijack this thread, but what if we add short stretches of pavement to the equation. I like to ride the desert single track here in az but have to cover about 6 miles of pavement to get to one of my favorite trails. I've been liking the Maxxis IT desert front and rear but the pavement is not kind to them. Kosmic why do you specify "not desert" in your post and what's different about it vs the regular IT? Desert IT's are usually on the shelf everywhere around here too. I used to like the Bridgestone Gritty rear but they seem hard to find, maybe even discontinued.
  3. I had a slow leak recently from a cactus thorn and ended up fixing it in my garage at home. While doing so a few concerns came up, like possibly puncturing the Tubliss insert when cleaning out the hole and inserting the plug. With that in mind I deflated the insert to minimize the risk, but had the luxury of re-inflating it to the required 110 psi with my compressor. I was wondering what the preferred method is out on the trail. Is it possible to re-inflate the insert to the required pressure with a co2 cartridge, or is it even necessary to deflate the insert first? I've carried the small compact bicycle pumps with me in the past, but hate wearing a pack and don't really like putting it in the airbox. Plus, I wasn't too successful when I tried to inflate the Tubliss insert with it. I like the compactness of the cartridges and an inflator hose much better. I used the ultra hd tubes before but still ended up with a flat from hitting a cactus. The thorns are like nails here in Az. which led me to the Tubliss system to make fixing flats easier. But I guess it won't do much good if I puncture the insert too. Any input would be appreciated. I'm starting to feel like mousses might be the only option around here.
  4. Scott_321

    350 exc power delivery

    I have a '15 350 six days and it's the best single track bike I've ever ridden. I find myself giggling sometimes in my helmet over how good it is. I've owned and ridden a lot of dirt bikes in 50 years and I just can't get over how good this 350 does single track. I came off of an 05 525 exc and this little 350 makes my old 525 look stupid. My riding pal for the last couple years was on a '16 500 exc and the 350 has tractored right past him on several occasions where he can't make the hill. Loss of momentum before an ugly climb is no problem if you're good with the clutch. It did stall on me a few times when I was adjusting to the smaller engine but it was completely my fault. I forgot it didn't lug down as low as my old 525 but once I figured it out the bike can do no wrong in my opinion. I know the 300 crowd won't agree with my comments but I've never ridden one yet. I'm hoping my riding pal buys one.
  5. Scott_321

    Insurance question

    My riding pal found out a couple weeks ago simple theft coverage would have been a good idea. He paid a lot of cash for a new "off road only" bike that's now gone and he's SOL.
  6. Hey Scott, I'm in Surprise. Give me a call . 623-377-6654

  7. Scott_321

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    Hey jack shoot me a pm I think we're neighbors and don't know it.
  8. Scott_321

    salt lake soil?

    Yeah it looked like practice day at the local track
  9. Scott_321

    Wickenburg Az

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, no buggies on st I know. Was out there on a buggy ride with my wife because I must ride 2 track once in a while to keep her happy but I'm a 1 track rider at heart. 4sevens could you give me some gps coordinates from google earth or something that would get me in the vicinity? I went back out there last weekend on the bike and rode up to Vulture peak from the hassayampa wash off patton rd near wittman. After about 10 miles of sand I had enough and hooked west toward vulture and made a loop around caballero and came back. Was good to get out and the 2t turned nasty in a few spots but mostly boring. Didn't find one trail.
  10. Scott_321

    arizona Wickenburg Az

    Can anyone tell me if there is any singletrack around the vulture peak/mine area? Was out there the other day in a sxs and only saw 2t. PM ok
  11. Scott_321

    BYOB Question

    Thanks for the quick responses and info. Started building my dream bike and thinking why not just order everything aftermarket and keep all the oem stuff.
  12. Scott_321

    BYOB Question

    Can anyone tell me what happens to the stock parts that are replaced with upgrades? For example if I purchased a tall seat and oversize tank through the BYOB process, would I also get the parts that come stock on the bike or does Beta keep them? If not, I can't understand how this is a very good deal.
  13. Scott_321

    Basic Phoenix Off-road questions. Mx rider new to trails

    A quick solution might be to go out to canyon mxtrack. There are a few trails around the track you can ride without anyone bothering you. As in no off road plate. They ran a WORCS race out there recently and you can ride part or all of that course too I think. I did it a few weeks ago. The guy at the guard shack can point them out when you stop to pay. What it looks like..... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DntTRJF_vI1E&ved=0CDMQtwIwBWoVChMI-sro9J2GxwIVEEqICh3HUQ78&usg=AFQjCNFlVcOTKa7Esx3Scc5ZgxhPXTKITg
  14. Scott_321


    Toughest off road race in arizona? Looked like a fun little trail ride to me.