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  1. HRC Rider 45B

    2013 front fork seal change problem

    The fork design is identical to the 2012 and previous just without a spring. The air is in the fork behind the seal, no "chamber". The seal driver should tap on the washer which in turn taps on the bushing into place, then tap in the seal. Fork rebuilds are very similiar on all 2009-2013 450s as well as many mid 2000's showa forks. I have had 1 pair of seals go out from nicks in the fork tubes, same as if it happened with sprung forks, the air forks like to bleed a little more becasue of the pressure behind them but I had little pressure loss during that time.
  2. HRC Rider 45B

    13 450 Pro Circuit T5 Single

    From what I can measure the tip will be about half way out the length of the fender. I'm trying to figure what I am going to buy for mine too. I thought this looked like the ticket, but I race Hare Scrambles. Might be asking for trouble sticking out that far....I will wait for an installed picture. Pro Circuit said they had no installed photos to email me.
  3. HRC Rider 45B

    2013 Fork Seal Leaking

    So this thread went kinda nuts since I started it but I figured I would give an update to quell some of the "I told you so" posters. My fork seal leak was caused by a rock nick in each fork tube on the back side. I changed the seals/oil and buffed them out and have my fingers crossed that they do not cause me any issues. I have a race this weekend and will report back.
  4. HRC Rider 45B

    2013 Fork Seal Leaking

    Also I just found the seals are the a31 seals, same as the 2009 crf450 forks. I am using the DRC pump. I had to put some loc tite on the threads of the screw on valve and tighten it down tight. I notice I loose about a half pound of pressure when I unscrew the cap. They are a pain to screw on, I will be looking into the extensions also. I have played witht the valving a bit (shim stacks) to soften the small hits and it is working nicely (ft and rr), I will prob make another small change and use some good torco fluid now that I have them apart today or tommorrow. Love the Rekluse core, I have had 3 of them in 3 honda 450's now and CC racing is awesome with it, Specailly when I get tired. I had one of the Z-starts in an 08 CRF450 and it was not my cup of tea. Once the Core EXP is set up, I could give the bike to someone, not tell them it was installed and they would never know. Other than not being able to compression start and once and a while I loose compression braking on really tight slow downhills, but that is a pretty rare occurance.
  5. HRC Rider 45B

    2013 Fork Seal Leaking

    So i figured I would give you guys some info on what 2013 forks do when they leak. Have one with about 8 hrs of cross country racing on it. Raced a 2+hr race at Prarie City this weekend and blew both fork seals at some point during the race. If any of you have raced there you know the dirt can be super tacky and can take out fork seals. So they were both blown pretty bad, I assume they leak more profusely due to the air pressure. I felt no difference to the forks while racing. I checked the fork pressures approx 24hrs after the race. Right fork lost half to one pound of air. The left fork dropped from 34 to 26 psi. Once again I felt no noticeable ride change. Also love the bike for CC racing here in N. Cali. Having a hell of a time with dead engine starts though. Mods: 18" rear excel rim with ss spokes Spark Arrestors installed in stock mufflers (will be upgrading after 1st of the year) Acerbis plastic skid plate 50 tooth rear sprocket ( drop to 12 ft with really tight courses) Rekluse Core EXP Elite pro perch Changed valving in stock HPSD for stiffer action
  6. Putting feelers out for who might be interested in a 4th and 5th gear upgrade for the 450X. Planning on having some made to drop the gear ratio a bit more for better dual sporting/desert stuff. More speed, less rpm in the higher gears and still having good 1-3 and final drive for tighter stuff. Looking for how many are interested and what peoples budget for something like this is. I am still waiting on some pricing to see if it feasable. Thanks
  7. HRC Rider 45B

    highpo cr250

    I used to run a CR125 full mod dirt cart on race gas that put out about 45hp ten years ago. On alc I would think a CR250 could be built for that. Remember all it has to do is make the HP in the upper rpm range so you don't have to port it for all rpm ranges.
  8. HRC Rider 45B

    450R to 450X suspension switch

    Just because I have them, and can swap them out. I am in the middle of cross country season and don't want to be without my bike for between-race rides.
  9. HRC Rider 45B

    450R to 450X suspension switch

    I have a 2006 450X. I have acquired a set of forks and a shock from a 2004 450R. I was planning on having the R stuff valved for cross country if they will bolt right in. I'm pretty sure the forks will, but the shock was my only question. Any opinions?
  10. HRC Rider 45B

    Bucks Lake Plumas County

    Get a hold of ironmandualsport.com, Just did a 465 mile dual sport ride with them around Plumas Forrest. He will know about trials for you.
  11. HRC Rider 45B

    Ready to Ride Weight?

    On digital billet race car scales, mine is 269 with Cycra bark busters, tank of fuel, alum skid plate and rad braces. Also with a minimal dual sport kit. (blinkers, plate, switch, wiring).
  12. HRC Rider 45B

    Pics: My modified 2010 CRF 450......

    Does Martin Honda have an international website to view those awesome parts?
  13. HRC Rider 45B

    radiator overflow problem

    So it could have a blown gasket without putting coolant in the oil or burning coolant?
  14. HRC Rider 45B

    radiator overflow problem

    I've got a friend's 2006 crf450r in the garage. it was pretty much a basket case when he bought it. Mostly pip/cosmetics/brakes etc. Engine was rebuilt at a local shop about 25hrs ago. I put a new impeller shaft and seals in it since the shaft was thrashed when I changed they extremely thrashed clutch and basket. It pumps water out the overflow like crazy when it is ridden above idle, even before it reaches operating temp. I literally can take the cap off and stick my finger in the Rad and not be burned. I bought a new cap and it still pumps out. Just figured I'd check here before I tried a new radiator. Thanks
  15. HRC Rider 45B

    HRC PGM-FI Setting Tool

    HRC PGM-FI Setting Tool for the 2009 CRF450R. 06380-N1C-670 349.99 Riders can tune their 2009 CRF450R to best suit their riding style or conditions. The setting tool allows the rider to modify fuel delivery and ignition timing with a laptop and 12 volt battery. http://www.dirtrider.com/features/141_0809_2009_honda_crf/photo_28.html