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  1. Call Cliff's in Bremerton, they had one in there, new old stock for a real nice price...
  2. yessir! pretty sure Cairoli was beating up on 450s with a 350 wasn't he? I thought I read that somewhere. If I was looking to be as fast as possible and was capable of wringing out ever last bit of throttle from a bike, I don't think anyone would argue against the thumpers, unless they were selling something! Bought a '19 250xc left-over carb bike
  3. I agree. The gearing was pretty bad on this 350sx and I did stall it a few times when I felt like it should have motored over something. To be truthful this was more of a test of "do I still like riding dirt bikes?" Some of the inherent characteristics of a 4 stroke were still there and those are what I am steering away from, at least for now. Maybe I get a few hundred hours on the smoker and decide I want to try another 4 stroke.
  4. I appreciate that feedback! I rode a buddies '12 350sx on a few of my most commonly traveled trails and hated it. Most of that most likely from trail rust but, there were several things that I identified that will keep me on a smoker. Plan is to pick up a left-over '19 250xc this weekend.
  5. well, if a 350 four stroke is a "desert bike" then I am definitely off ­čśü Thanks all. Just to be clear, I am talking about the new W-designated 350. https://www.ktm.com/us/enduro/350-xcf-w/
  6. So, do I buy the 250 XC-W TPI because I can get a '19 for a few thousand off MSRP or, do I wait and wait and wait for KTM to figure out the issues with the new 350? Dealer spoke to the rep and there is a production delay, with no ETA on the new 2020 350 XCF-W My thought is that if KTM doesn't even have an ETA I might as well just buy the smoker now. I don't have a bike at the moment so that makes it a little more "dire" hehehehe. The draw for the thumper is more range (MPG) but that is about it.
  7. yup the black smoke is a sign of not enough air. My 03 dodge runs a set of 90hp injectors and a bigger airbox right now, my twins are being fabbed up at this time and once I get my tranny built (to handle 800hp'ish) then I will put my "chip stack" back in the truck and the twins on and a little shot of laughin gas and I should be down in the 11's.
  8. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6581158484843530476&q=diesel http://www.inlinediesel.com/multimedia/smokin.wmv http://www.inlinediesel.com/multimedia/dm.wmv
  9. FryGuy, Thanks for the clarification on that, I appreciate it! I am coming from the japanese thumps and monthly or possibly weekly maintenance with a bike is new. Could you maybe give a short explanation of what it takes to adjust the valves? It looks like I pop the seat and tank off and then I have access to the head, do I just pull the cam cover off and adjust them or do I have to get into the head deeper than that? Isaac
  10. I just got back from my local Husaberg dealer(just picked up the brand a few weeks ago). I test rode a 450E. They got a deal on some NIC 04's and they are asking 6999 for it plus freight and all that stuff that I never pay... I saw GOD when I clicked into 3rd and layed on the gas and the front end rose up and I would have rode the bike right into my truck if I hadnt been hearing about the maintenance schedule on them. My understanding is the Husaberg service manual says that you are best to adjust the valves every 30hrs and REPLACE the rocker arms(not sure about this havent seen the manual this is just what I was told by the parts manager that just bought a 650C) after every 50hrs of use. Is this accurate? I intended on buying it for a commuter during the summer since diesel up here in WA is 3.159 a gallon right now but I do not want to have to do routine maintenance on my commuter every weekend. I have also read about a lot of people hurting their motors very bad and always seeming to be down of repairs. I absolutely loved riding it and I am going to buy a SM for a commuter for sure now but not certain if the Husaberg is the one for me. Does the KTM have the same loophole on the title so that I can title it as a street legal bike in Washington? Any input you Husa owners can offer would help me out in a big way.... THANKS!
  11. James, I have purchased one of the YFZ450 quads from Yamaha and will be installing a Curtis Sparks exhaust on it as soon as late next week. I am local to you in Olympia, is there any chance of us meeting or can I send you my FCR and see what I am up against jetting-wise? To be honest I do not know what Yamaha has done to this carb versus the FCR that comes on the bikes so any help would be appreciated. Also, while I am here does anyone know where the idle speed adjustment is on an FCR? The fuggin quad manual says I have to take the quad back to the dealer for idle speed adjustment Thank you in advance, Isaac Jarrett
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