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  1. oldgrunt

    2018 Western Trip Recap

    Welcome home Tiger.
  2. oldgrunt

    Weyerhaeuser sucks

    Exactly. And it all started when those counties had to cut sheriff deputies because tax revenue dropped off a cliff when the enviros started filing lawsuits against timber sales. I've tried to explain to the local timber guys that I'm on their side, most dirt bikers are not members of the Sierra club lol. I mark illegal dumps with my gps and report them, I've followed guys with pickups full of shit around until they went back to pavement. They should enlist us, not lock us out. Garbage was a key that enabled Shelton Dirt Rider, LLC to get Green Diamond Resources to allow SDR members to ride on their property. During the past year and a half that we have had ORV access to their property SDR members have removed well over 150 cubic yards of garbage from their forest land. That figure which I know is accurate because I witnessed the full dumpsters, does not include the tons of scrap iron and tires we also removed. We supplied the labor, Green Diamond supplied the dumpsters and paid the dump fees. Green Diamond is now quite happy with our presence on their property. The still lock their gates but we have keys and Id stickers that they honor.
  3. oldgrunt

    Weyerhaeuser sucks

    From 76 to 79 I promoted the 85 mile "Evil Spirit Enduro" on Wyerhouser land near Enumclaw. We never asked permission to do it, left the arrows up all year round and cut trail where ever we pleased. No one from Wyerhouser ever said a word to us and their drivers would wave to us as we rode our dirt bikes pass their trucks on the logging roads. All gates were open to their property and the jeepers would wallow in mud pits under the power lines. In the late 80"s a kid on a quad went skidding around a blind turn in the Grass Mountain Truck road straight into a logging truck coming down the road. He killed himself. His parents sued Wyerhouser. After that the gates were all locked and permit fees were enforced. And there is your answer. It only takes one ah to screw up a good thing.
  4. oldgrunt

    Hurd road single track

    There is a new sign that DNR erected at the intersection of Hurd Road and the Belfair-Tahuya Road which spells out the rules for the target shooting that the Hurd side has been opened up to. Good luck with that.
  5. oldgrunt

    2018 Wet Duck last weekend

    Thank you for your input. All of these items and more was and is being addresses by Dave Hiatt, who is a professional trail builder. Dave spent numerous years with the State of Oregon Forest Service building their ORV trails. Everything you mentioned in your post is in a trail building article that Dave wrote. One of the main reasons that Green Diamond Resources which owns the land allowed Shelton Dirt Rider, LLC to use their land for ORV's is that Dave Hiatt volunteered to be the trail designer. He and I have each put in over 300 hours of volunteer time to help reclaim this once heavily used riding area. The fact that it is highly impractical to test every inch of trail for unwanted results after heavy use always becomes evident after a new trail is broken in. The exposed roots mentioned a few posts back were not exposed by the experienced riders who cleared trails and pre rode the course. They were exposed by riders with less experience who don't build their momentum up enough before hitting the root to get their rear wheel on top of it. They then stop with the rear wheel against the root. Then they give it a lot of gas trying to get over but just dig a hole in front of the root. Multiply that by the over 300 riders who entered the Wet Duck Poker Run and you get a lot of exposed roots and deep mud holes. The trail damage will be repaired and trails will be rerouted where necessary. It all takes time and that is our biggest obstacle. All work on this trail system is being done by volunteers and as is true with most volunteer efforts the end result does not always match the original intent. But those of us who see the continuing loss of riding areas available for ORV use are intent on reclaiming and expanding the Shelton Dirt Rider leased lands for the benefit of riders who are willing to play by the rules and above all focus on keeping the area family friendly where people can takes their kids to have a safe place to ride.
  6. oldgrunt

    Tahuya Mission creek staging

    At the last Tahuya Focus meeting I attended the DNR staff talked about their problem with homeless people living in the forest. They move from campsite to campsite. I have seen people in campsites with no sign of any type of ORV or horse.
  7. oldgrunt

    2018 Wet Duck last weekend

    "Rejoice." Be cheerful. We are going to work your XL butt off.
  8. oldgrunt

    2018 Wet Duck last weekend

    Pay attention. It is the "Wet Duck." It is not the "Dry Duck."
  9. oldgrunt

    2018 Wet Duck last weekend

    The following is the written statement of intent of Shelton Dirt Rider, LLC : "We are a cooperative effort of private timber companies, private land owners and responsible ORV enthusiasts creating an environmentally safe and family friendly off road riding area." I have been involved with SDR from the get go and have put in over 300 hours of volunteer time to help make it happen. (My member number is 005.) I will continue to volunteer because during my over 60 years of off road riding I have witnessed the steady loss of riding areas for ORV owners to legally use. Much of this loss is directly due to the efforts of environmentalists who intend to eliminate ORV use everywhere unless it is on closed course race track. And much of this loss is also the result of riders who have no respect for the land or other people who use the land. I have also been an NMA member since 1974 and am well aware that most of the existing ORV trails people enjoy on public lands today are there almost solely due to the efforts of the NMA and its individual clubs. The Tahuya State Forest is a prime example. The Bremerton Cruisers and the Tacoma Motorcycle Club members have spent countless hours clearing trails there. In fact, many of those trails would not exist at all if were not for the efforts of NMA motorcycle club members. The same is true with other NMA clubs that are active in Capital Forest and Walker Valley. IN FACT.... The Washington State ORV Funds would not exist were it not for the efforts of the NMA and its individual clubs that became politically involved and got the legislature to create the ORV Fund back around 1972 or so. And it is the NMA along with WOHVA who are the primary defenders of ORV use against the constant political attacks that occur against our sport every year. I have found many new friends in both SDR and the Tacoma Motorcycle Club. If you can stop by John Eaton's Dirt Cheap Cycle in Shelton you will see an extensive display of photographs of what the SDR members have accomplished. What we are building is unique in this nation. We have established a working relationship with Green Diamond Resources Corporation, one of the largest timber companies in the United States whereby the timber company WELCOMES our ORV use of their property. Can anyone name any other business in this nation that welcomes ORV riders on their property???? And you ain't seen nothing yet. I have been let in on the long term plan for SDR exclusive use of Green Diamond Land. We are still only in stage one of the plan which presently has just under 20,000 acres open to us with 3000 more soon to be added. When we get to stage four we will have access to over 100 square miles of Green Diamond Resources and other timber company land. If you would like to be part of this family friendly social organization that is developing within SDR stop by and talk to John Eaton. If he senses that you are sincere about helping and living by the rules of membership we would be happy to welcome you aboard. (The rules of membership are designed to keep the trouble makers out.) The use of this timber land is dependent on riders respecting the land and the neighbors who have nearby homes.) John and I are in agreement in that we are building a riding area for kids who haven't been born yet.
  10. oldgrunt

    Shelton riding area opening soon.

    Either an ORV tab or a license plate. No Discover pass is required.
  11. oldgrunt

    2018 Wet Duck last weekend

    That judge did not tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. While it is true that a waiver does not stop anyone from filing a lawsuit, the signed waiver is strong admissible evidence in court that the signer was well aware of the dangers involved in what he or she was about to take part in. All it will take to have any such lawsuit thrown out of court is a few witnesses testifying against the complainant in the courtroom. There are several of us more than willing to do so for John's sake should we ever get to that point. The waiver SDR members sign was established by Green Diamonds lawyer, who I believe is one of the best in the nation. Should there be a lawsuit against SDR it will be this lawyer who defends John in the courtroom. What is badly needed in this nation is tort reform. If we can get a law passed that the loser in any lawsuit must pay the legal expenses of both sides we will put an end to frivolous lawsuits. Greedy lawyers routinely file lawsuits knowing they are groundless in facts but count on the tendency of the person sued to settle out of court thinking it would be cheaper than paying the expenses of some other lawyer to defend against the lawsuit.
  12. oldgrunt

    2018 Wet Duck last weekend

    This event occurred on the Shelton Dirt Rider leased land ,which is private property owned by two logging companies. For over a year now I and others who care about the future of our sport have been working on the clearing off the countless ORV trails that existed there before the land was closed to ORV use because of riders who abused the privilege of riding there. Those riders caused problems the owners of the land were no longer willing to put up with and they shut it down about 14 years ago. We who have joined The Shelton Dirt Riders have obtained a very good working relationship with the management of those companies and they have just opened up an additional 3000 acres for our use. And we are only scratching the surface at this point. I find old trail in every woods section I venture into and am very aware of the extensive amount of land the logging companies are willing to open up to use by Shelton Dirt Rider members. I know that there is over 100 square miles of their land here in Mason County which they are willing to open up to our Shelton Dirt Rider exclusive use. We presently are only ridding on about 1800 acres. We gain an additional 3000 acres with a trash clean up operation we are conducting this week end. It has taken a huge amount of time, physical work and money to bring this situation to its present state. We all have John Eaton at Dirt Cheap Cycle in Shelton to thank for making it happen. That said, there are riders who refuse to join Shelton Dirt Riders and still ride on the land. Those riders are trespassing, subject to arrest, subject to a fine of up to $500, and subject to the impoundment of their motorcycles. Those riders are spitting in the face's of the ORV riders who are busting their butts to get this huge amount of land once again open to ORV use. It is time for those of you who care about the future of our sport but have been sitting back waiting to see what the Shelton Dirt Rider project was going to amount to cough up and join up. A man can't take his family out to dinner and a movie for the price of a year's membership in Shelton Dirt Rider's. But be aware that we are only interested in people who are willing to play by the rules. Riders who just want to do their own thing regardless of how it affects neighbors and other users of the land will not be welcomed by those of us who are busting our butts to make this project successful.
  13. oldgrunt

    2018 Wet Duck last weekend

    PM Highmarker. He rode the hard course and told me he liked it.
  14. oldgrunt

    Anyone been out to Belfair/Tahuya recently dirt biking

    If you start from Sand Hill or Mission Creek would it be two lefts and a right?
  15. oldgrunt

    Shelton Dirt Rider/EMS Coverage

    We have cleared several trails almost exactly like the trail in your picture. The only difference is that the trees along side some of our trails are only a foot or so high at present. Then again, the trees alongside some of our trails are so thick and surrounded by brush that it is hard to see the trail. But all those trails have dirt and rocks in them, just like your picture.