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  1. We have cleared several trails almost exactly like the trail in your picture. The only difference is that the trees along side some of our trails are only a foot or so high at present. Then again, the trees alongside some of our trails are so thick and surrounded by brush that it is hard to see the trail. But all those trails have dirt and rocks in them, just like your picture.
  2. It takes a lot more time and effort to build an easy trail than it does to build a 'hard trail" In order to make them easy you have to remove a lot more of the brush, logs, rocks, etc. All the easy trails in the Tahuya began as hard trails. Most of them were built by the Bremerton Cruisers to hold their annual Spark Plug Enduro. Over the years the trails wore in with increased use and most of them are no longer considered hard. In fact many riders consider them boring.
  3. We have planned from the beginning to develop a world class riding area. It is coming together.
  4. We encourage anyone who wants a safe, family friendly place to ride and is willing to cooperate with the management of the logging company that owns the land to join us. John At Dirt Cheap Cycle will answer all your questions. 360 427 3478
  5. Capitol Forest roads are now heavily used by side by side racers sliding around blind curves at full throttle.
  6. We have built a kids training area in the Shelton Dirt Rider leased land for exactly the reasons you have outlined above. It has 4 1/2 miles of trail ranging from easy to more difficult with varying terrain features for mom's and dad's to teach their kids dirt bike riding skills, all within a one square mile area. The SDR mindset is to keep our riding area family friendly with a safety first mindset. No jeeps or side by sides are allowed on the property and both quad and bike riders are well informed of the fact that dangerous use of their ride will result in their loss of membership. We have leased nearly 20,000 acres that are all behind locked gates. Only SDR members, some brush pickers and loggers have keys to these gates. The only public access allowed is on foot or horseback. Just today we completed clearing a fifty mile loop of old trails and abandoned log roads for the Wet Duck Poker Run which will be held on SDR land April 15th. We have barely scratched the surface of all the old trails that exist on this once heavily used area. The area was closed to ORV use by Green Diamond Resources over 12 years ago because they had their fill of public abuse of their property. We will probably have a 100 mile loop of trails cleared before this year is over. And, Green Diamond Resource management has opened the door for our use of more than double the acreage we are presently allowed to ride on. The entrance to the kids riding area is 1/10th of a mile shorter to get to from Safeway in Belfair than it is to go to the Elfendahl Staging area in the Tahuya Forest.
  7. That is exactly why we started developing the kids training trails in area 3 on the very first day we gained access to the property on January 1st, 2017. Video games and the internet garbage are a major cause of father - son disconnects in these modern times. The rebuilt cylinder and new piston are on the way for my KX100 and it will be back in service soon. Let's see if we can interest him in throwing a leg over it.
  8. This is normal activity in a working forest. We will get trails back through the cut after they are done.
  9. You seem to have forgotten where your bike is parked. We will see how you enjoy your handlebars welded in place pointing foreword like a long horn steer.
  10. I have to pass on this. I am too involved with the SDR trail building and my kx 100 jug won't get back to me in time anyway.
  11. We are using five brush cutters. Not weed eaters. Weed eaters are useless in the woods. I have a two burner propane stove I will bring.
  12. No life preservers in stock, We can use Bo Bo's harness but will need an extra man in the crew to hold the end of the leash. Maybe this will finally convince Russ that motorcycle boots are not designed for walking in the woods.
  13. I will clarify that we have brush cutters, not weed eaters. The difference is in the attachment to the driver. The brush cutter is a solid blade with sharp edges that will cut through 1 inch thick or more of brush. The weed eater is a plastic string that whips through grass and weeds but flays against brush. Weed eaters are useless for the majority of trail work we are doing at present. Weed eaters are great for eliminating the ferns that grow about a foot a day in the spring and can completely hide the trail in the springtime if they are not ridden over.
  14. What is this rumor I am hearing about Russ taking a bath in the woods?
  15. Best to not get too near me tomorrow as I am just getting over the flu and still coughing.