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  1. Screw me once, shame on you... Screw me twice, shame on me!
  2. RichBaker

    Lost ALL spark after hitting kill switch

    Never tried it, but I would expect about 20vac...
  3. RichBaker

    Will bump start but Won’t kick start

    Kick harder...top of stroke, full kick.
  4. Torch, then a wire brush. Elbow grease...
  5. Never used them. Never had a rad break... I've bent a couple, but never made them leak.
  6. RichBaker

    Lost ALL spark after hitting kill switch

    Infinity, or OL are indicating an OPEN... A short would be a very low resistance, close to 0. A bad coil is typically open...
  7. RichBaker

    The ULTIMATE Basket Case

    Wheres the BASKET? Unless there're milk crates involved, no basket case...
  8. RichBaker

    YZ250f or 450f for trails

    Just stay away from bean oil...
  9. RichBaker

    YZ250f or 450f for trails

    Yep.... Just went from a 450f to a 300. Best change I ever made. Power goes down better than the 450, and its 40 pounds lighter.
  10. Yep.... Best deep cycle batteries. All the 12V batteries are combo, start+storage, and they suck. More capacity with gc batts. I put a pair in my toy hauler, takes up more space, but I'm happy.
  11. RichBaker

    GM 5.3 or 6.2 liter?

    Ford knows how to adapt a gas engine for turbo use... 2.3 Turbo engines were, and still are, one of the best. SVO Mustang, Turbo Coupe T-Bird, XR4TI.... The best of the 80s-era turbo engines. Only one close was the Buick GN.
  12. RichBaker

    TE300i S3 Head

    Have you gone to ktmtalk? There is a LOT more tpi information, in multiple threads... It is becoming very apparent that this gen is not amenable to any mods that require rejetting. This ecu is incapable of dealing with any changes it is not programmed to, such as a different head. KTM is only worried about being compliant with current, and future, euro emissions requirements.
  13. RichBaker

    TE300i S3 Head

    Just observing and noting, thought it was funny. Beta testers need thick skin.... 30+ years as an electronic tech, I think KTM did everyone a disservice with this poor implementation of the technology. Microsquirt works better!
  14. Use a 12v led panel indicator. Minimal current draw.