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  1. RichBaker

    Is there a tool for measuring idle speed?

    Treysit Sirometer..... It's what we use in tech when we sound check your loud ass bikes. https://www.ehow.com/how_8745998_use-treysit-sirometer.html
  2. Google jofa mx shoulder pads...
  3. Lots of pictures on google... Jofa made hockey gear, and still do.
  4. Probably made by Jofa.... looks just like them.
  5. RichBaker

    Dirt bike travel cover

    They took 9 months to send me one for my FZ last year, I'dforgotten about it when they called for my cc info. Took so long the card had expired... Good product, terrible customer service... Even after they called, it got lost under a counter or something, took another 3 weeks and a phone call from me. They still owe me a balaclava.
  6. RichBaker


    Every bike I ever did, the spacer can be pushed over enough that you can get the punch on the inner race, going thru from the opposite side. Lever the spacer over, you'll feel it move, and you'll be able to knock the bearing out. A couple whacks, move the punch 180, a couple more whacks, repeat til the brg drops out.
  7. RichBaker

    Trail clearing tool transport

    Woodsman's Pal....
  8. RichBaker

    Clutch Mods

    Easiest way to go, universal cable device..... https://www.denniskirk.com/moose/easy-pull-clutch-system-m55500.p57706.prd/57706.sku?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cse&gclid=CjwKCAjw0oveBRAmEiwAzf6_rJddupAULbApmBxEx8svmQYNPSlSltRxbrLMGLCBJse6TZcYNXtw5xoCKA0QAvD_BwE&ad=228600803220
  9. Inlet needle seat, maybe...
  10. There are a ton of videos on YouTube, watch a couple....
  11. RichBaker


    Try them back to back, you'd be amazed... I went from an 85 XR600R to a 90 YZ250WR. Rode the XR a couple months after getting the YZ, I couldn't get over how much flex was in the front end...
  12. RichBaker

    Yamaha FJ1100

    Nice 1st year FJ.... Got my 90 FJ12 in 95, rode her for 20 years. Put gv emulators in the forks, ohlins rear. 17x3.5 up front, 17x5 in back. There's a pretty good forum run by a good guy who builds FJ engines, http://www.fjowners.com Check it out, lots of good info in there. I probably know the original owner, maybe even the PO...
  13. RichBaker


    Allegedly, KTM supplies the bikes...
  14. RichBaker

    Transistor radio

    It was Japanese.....