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  1. JC'D

    Looking for riding buddies in Tucson AZ

    I've always wanted to ride this area. I've sent my contact info to you when your ready to ride.
  2. JC'D

    Looking for riding buddies in Tucson AZ

    Not picky at all just wanted to find someone to ride some single track, wide open, or some technical with on the weekends.
  3. JC'D

    Looking for riding buddies in Tucson AZ

    Thanks for website suggestion TRSAZ.org I will check it out.
  4. Would like to find some dirt bike trail riders to ride with on the weekends. Not looking to ride some hike a bike trails either. Thanks
  5. JC'D

    New KTM 250 XCW Owner!

    New to the Ktm 300 family too. Been riding Honda's since the 80's. Love my 300XC-W. Been doing some mod's to the bike for the last 2 months through this site recommendations.
  6. This is a part 2 of the video.
  7. Here is a video of last weekends ride..
  8. JC'D

    Palo Verde Ranch 2015

    http://youtu.be/_tE4X7iiswM Part 2 of the ride..
  9. http://youtu.be/cMKixcS7WwE It rained all day Friday & Saturday, and we took full advantage of the situation of "Hero Dirt" wet dirt. I created a short video of our ride this past weekend.
  10. I finally had a chance after the holidays to install my 2.1 Ohlins Steering Damper on my 2012 Crf 250X . I had to do little modification to the Gas Tank where it’s attach to the frame of the bike. And Installed a Nylon Spacer on the Pivot Bracket Pin to get that Gap of 1 mm. Between the Pivot Bracket Pin and Damper Tower. Hope you enjoy all the photos..
  11. No it doesn't turn 180.
  12. Here you can see the bracket about to interfere with the gas tank.
  13. Yes I agree, I had purchased the 2010 bracket and there is no such things as a 2010 Crf250x model. I'm going to call tomorrow because they are closed for the holidays. I'm researching more of the product and I ordered the SD 513 bracket kit, I think I need the SD 514 bracket kit Fits Honda CRF 250R 2010-13, CRF 450R 2009-12. I will need to talk to the tech at Ohlins tomorrow to find out more.
  14. Hi, I have purchased the Ohlins 2.1 steering damper for my 2012 crf250x. I'm having problems with installation with the mounting kit, the mounting bracket is hitting the oem gas tank bolt. The unit I purchased is for 2010 crf250x, is there any differences between 2010 thru 2012? Thanks for the Help.