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  1. Here's a place showing one in stock. Worth a call to see. https://condor24.fr/en/23220MN9641#en Stewart
  2. It's a pen not a screw that slides down and holds the control shaft #7 in place. It's under tension because of the cam chain adjuster spring torquing the control shaft. Take a pair of pliers and turn the control shaft back and forth a little while pulling on the pen. This should release the tension enough to get the pin out. Stewart
  3. I'm fixing to do the FCR conversion on my 93 XR600R. I've got a 40mm FCR carb of a 2007 CRF250R and I am looking for jetting recommendations. I've search on here an can't seem to find what I'm looking for. The bike has a Thumper Racing 660 kit in it with a stock header, FMF Q pipe and a Twin Air filter. I'm at sea level and 90% of my riding won't get over 600'. Getting ready to order the NCVT needle and jets. Any recommendations or starting points on jetting? Anybody have the link for D0T-C0M's FCR jetting suggestions? Thanks Stewart
  4. I had to replaced mine last year at about 130hrs. Stewart
  5. Yamaha shows the clutch to have 2 different part# for the clutch fiber plates. Item 8, 5XC-16321-00-00 and item 14, 2GB-16321-00-00. Does anybody know what the difference is in the two plates? After market fiber plates are all the same I think. Stewart
  6. Thanks for the responses guys! Was hoping for a quick change out but I'll just have to fine time to do a full service. Stewart
  7. If I just pulled the compression assembly out of the cartridge wouldn't the oil just stay in the cartridge? Or am I missing something? I heard of people changing pressure springs this way. Stewart
  8. Can I leave the forks in the triple clamps and just pull the compression assembly out to change the free piston or do I need to disassemble the entire fork? Stewart
  9. I have a 15 YZ250FX and the last 3 rides or so I’ve felt some slack or topping out of my front suspension. I only ride off road and had my suspension re-valved and re-sprung for my weight and riding style when I first got the bike and it been great. I’ve also had the suspension serviced twice since then. When I’m really hammering it going over woops or small jumps on the trail I can fell some slack or topping out of the suspension when the forks unload. I thought it might have been my steering head bearings so I replaced them and that wasn’t it. Could the springs be wore and getting some slack in them? They have 130hr on them. Stewart
  10. Ok thanks I will tell my buddy! Stewart
  11. A buddy of mine has a 2012 CRF250R with a little over 200hr on the original motor! It's down on power and needs a full rebuild, crank, bearings, piston, valve job, timing chain. Other than the OEM parts for the 12, is there any upgrades to the newer model CRF250R OEM parts and will any of them fit the 12? We want to stay with OEM. I know the 14 piston has more compression but unsure if it will fit. Thanks Stewart
  12. Yamaha_Ben, I snuck home for lunch and got the map off my bike I'm using. LOL. See pic. I've had my 276 kit on for 72.2hr with 0 problems. I've got 125.8hrs on the bike and the only problems I've had was battery, starter and I blew a fuse on my radiator fan for some reason. I think I got a stick stuck in or something. When I hit 150hr I'm going to do a complete motor job crank and all and maybe the 300 kit. Unless Yamaha comes out with a YZ350F or FX then I'll be the first one down to the dealer! LOL! Stewart
  13. I put one in my 2015 250FX. It wont give you huge gains but it does enhance the low end torque decently. As far as maps I've played around with a few I got here on TT and the one one I've got in now seems to work the best. I'll have to hook up my tuner when I get home to see whats in there and will post. I talked to Thumper Racing the other day and they have a 300 kit for the 250Fx now. You have to send you cylinder to them for a re-sleeve and they also provide an aftermarket tuner with the kit set up with the right settings for you area. They said the stock ECU would not provide enough fueling. It's about twice the price of the 276 kit. Stewart
  14. Exactly what he said. I've done the same except without the WR tail light. I used a SICASS racing taillight and license plate holder. Also I used a Pro Racing DS kit. http://www.proracing.co.uk/xc_lighting.htm This guy will make you any kind of plug and play wiring harness and kit you want. I just got the wiring harness with a hi/low horn and kill button, horn, rear brake light switch, connector for the SICASS tail light, connector for the WR head light and an extra 12v connect to fit my trailtech. Everything just pluged in and was less then $300.00! Stewart
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