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  1. downonmonday

    Won’t start, months of sitting

    What should be my first step to cleaning the systems? Besides draining the fuel and adding good fuel?
  2. downonmonday

    Won’t start, months of sitting

    Stupid question, but how do you keep the boot grounded? I’m sure I’m having a “duh” moment. Lol
  3. downonmonday

    Won’t start, months of sitting

    I’ll try a plug. It looked good but I’ll try about anything. There are several indoor tracks that I want to try and I don’t want to go unless I know the bike will start. It’s going to be cold there in the trailer/pits.
  4. downonmonday

    Won’t start, months of sitting

    This previous year my seat time was about zero with injury (non-moto related) and nonstop overtime. My 2015 CRF450 was put away mid May. I really didn’t think the bike would sit from May to December, but life got busy and I neglected to drain the VP U4.4 from the tank. I FINALLY got the bike this week and today I went ahead tried to start it. It will not start at all. There’s spark and I can smell fuel from the cylinder, when I had the plug out, and can smell fuel from the exhaust. So I’m pretty sure it’s getting fuel since it smells flooded now. I let it sit for a few hour and tried again. It started for what seemed like a nanosecond and the blue map selector switch turned on very briefly, but that is all I got out of her. It’s currently in my cold 25 degree garage. I’ve started this bike in cold weather before, but I’m trying to troubleshoot what else I can do?
  5. downonmonday

    Galfer floating wave rotor flex?

    I’m going to go back to a solid rotor from Galfer. Thanks for the input.
  6. I’ve been having some brake issues after wiping out. I replaced all the brake fluid, inspected parts, and the brake lever ended up feeling pretty good while on the stand. I finally got some free time to go to the track and my brakes were weak again. As I was pressing the brake lever I noticed my rotor flexed with pad’s pressure. I don’t remember the floating wave rotor doing this before? Then again, I didn’t have a need to really watch the the rotor that close. I’m going to rebuild the whole brake system, but the flex of the rotor really has me confused.
  7. downonmonday

    Soft front brake after crash

    It’s soft no matter what. Plus I went down on my right side. Rotor side didn’t touch the ground. I’ll check for sure though.
  8. downonmonday

    Soft front brake after crash

    It’s the front brake, but yes, I’ll bleed it and see if it helps any? I don’t want to go through rebuild, brake line, new master cylinder, without maybe this happening to someone else. If I need to replace and rebuild I will, no problem.
  9. Sunday I had a minor low side and my bike landed on its right side. When I got up my front brake lever was very soft, like I got air in the line somehow? There’s no fluid loss. I’m not sure where to begin on troubleshooting?
  10. downonmonday

    Rekluse Motor Sports Gets Snapped Up

    There goes quality and customer service.
  11. downonmonday

    Tire width and handling???

    My CRF450 calls for a 120 and I went down to a 110. What a great difference it made in cornering!
  12. downonmonday


    Whatever my stock oem plug is? I know it’s not cheap, something like $15.
  13. downonmonday

    Knee Braces.

    When my budget was much smaller, I purchased used asterisks off of eBay.