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  1. Hi Guys, I'm working on a friends Honda 50, with a BBR 88cc kit. When taking of the valve cover adjuster, is it normal for oil to come out of the bottom (exhaust) hole? If so, how much oil is acceptable? I was expecting a few drops, but a few ounces of oil came out... I don't think this is a big deal, but just wanted to verify. Thanks in advance.
  2. True, There is no aftermarket gas tank for that bike. I run a 2012 RMZ250. I raced about 14 rounds(Hare Scrambles) last year and one so far this year. I can go for about 2 hours and 30 minutes on a single tank. I only ever had to refill when I raced a 3-hour Iron man. My bike is pretty much stock. I would assume that if you changed things like pipe and whatnot, that fuel consumption would go up. I also did the longer shifter and detent spring. I also geared it down. In stock form it's geared for MX and that hurt me a few times last year when I raced tight technical tracks... lots of stalling. After I changed gearing, it was a LOT better. I weigh 165 without gear and run a mid-B-class pace. I love the stock suspension. I see a lot of guys complain about it, but it work well for me. If I had to do it again, I'm not sure I'd get the same bike. Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE my RMZ. It's an awesome machine that I instantly felt comfortable on. Hands down the fastest/best bike I've owned... However, I have been longing for a 2-stroke and kind of wish I had gone that route. The four stroke kills you on dead engine starts. I did get the hole shot this past weekend, but that was the first one in a LONG time. Any time you line up against a 2-stroke in a dead engine start, you're going to have a hard time because they can almost always start in gear. My bike only starts in gear 75% of the time on the first kick... and when it does not start on the first kick... it takes 10 kicks for some reason, which leaves you way in the back of the pack. Again, it's a GREAT starting bike FOR A 4-STROKE... but it will never CONSISTENTLY beat the 2-strokes on a dead engine start. Oh yeah, it has never overheated on me either.
  3. I raced 13 rounds (2-hour long) of hare scrambles last year on my 2012 RMZ250 and never once had to pit. My bike is pretty much stock though. I usually have about 10 - 15 minutes worth of fuel left in the tank after the race. Before you go crazy looking for an aftermarket tank, run a 2 hour practice and see how far you get. You might be surprised.
  4. They DO look really nice and I've always liked Gaerne. Can you confirm that they are big enough around the calf/knee area? I'd hate to pay shipping from Europe and find out they are not going to work....
  5. I'm struggling with finding boots that fit my son well. He is 10 years old and has large calves and wears a kids size 6 sneaker. most boots are designed for very slim calves and don't fit him well at all. Last night a friend let my son try on his kids AXO RC6's and they fit perfect... the problem is that the RC6 is no longer available. Like I said he's a size 6, but I'd like to get him size 7 or 8 boots since he'll be growing out of the 6's before riding season starts again. None of the local shops have a very good selection of youth boots to try out, so I figured I'd ask Thumper Talk. With all the knee braces and knee guards, I would think that ONE of these boot brands must have a little more room in the calf/knee area. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  6. That would be awesome @highflyernick- yeah, I can't tell. Even one really good jump would be a good start. By the way, I already have a track on my property. I race hare scrambles and it's a great practice hare scramble track. I'm no looking to make a full scale motocross track... Yet... I just want to throw in a few jumps to break up the monotony of spinning laps. The eventual goal is a nice wide Moto track, but realistically, that won't happen for a few years because I don't own a machine to groom it.
  7. @woods-rider - Any idea how tall that pile is? Hard to get perspective since there is nothing right next to it. edtied: just noticed the fence post.. so it's probably between 8' - 10' tall.
  8. Thanks guys. This helps a lot. That is a big pile, but I think it's manageable. @79amdt- I am told its 'clean fill'. I am going to look at it before I make the final call because, yeah, if its a bunch of busted of concrete, I will not take it. Supposedly it's all been tested and they have paperwork to prove its clean and not toxic or anything like that as well
  9. Need some help here. I have the opportunity to get 200 yards of good fill for free. I need it for the track I want to build at my house. I have to take at least 200 yards in order to get it free. How large of a pile is 200 yards? I can't wrap my head around how large of a pile that will create. The reason I ask is that this will be on my property where I live. This means I need to keep the wife happy. I am not going to have the time or equipment to use the dirt until spring. This means that I need to find somewhere on my property to store the massive pile. My property is mostly wooded so the only place to store the pile would be close to the driveway where we will have to look at it every day. There are really only one or two spots I think it could go without clearing trees right away. Anyway, does anyone have an idea what the dimensions of this pile/piles would be? I'd hate to have to pass on it. Bonus question: Approx how many table tops could you get out of a 200 yard pile of dirt if the jumps were 70'? I have young kids and I want the jumps to be tables tops (not doubles)so they can play on them as well. Thanks guys
  10. Hey, Thanks for the feedback. That's helpful. I hit the track with my son this Saturday for an open practice. We ended up using my personal race gear on him. I don't think I mentioned that for a 9 year old he's tall, so my pants didn't really look that bad on him and they functioned pretty well. I took him to the local shop last week and we tried on a bunch of different brands of gear. I see what you mean about how differently gear fits from brand to brand. The FLY gear probably fit the best out of the 4 different brands we tried. They did not have FOX so I'll give that a look . I was hoping I could find men's gear that is suited for shorter guys. I thought that might work well... The search continues! My gear will work for now and there is plenty of time before Christmas to find the right outfit. Thanks again!
  11. No, There would be no way to tell. The springs look almost exactly alike. I did a full 2 hour moto yesterday and can say that this mod is a must for anyone with the 2010-2012 RMZ250. The feel at the shifter is SO much better. With the stock spring I would get a bad shift at least once or twice during a 2 hour moto. I don't know if it's even possible with the 450 spring installed. If you have this bike, do it. It took me 3 hours to do the mod, but that was mostly because I had trouble with my Impact wrench when I was removing the clutch nut. If it weren't for that hiccup the job would have been done in 2 hours. Thumbs up to whoever figured out this mod.
  12. Finally installed the detent spring today. I took it for a lap and it's noticeably better. I like the feel of the shifter so much more with the spring. Wish I had done this months ago.
  13. point taken, but I thought there might be a brand of gear that had stuff for bigger kids. I know most of the kids I see at the track are very slim, but I've also seen kids who are chubby too in MX gear. There must be company that has something that could work... Any other advice out there besides "lose weight"?
  14. gee thanks... SO HELPFUL! That's kind of the point of riding.... excersize, fun, losing weight, etc... Of course I want him to lose weight. BUT until then... I want to find him pants that will fit. Does anyone have HELPFUL advice?
  15. Are there any MX pants that are designed for chubby kids? My son is getting into riding and wants to head to the practice track. I wanted to get him a set of pants and a jersey, but I'm having a difficult time finding something that will fit him properly. He's 9 years old and he's a husky kid. I tried on my riding pants (mens size 32) and they fit him pretty well in the waist, the problem is that they're way too long. All of the kids stuff I looked at online look like they're made for your average, skinny-as-a-rail kid. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
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