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  1. Motodan20

    Honda CRF450R (2013)


    So far so good
  2. Motodan20

    Honda CRF450R 2013

    So far so good
  3. Motodan20

    2014 - Hard to start

    He stated he returned it to the dealership...did he not?
  4. Motodan20

    2014 - Hard to start

    They have to remove this cap in order to check the timing. There is a dot on the gear behind this cap that you can align to find TDC. There is also an access cap on the ingnition cover side to do the same with a mark on the flywheel. You can use one or the other. If you noticed this after you received the bike back from the dealership, my guess is that they checked and possibly even had to adjust the timing. I know when I rebuilt a CRF250 a couple years back, I initially put the bike togther with the cam clocked one tooth off from where it should have been...was an absolute nightmare to start. Ended up checking my work and found/corrected the slight mistake and the bike started up just fine from then on. How does the bike start for you now?
  5. Motodan20

    Twin Air Filters?

    For some reason, I have had problems with mine tearing. The airbox lip that sticks out all the way around the airbox for sealing purposes, rips right into the sealing surface of the filter and thru it. Not sure if this is common or not, but if this continues im just going to start to use Ready Filters....way cheaper.
  6. Motodan20

    Tennessee The Mountain MX

    What's going in guys? Just got down to Gatlinburg TN for the week yesterday. Brought my bike down with me and wanted to check out at least one track down here. Anyone been over to Mountain MX in madisonville? That was the closest track that looked decent enough to ride. Im from michigan, so all the tracks I ride are either deep sand, or really loamy, rocky, dark top soil. What kind of things can I expect at this mountain mx track? Looking to head out there on one of their open practice days this week. Thanks guys!
  7. Motodan20

    08 CRF250R Backfiring and wont start

    IT RUNS!!!!! I ended up having to adjust the timing by one tooth. It was deadnutz on before based on the marks on the cam and gear. But, i figured that since it was backfiring that the exhaust valves were opening to soon....so i adjusted it one tooth to the right...and it starts on the second kick now. One question I do have though, I tok it around the yard for a few minutes and got back to the garage and the exhaust pipe was glowing red by the engine. Im thinking I should be worried about that. Is that an indicator that its running too lean? Thanks for the help guys.
  8. Motodan20

    08 top end at 76 hours

    What and where is the ignition side spot hole? Never heard of it and cant find any write ups on it. Im having the same issues with my bike, which is why I ask, and am going to check my timing once again to see if its off by a mere one tooth.
  9. Motodan20

    08 CRF250R Backfiring and wont start

    So, last week, I was successful when I tried to bump start it again. And the thing ran awesome once it was started. But, still couldnt actually kick start it for the life of me. So, this week I took it all apart again, checked the timing, the valves, replaced the spark plug (the old one was really sooty and wet, symptoms of the bike running rich), it has new gas, everything I could think of I checked. Everything looked great, put it back together.....still cannot kick start the thing. Its really starting to piss me off. If anyone has any suggestions, im open for em. My leg is getting pissed at me... And to make things even better, I pulled my 04 out, it started on the first kick after unwinterizing it....Im beginning to not like my new purchase... ha
  10. Motodan20

    08 CRF250R Backfiring and wont start

    Just an update, I double checked the timing and everything was good there. I also tried bump starting it today...wasnt successful. It sounded like it wanted to start, but would just end up dying and then white smoke would billow out of the exhaust pipe for a good 5 to 10 seconds... Im really lost on this one. I have an 04 as well and have never had problems like this before. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. Motodan20

    08 CRF250R Backfiring and wont start

    Yes I did have to reshim them. But I did my best to be sure that the cam was lined up correctly. And, this issue started before I adjusted anything, so I dont think that is the root cause. Could it be anything with the carb? Too lean maybe?
  12. I just picked up an 08 limited edition bike with 8hrs of riding time on it. Did the right thing and checked all the valve clearances, the guy I bought it from hadnt touched them and i figured they would be out of spec as most new bikes are. Intakes are back at .005 and exhaus at .011. The problem I am having is that IT WONT START! I can kick it all day long and the only thing it does is backfires every fifth or so kick. Does anyone know what my issue is? I really am clueless as to why this is happening. THANK YOU!
  13. Motodan20

    Chain Issues

    Im honestly not sure. I bought the bike used last year. (its an 04 crf250) It looked pretty cheap in my opinion. So im looking at getting front and rear Vortex sprockets with a RK GB520MXZ chain. I have the Vortex on my last bike and I thought they worked well.
  14. Motodan20

    Chain Issues

    Do you recommend an O-ring chain or Non O-ring chain?
  15. Motodan20

    Chain Issues

    Alright, so I was out at my local track yesterday, Baja up in Michigan, and it was a soupy mess for the most part. I get out on the track, do ONE lap, stop for literally 30 seconds on the side of the track and then start to get back on the track, back wheel locks up. So I look down at my chain, its SO tight I cant wiggle it a couple mm in any direction. So I check to make sure the axle bolt hadn’t loosened up and moved the wheel back, and it hadn’t. The chain had been adjusted perfectly before I went out on the track. Ended up having to remove the front sprocket on the side of the track in order to get the chain off and roll the bike back to our spot. My chain ended up getting so stretched out that the links wouldn’t match up with the teeth on the front sprocket anymore. So that ended my day. Probably about an hour later, my buddy, who just bought an 07 crf250 off the show room floor and is a good B class rider, same thing happened to him. Here’s my question, has anyone else ever had this happen to them before and is there a way to prevent it? Also, now that I need to get a new chain and sprockets, what do people suggest and why?