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  1. kan3

    Spring rate calculation

    Just following up for reference to my original question. Tossed on a 350lb spring which should have given me roughly 24.5mm of rider sag. It ended up giving me 27mm of rider sag. Assuming a generic 10% variation in spring rates then I think that's pretty close.
  2. kan3

    Spring rate calculation

    Rider not free =] I have 4.6" of rear travel with this shock and want to run roughly 25-26% rider sag which should put me at around 29-30mm rider.
  3. kan3

    Spring rate calculation

    The shock on the bike is from an r6. It uses a 7" length spring and produces 22 to 24mm of preload at the minimum setting. It offers 7.3mm of additional preload. Current free sag on rear is 3mm which falls within a good range.
  4. Would like someone to look this over to make sure I'm doing it right. I want to use my current readings to roughly calculate the needed spring rate on a vintage street bike project I have. I currently have a 450 lb/in spring installed. This generates 19mm of rider sag or roughly 338 lb/in of force. Each mm of sag is giving me 13.4 lb/in. If I wanted roughly 30mm rider sag then I assume 340-(5*13.4)= 275 lb/in spring rounded up. Is this too simplistic? I don't think I can even get a 275lb/in spring in the size I need. Looks like 300 lb/in is the smallest I'm seeing.
  5. I'm sure you've made a decision by now but definitely the 09 with less miles. You can always swap on black plastics if you wanted
  6. kan3

    Crf250x crazy stack!

    What is the length of the collar on the MV? Do you have spare shims? You could try something like this for the base valve if you don't: 30.1(11) 26.1 25.1 24.1 23.1 22.1 21.1 20.1 18.1 16.3
  7. kan3

    Brake pad thickness test

    Not sure if your pun was intentional or not but har har anyway.
  8. kan3


    It seems someone is upset. You just signed up at KTM Talk today and in 20 minutes made 5 posts in the suspension section. 3 of which were negative, 1 advising someone to send their suspension to MB and the other praising Kevin for his 4CS docu post. Add in this post and you have me looking for my troll spray.
  9. If you believe that me responding to a post you made is an indication that you somehow upset me then this is obviously a sinking ship of a conversation. Nor do I believe it will go anywhere considering you've shown that you still don't understand my point with that statement. But go ahead and keep putting your stickers on your forks. Show the man that you're not a sheeple and willing to fight for what you believe in. One sticker at a time.
  10. kan3

    CRF 450 Street legal

    If you plan on running LED you'll want the setup with a rectifier and battery.
  11. I'm not sure what you're trying to prove. He's making the comment that knowingly breaking rules and getting upset when you're caught is silly behavior. Your first sentence basically starts off with a Did You Know statement which makes it irrelevant no matter what you said after it.
  12. kan3

    CRF 450 Street legal

    The stator is producing alternating current but you'll need direct current for most lights. That means you'll need the rectifier to convert it to direct current and preferably a small battery.
  13. kan3

    Rear shock leak

  14. You have to give people an idea on what it's not doing well to receive recommendations on valving.
  15. kan3

    Rear shock leak

    I was under the impression that you needed to degas, stroke the shaft lightly and then gas it. Where do you put the o-ring? Does it go on the shaft or the nut?