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  1. calamari_racer

    Motocross Camp.....???

    Marty Smith has a camp he does in the summer. He has a website, but can't remember it. Just google his name.
  2. calamari_racer

    whats the difference

    The af stands for aluminum frame. The cr500 is steel.
  3. calamari_racer

    Track Incident - Was I wrong??

    Sounds like the other guy handled it poorly. It takes a better man to go over and get things straightened out. Plus, your son will always have respect for you instead of being embarrased of your tirade. I've seen too many racing parents yell at their kids and pushed them beyond their limits. I want to cry for the kid and smack the crap out of the parents. If my little girl ever raced and came in dead last, I would hug her and tell her "you looked great, did you have fun?"
  4. My wires got pulled out and I can't find the wiring digram. Anybody have a diagram that you can tell to me?
  5. calamari_racer

    Whats the best fly wheel weight

    If I remember correctly, different weights change the tracktability and how fast the revs spin up. I'm sure someone on here understands and can explain better than me. For what it's worth, I had a 10oz weight on a yz400f and it made a world of difference. Easier to ride, less stalling, and easier to ride in tight woods.
  6. calamari_racer

    Glen Helen Questions?

    Find a road with a lot of potholes and ride on that a bunch of times. That will prepare you for the track. Roughest track I ever rode. I'm used to riding on flat land, so when I came down the downhill, I got serious pucker power. I could hear the guy next to me saying "Oh $h&t!" all the way down. The people were friendly and I had a great time. I hope I can do it again some day. I may go out to watch a friend race this year.
  7. calamari_racer


    Many years ago I dated (briefly) a Houston Oilers cheerleader that always wanted to go have lunch at her parents country club and wanted me to play golf. Both of which I have no interest in. When I told her that if I had time to play golf, I'd rather spend it riding, her response was "you can't just think about riding motorcycles all the time". In less than a nano second, my brain was able to process the real meaning of this statement and its future implications and then I thought to myself, "that's it, you're history".
  8. calamari_racer

    Riders with back trouble?

    I wear a Kevco Stubbs kidney belt and it makes a big difference in how my back feels by the end of the day. If I didn't wear it, I would be in a lot of pain. I highly recommend one.
  9. calamari_racer

    Anyone here have a FLY 606 Helmet?

    Sure. Throw it in the trash, buy another helmet. Problem solved. Just Kidding. Maybe try some silicone sealant?
  10. I have a 02 model "S" and was thinking about getting a set of "SM" rims and tires. For all of you that has done this, can you tell me what kind of difference there is in the ride on the street?
  11. calamari_racer

    Help settle an argument

    I was flippin' through channels a few weeks ago and came across The Surreal Life that had Carey Hart on it. He took the group out to ride dirt bikes on an MX track. Jose Canseco was on an XR400. He never got out of 1st or 2nd. He made the comment that he was exhausted at the end of the day. When he got back to the house he said "I feel like I'm 70". This is a big, muscular guy and it whipped his butt.
  12. calamari_racer

    airbox ???

    It's the plastic box that is enclosing your air filter. Nothing tricky.
  13. calamari_racer

    2BB checking in with the old crowd.

    I've read about a Dr. Ting who seems to work on all the top racers. You might want to check him out and if he can't help, he probably knows someone who can. I think he is in California.
  14. I have bone spurs in my neck (so I was told by a nurse who did xrays), and I had a coworker tell me I should get them removed or my neck would get worse. Anybody here know if that is correct or what bone spurs do?
  15. calamari_racer

    Dual sport security options

    I have seen an alarm for bikes that looks like a disk lock. You may want to do a search for those. It's motion activated, so if anyone moves the bike, the alarm will sound. I think it's around 110db, I could be way off though. I think it would be a great backup for a chain or key. If you can't see it, at least you can hear it, and it will attract attention of others.