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  1. Johnson79

    MRD/SSW with insert?

    I had to put the insert in mine to get it inspected and couldn't wait to get it out, I hated have it in there. I was to quiet and robbed to much power
  2. Johnson79

    Drc edge tail light from ebay

    just drill your plate, because the edge is going to crack your plate over time anyway no matter where the holes are, unless you build a backing plate
  3. Johnson79

    a pic for eddie

  4. Johnson79

    The Mad Max Mod (with pics)

    nice work, I always hated the look of windscreens on DRZ's but yours looks pretty cool
  5. Johnson79

    led indicators

    I stalled ones very similar to those from ebay when I first got my DRZ and the led's inside broke, stopped working, and were just rattling around after a few months, so I spent a little extra and got good ones from Wheeling Cycle
  6. Johnson79

    Waterproof bike-cover for DR-Z 400 SM?

    Looks like a nice cover, although it looks like a lot of extra room under there, I wonder if a medium would fit more snug
  7. Johnson79

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Are you in Montreal? I was just up there last week, I should've thrown the DRZ in the back of the truck.
  8. Johnson79

    How short is to short of a ride?

    my travel 2.2 miles from home to work as well. I kind of wish it was longer when I'm on the DRZ but I love living close when I have to take my truck
  9. Johnson79

    Grease your neck bearings!!!

    should be the first thing anybody does to their bike whether it's brand new off the showroom floor or 10 years old
  10. Johnson79

    WD-40 not good on my plastic

    Plexus works great, I always make sure I have some when I need it
  11. I wear my Fox riding jacket (except when it's hot), gloves and helmet, other than that it's DC shoes and jeans.
  12. Johnson79

    Extra Fuel Storage- Options?

    the other day I went out in the morning started my bike and about 5 minutes later right before I took off it ran out of gas and was on reserve. Glad it ran out while it was sitting in my parking lot and not going down the road somewhere
  13. Johnson79

    Front fenders

    I have the Acerbis front fender, it my favorite looking fender of all of them on the market
  14. Johnson79

    new zook to keep the drz company

    125's are a blast to ride
  15. Johnson79

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    installed the new starter relay solenoid. Now I down't have to touch wires together to get it started