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  1. Snarfie

    my 14 year olds knarly crash

  2. Snarfie

    Nasty trail crash footage

    YARD SALE!!!! Stand up next time.. it'll help.
  3. Snarfie

    '94 CR250R to '11/'12 150XC

    Go for it man! 125's are so easy to ride fast.. they never wear you out. Plus, it may not actually be any lighter, but a 125 will feel a good bit lighter than your 250. 125's feel like riding a mountainbike with an engine. I love 'em!
  4. Snarfie

    Trade Opinions for 250f for yz125

    I would try to bum a ride on a 125 before you made the call. They're very different riding styles, and you might not like it... but I'm thinking you're gonna love it. 125's are my most favorite sized bikes.... by far. I've had 125/200/250/300/500 two strokes, and 400/450 thumpers.. 125 2T's are THE MOST FUN out of all of em! I can prolly go faster on my 300, but I have the most fun by leaps and bounds, on 125s.
  5. Snarfie

    Rt100 vs xr100

    I've owned them both. You'll have more fun on the RT, but you'll be able to resell the XR much easier. Both are smooth, easy to ride, playbikes. The RT has more 'oomph', but neither of the bikes are powerhouses. RT's are more powerful, but thats like saying 10 MPH is a LOT faster than 8MPH. You're still going slow as crap. I would honestly get the XR. You can resell that in a week if you wanted. Most people looking for play bikes aren't knowledgeable enough to know what an RT is, and they subscribe to the "Oooph you gotta do top ends on that all the time! And keep it screeeeamin!" school of nonsense, and wont want to buy the RT. Plus the aftermarket for the XR is huge. Buy the XR, learn to ride, sell it, and get a big bike... just like most of us on here did
  6. Snarfie

    YZ 250 When should I do a Piston Change?

    Definetly replace it ASAP. I've got the same story as the guy above... bought a "low hour" 06 YZ250 from a guy who said he just checked the rings 3-5 hours ago.. One hour riding time on it and KABOOM. Skirt blew up, boned the rod, main bearings, seals. Luckily the cylinder didnt get gouged up. A compression check wont tell you what shape the skirt is in. I even pulled the pipe and carb, and did a visual inspection of the cylinder before I ever rode it. It looked fine from what I could see. The motor is getting a complete overhaul now. Hourmeter is getting installed first thing, too. From now on, I'm an "inspect every 20-30 hours" guy. Replace at 40 wether it needs it or not. I've got over 700 in this rebuild. Sigh.
  7. Snarfie

    2006 YZ250 Clutch Grabing

    Aluminum drive plates will turn your trans oil gray/blackish very quickly.. thats normal. A grabbing/dragging clutch is usually because of grooves worn in your clutch basket or hub. If the grooves are very light, you can file 'em down, but thats a PITA. If they're deep, you'll need to replace all the worn parts. Anything with grooves on it, regardless of how small, wil cause the clutch to drag.
  8. Snarfie

    My new 09 WR-450 won't run!

    Yep.. this is your problem. While you're at it- dump your tank out, and strip/clean your petcock too. If you dont clean the WHOLE fuel system out, and just clean the jets up, you'll be right back where you are now, really soon. Start at the top and work your way down... fuel tank, petcock, fuel line, and finally, the carb and jets.
  9. Snarfie

    Just bought a new 2012 WR450, now what do I do?

    For the EFI uncorking, I'm not really up on that stuff yet- but you should definetly tear the bike apart and grease the linkage, front and rear wheels, steering stem and swingarm bearings. It will make you really mad to see how little grease they put in at the factory. Also check your oil level before breaking it in. After breakin, drain the coolant and put your preffered coolant in. Sometimes dealers will put just straight water in there. Its better to check and know for sure what you've got.
  10. Snarfie

    Trying to plate an 07 WR450 need DOT brake lines

    Yes, this is total BS. Your dealer doesnt know what he's doing. Take the bike home, and just call the sherifffs office and see if they will do an onsite inspection. They do in KY, and all they check here is VIn accuracy.
  11. You probably wotn be able to pull this off man... Lexington Motorsports in Lexington KY would tag your '12 WR for you, but you aren't an instate resident.. so they can't convert the MSO to a title for you. I bought my leftover 09 brand new from them, and that exactly what they did for me. A few weeks later, my plate and street title showed up in the mail.. Freakin' sweet!
  12. Snarfie

    Brand new 2012 wr450 WATCH OUT

    Congrats for being a dumbass and not checking the oil before you ran a brand new bike. OF COURSE it doesnt have any grease on the linkage! That has been WELL DOCUMENTED on this forum. OF COURSE it came low on oil!! Never assume the dealer mechanics did anything right on the bike. It sucks, but its your responsibility as soon as that bike rolls out of the dealership.
  13. Snarfie


    Sweet baggin' job there.
  14. Snarfie

    99 WR400F, good or bad bike?

    The 99's in general are good bikes- but that one in particular I would pass on. $2k for a '99 with issues is a LOT of money! In my area, that bike would be a $1200-1400 bike. For $2k, you can get a MUCH newer/better kept bike. I would pass on that one and keep looking.
  15. Yep, this is exactly right. If your bike is jetted correctly, it will fire right up every time.