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  1. College is an investment in the rest of your life. Do whatever it takes to get the education. It will pay dividedends for the next 60 years. Then you can afford whatever you want.
  2. I realize this thread is old, but figured I would post anyway in case it helps someone. First -- my foot size -- If I purchase New Balance tennis shoes, I wear 14 - 4E or 6E. My Red Wing boots are a 14-H -- H is the width beyond 6E. I also have large calves. I have also had surgery on both feet and have pins/screws remaining in place, so getting a boot that fits is important. Back in 2009, I tried several different boots and finally settled on a pair of MSR MXT. They were not the best quality boot, but at least would fit my foot and I could spend several hours at a time in them without crippling myself. For the $$, they were are very good value boot. The footbed width is comfortable I have recently worn through the plastic shell next to the brake pedal. Its time to replace them and of course, they are not made anymore. After looking closely at the MSR VX-1, it looks like they are pretty much the same boot. I have a pair on order and will see soon if they are a decent replacement in terms of size and comfort. Again -- they are a inexpensive boot, so I dont have incredibly high expectations other than just fitting me. If anyone else finds better quality boots that have room for Fred Flinstone feet and calves -- please share.
  3. cxcmoto

    2012 250SX cracked pipe!

    KTMTalk classified ad for viton o-rings. http://ktmtalk.com/pp_classifieds/showproduct.php?product=32488&cat=all
  4. I get flare-ups occasionally -- its usually diet related when it happens to me. I decrease alcohol consumption and increase drinking distilled water. Like about 1 gallon/day. I specifically mention distilled water for a reason. Gout is the result of uric-acid-crystal deposits. Because distilled water has NO mineral, salts, etc -- it has a very slight advantage over regular drinking water in being able to remove impurities from the body. I think that it also helps me mentally to think of drinking the water as medical treatment for gout, so I tend to drink it more often? It could be total hogwash... This has some good info on gout -- http://www.medicinenet.com/gout/article.htm Other Recommended Foods Other recommended foods that contain purine levels comparable to peanuts include skinless poultry, fish, dried beans and legumes, oatmeal and vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, mushrooms, asparagus and peas. It is best to consume these foods in moderate amounts -- no more than 1/2 cup of the vegetables and 4 to 6 oz. of lean meat daily. Even lower purine levels -- between 0 to 50 mg purines for every 100 grams -- are found in foods like fruit, whole grains, eggs, low-fat dairy products and most vegetables. In addition to low-purine foods like peanuts, the University of Maryland Medical Center advises people with gout to consume antioxidant-rich foods like cherries or cherry juice and whole grains like brown rice, bran, oats and barley. If you have gout, you should also cook with fats like olive or vegetable oil and to drink at least six glasses of water daily. Foods to Avoid People with gout should strictly limit their intakes of foods with purine levels over 150 mg of uric acid-forming purines for every 100 g. (See Reference 2) These foods include organ meats like liver or kidney, goose, shellfish like mussels or scallops, game meat, and fish like sardines, smelt, herring, mackerel and anchovies. Gout sufferers should avoid alcohol, tobacco, carbonated beverages sweetened with sugar, products like pasta and white bread that contain refined flour and pre-made baked goods like cakes, crackers, cookies and doughnuts, which usually have large amounts of trans fats. Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/488350-peanuts-and-gout/#ixzz2Hb2tvZ7v
  5. Rotella T6 is very smooth shifting in my 08 300 with Rekluse..... I run ATF every couple of changes or in the winter to keep it smooth when it gets cold. If I run the ATF, I change it quickly.
  6. cxcmoto

    runaway throttle

    the stock cable can pull out of the carb and lead to over-rev. Either safety-wire the throttle cable to both the carb and the throttle or else get the Motion-pro cable that is threaded on both ends.
  7. cxcmoto

    Miles per tank

    You should be ok but --- Some of the '12's have had problems with float level being too high, allowing some overflow and really cutting back on fuel mileage. If you have seen it spitting gas out of the overflow, you should check the float level. Other than that, you just have to do a measurement -- ie: do a 20-mile loop, measure how much gas it takes to fill it up.
  8. cxcmoto

    counter shaft seal

    Ass/u/meing that the 144SX countershaft is similar to most other models, it is very likely to leak when the sprocket is removed. The collar and o-ring are part of the sealing mechanism. As a first swing at it, I would clean it out good, pack the area with grease, but the collar, o-ring, and sprocket back on. Make sure the sprocket is tight on the shaft -- ie : It should not have in/out play as a little pressure on the o-ring/collar is required for a good seal. Make sure the chain is not too tight. A tight chain is one of the primary causes of counter-shaft seal leak. I *think* you can replace the countershaft seal from the outside, but can't swear to it since I have not touched a 144SX. The parts diagram certainly looks the same.
  9. cxcmoto

    Throttle Cable issue

    You might want to check into the Motion Pro 10-3000 cable. "which holds housing securely in place and cannot pull out of adjuster like OEM cable" You can also safety wire the throttle cable at both ends.
  10. I have sold my 2003 KX250-M1. I have a few leftover parts + 2 owners manuals and 2 service manuals. If someone wants them, they can have them for the cost of shipping. fork seals brake pads FMF exhaust o-rings/spring kits maybe some other stuff. I just dont want to throw it away..... First come, First serve - payment via paypal
  11. cxcmoto

    Flushing out the gear case

    I would use ATF to flush it. Kerosene would be for the crankcase/bottom-end, not the transmission. Fill it up, run it for a couple of minutes, drain and refill again with ATF. Drain and refill after next ride as well. Looking back, it probably would have been better to pull the outside clutch cover to retap those threads.
  12. cxcmoto

    Setting float level?

    This thread has some good pics -- http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=430342
  13. This is the MOST awesome tool that I have seen... http://www.cookseycrank.com/#!services
  14. cxcmoto

    back brake failed today ...

    Couple of suggestions. First, when was the last time that your brake fluid was flushed/bled out? Brake fluid is designed to absorb moisture to prevent the brake parts themselves from becoming corroded. It needs to get flushed out periodically to renew the brake fluid and remove the old brake fluid that has too much moisture in it. I do mine at least once/year maybe 2 times/year if I am riding in more water/mud and washing it more often. When brake fluid gets more moisture in it, the boilling point comes way down. I would suggest reverse bleeding the brakes for the best total flush. I typically use a brake fluid that is rated DOT 5.1 because of the higher boiling point of the brake fluid. Not many places cary DOT 5.1 brake fluid, you might have to order it. NAPA can get DOT5.1 for you. Motul RBF600 is a great fluid, but not cheap. Don't keep old bottles of brake fluid as they tend to absorb water after then have been opened. Do not get DOT 5 brake fluid. It is silicone based and can not be mixed with regular brake fluid that is DOT 3, DOT4, or DOT 5.1 rated. I would suggest that you get at least DOT4 brake fluid. The big difference is the boiling point. Bleed the brakes until the fluid comes out clear. Normally you will have to refill the master cylinder 3-5 times for this. I might also suggest compressing the calipers to reduce the amount of fluid left in them. I personally prefer reverse bleeding. .
  15. cxcmoto

    Cylinder off storage

    I dont think there is a good way to know the condition of the bottom end in those conditions. You should plan on doing both the bottom and top-end if you are going to purchase a bike like that. I would guess that the previous owner took the top-end off, found some additional issues ( like bottom-end play ) and decided not to spend the $600 to fix it. If you get it cheap -- REALLY cheap, then sure, go ahead. I mean like asking price + $600 is still a good deal, then go ahead. Otherwise walk away from someone elses nightmare.