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  1. eagleye5869

    What do you guys think.

    thanks fellas. When i called they said est 20hrs. I assumed more. And its in indiana and got a wyoming orv sticker on it. So by that i am assuming they are somewhat a serious rider. And probably have put more on it than 20hrs. I know I would. but it does still look in good shape. Probably raced a bit maybe. And the price is decent form what else is for sale in Ohio. Thanks again.
  2. http://www.esuperbike.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?sid=09504358X12K22K2009J8I28I18JPMQ2638R0&veh=38734&pov=1496824 looking at buying this. Any opinions on the condition or price. Also all the 07 models i find look to have all the street legal eqp. Alls i want is the headlight. Do you think this one had onwe originaly. or did the sell them like this as well. also would this have the same stator and or output. So getting a headlight on it would be simple. Any help app thanks some guy thats got the fever
  3. eagleye5869

    help help

    thanks again. That helps. I will definite keep ya posted. I think I have the orange fever.
  4. eagleye5869

    help help

    thanks for the advice. Also I dont plan on doing any D.S. with the bike. is the exc the best woods bike. And is there a difference between the exc and the exc-g. I wish KTm had a page that explained the shit ton of letters after all there bikes. Thanks again. I might buy that 400
  5. eagleye5869

    help help

    Hello all any advice you can give would be great. I have been reading other threads which have helped. Im in the market for a new bike. KTM perferably. I will be strictly woods riding in the midwest. Harlan, Hatfeild Mcoy and such. Lots of hills and mud. I am 6ft 2in and 260lbs, I dont want to spend a ton so Im buying used. From what I have read the exc model seems to be the right model. So what do you guys think. And what cc. I just found a 2006 400 exc-g fo 3700. From my research this looks like a great price. And it is from a dealer to boot. The bike looks mint minus boot marks. Not sure on the hours. but by the looks of the body it hasnt seen many bushes. Somebody help me pull the trigger on something.
  6. eagleye5869

    BRP in WV

    I was on the rockhouse trails. Good stuff. Alot of shallow water holes. Not to hard to navigate through though. Was with a bunch of novice utility atv riders. So i kept them on the green trails. There was some single track and some cool blue and black that i Wanted to check out but they were scared.I am long time street rider. not that much exp on dirt. But I also have no concern for personel safety either. So I felt i rode them pretty hard. And cant wait to get back there with my dirt bike buddies. As far as gas. I have stock tank. And want to upgrade here soon just cause. But I did not have any problems. The town of Man and Gilbert are on each end of the trail. And you can ride right up to the gas station in both. So as long as you fill up before you start and dont go to the middle of the trail then ride around a bunch you should be fine. Just plan your day so that after 3 to 4hrs or so your close to the town. Fill up, eat lunch then you will be good for the rest of the day. If you have the money upgrade your tank. Just for peice of mind and nothing else. Twin Hollow Campround is the nicest campground down there. Hands down. They are very nice people. And you have direct access to the trail from the campground. Carful on your directions if you are hauling a big trailer or what not. If you follow google or gps you can get in some back country tight roads that can be a little nerve racking.
  7. eagleye5869

    BRP in WV

    will do as soon as i figure out how
  8. eagleye5869

    BRP in WV

    Went to the Hat Mccoy trails last weekend. First real ride on the 02 brp (l). It was awesome. Handled the trails very well. Was extreamly comfortable. I was calling it my 2 wheeled ute. Although I would not be able to stay with a crf or stroker. I was not to far behind. I am happy with this purchase and have decided to sell my foreman because unless im moving a trailer or something it will stay in the garage. Now that the trip is over i was going to start modding slowely but think i need to get it out a few more times because as it sits it is a (ton) of fun.
  9. eagleye5869

    Anybody ever done this.

    It was cold. I took the tire back and the guy said he would email Dunlop. We will see. Drop or no Drop. A samll man should not be able to bust the bels unlesss he has some serious leverage. Like a big ole spud bar
  10. Anybody got a 140 on the rear. I took cahin guard off and it looks a little snug any opinions would be great
  11. eagleye5869

    Anybody ever done this.

    yeah my buddy has the whole tire changing set up. The stand and quality tools. Used tire lube and all. It was definitley snug. But it should have went on the rim before the steel popped out of it.
  12. eagleye5869

    Help Help Help!!!!!!

    thanks!. I have just sent an email to them. I hope they have one at a reasonable price.
  13. eagleye5869

    Anybody ever done this.

    Got new tires for my xrl yesterday. Dunlop 756 knobbies.(dirt use only). I have excel rims on there. Well when we were putting on the rear tire. We broke the metal belts. HMMMMMMMMMM! So i am hoping they will let me return it.. Has anybody else done this. Also My buddy had a 140/80 sitting around so we threw that on there. It is rubbing my chain guard. So should i get a smaller tire or get rid of the guard. This is going to be my off road set up. Any Opinions would be great. Thanks fellas
  14. eagleye5869

    Suzuki Help Help Help!!!!!!

    I cannot for the life of me find a used/cheap carb for a 97 Kg Qd lt300. They say 95-97 are the same model. Does anyone here have any ideas. Or know of another model that will work on this thing. It is not worth that much so paying $300 is not an option. Ive check ebay and about everywhere else. Any Help would be great. Thanks fellas
  15. eagleye5869

    top end rebuild questions

    thanks fellas. You have just given me the confidence to DIY it. Think i will wait till after my hatfield mcCoy trip next month.