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  1. RebelRider724

    I need a new or late model bike.

    I would probably go with a cbr 929
  2. RebelRider724

    I need a new or late model bike.

    I've ridden a few KLR's and they're great on the pavement and gravel roads but they are absolutely terrible for real off road riding
  3. RebelRider724

    I need a new or late model bike.

    500 xcf-w. Duh.
  4. RebelRider724

    How to mellow out a 350 sxf?

    Is there any way to do it that doesn't require buying a switch?
  5. I bought a 2014 350 sxf a few months ago because I got an amazing deal on it and I couldn't pass it up. The majority of my riding is enduros or harescrambles and the bike is just way too high strung for it. It's up for sale right now because I'm planning on getting a 250 XCW. Until it sells, I would at least like to make it rideable. I put a 13t front sprocket on it so I could run it a gear high but the sudden hit of power is still just insane. Is there any way to change the mapping or some setting to mellow it out? I'm a 2 stroke guy and I'm not sure how all this efi mapping stuff works. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. RebelRider724

    Fcr carb issues

    Sorry I didn't see this until now. I probably wouldn't be much help anyways
  7. RebelRider724

    Fcr carb issues

    My pride tells me to delete this thread and pretend like nothing ever happened but I'm going to leave it up in case there's somebody as dumb as me out there searching for a solution. The plate on the slide was upside down. I'm an idiot. She runs great now though.
  8. RebelRider724

    Fcr carb issues

    Think I might have figured it out.... Update in a few mins
  9. RebelRider724

    Fcr carb issues

    This is on a 2005 ktm 450 exc. When I got the bike it would idle ok but bog out as soon as you hit the throttle. I took the carb completely apart and threw it in the carb cooker for about 8 hours. I also adjusted the valves while I was at it. After putting the carb back together and putting it back on the bike, it won't idle. It will run super high on choke but when you take choke off, it idles ok for a second then starts fluctuating really bad and dies after 10 seconds or so. I've rebuilt a ton of fcr carbs so I'm 95% sure it's together right. I did notice a hole in the upper part of the float bowl (see pic) not sure how that got there unless the carb cooker ate through it, it shouldn't though. Anybody have any ideas? I rechecked the valves every way I know how to and they're fine so it's gotta be in the carb. I'm really stumped at this point and getting pretty frustrated with it.
  10. RebelRider724

    Putting a numberplate on a '13 XCW

    I'm trying to find a numberplate for my 2013 200 XCW but I'm having some problems. The headlight is held on with rubber straps so if I got a numberplate off an SX I'm not sure if it would bolt on correctly. Has anybody done this?
  11. Straight pipe, tires and wheels, and different headlights would make all the difference in the world. The 03 model has a louder turbo than the 04-07 6.0's. Good sounding truck
  12. RebelRider724

    WR250F as a dual sport?

    I didnt ride it a whole lot before I sold it. Never had a problem on the trail.
  13. RebelRider724

    WR250F as a dual sport?

    Well it was more like 15 minutes but it felt like it overheated too quickly. I bought the bike for a grand and sold it a month later for $1500 so I'm not too disappointed.
  14. RebelRider724

    Home built tire changer

    yall are meannnnnn