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  1. One thing that seems to make difference is the "oil supply pipe mod" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eplHeAcgnrI. if you should belive those who have tested it. Stating that cam and rockers stops wearing out. Ive personally already spent way to much money on new parts, i will not take the risk to stay with the stock "oilblocker pipe". I dont think the cams brand always are to blame when a seizure occours., even a honda oem cam wears out with insufficent oil flow.. I am definately going this route on my new rebuilt 600R. My two cents
  2. The stock piston (OEM HONDA) has four valve reliefs cast into it from factory, Four very soft rounded cast "pockets" But in the picture it looks like the INTAKE valves have hit the cast reliefs, and made new sharper edges in the reliefs. But i could be wrong ...
  3. Thanks!, the coice fell on a hotcams stage 1! Only the fun part left mounting all parts toghether, // Richard
  4. Hi! Need som advice from the experts here on TT! Im in a top end restauration with oem +1mm piston and new oem HONDA rockerarms. Engine ran fine but did smoke a bit on upstart and some under driving..Nothing unexpected, but normal wear for the age and 25,000 kms. The camshaft need to be renewed too, cause there were some wear on the lobes. *Hotcam stage one? *Or Honda stocker? Or another brand? Pros and cons are appreciated! Thanks// Richard
    In November 2015 i picked up this 1000 euro XR600R Road legal with fresh MOT.<br /><br />Regretting that i sold my belowed -98 xr600r, i have now peace in my mind and looking forward to restore this bike to its former glory, fully OEM style, in the appearance of the 1996 years look. More to come.
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    In November 2015 i picked up this 1000 euro XR600R Road legal with fresh MOT.<br /><br />Regretting that i sold my belowed -98 xr600r, i have now peace in my mind and looking forward to restore this bike to its former glory, fully OEM style, in the appearance of the 1996 years look. More to come.
  6. yeah.. your right. if you dont mind these defects even after a long period of use, you are for sure happy with the r carb... Throttle sticking is only common on a well used carb thats right It dont do this the first years of use. Over the stock -L vacuum carb, it is for sure a big improvement. And the good price these go for, its worth testing one.. (Sadly the improvement from R carb to mikuni pumper is the same big step up, once again... not walletfriendly facts:smirk:) //
  7. Even if the bike pulls really HARD and have great throttle responce compared to the vac-carb.... there is still one, (two acually) big troubles with these carbs. One: The most significiant: the off-idle bog and the abrupt bog when closing the throttle. (too-rich stumble) This behavior is really easy to to test when you want to do a wheelie. When you want to hold the front wheel at the same height, you have to moderate the throttle opening: open, close, open, close an so on... you get me. When you do like that, you will notice that the thottle works like pushing the kill button over and over again. This carbs need to run a TOO big pilot jet to get rid of the off-idle bog. But when closing the throttle a little, it appears that the engine suddenly dies for a second, due to a too rich a/f ratio, making the engine to stumble. This makes controlled wheelies both hard and sometimes dangerous! Two: the throttle sticking to the bottom of the carb, a worn throttle linkage can make this worse too. Not a good thing either. I ended up with the mikuni hs 40 and i have now a bike that i can wheelie alot easier, "as smooth as fuel injection" is a good comparsion. All is up to how you use your bike, but for me it was dangerous and boring to have a carb acting like a on -off button. cause i like to do wheelies.(without being thrown off the bike) If there are more TT:ers that have discovered the same thing as i have, I can recommend the tm 40 pumper carb (hs40) as a problem solver! I am 100% satisfied! Sorry my bad spelling:bonk: // Richard
  8. Acc pump nozzle# 40 mainjet# 140 pilotjet# 25 fuelscrew 2 turns out 9djy4-96 needle 1,1 air jet sealevel stock xr600r with fmf pc4 and vented sidecover. Runs perfect with this setup! (after much trial and error)
  9. The mikuni tm 40 have one other advantage worth knowing when choosing pumper-brand.. The mikuni is the more durable one, in the long run. Because: The Keihin FCR carb har a thin aluminum plate in front of the throttle slide prone to brake after some years of use. You do not want pieces of the trottleplate sucked in your engine:busted: (compare withe the xr6 chokeplate issue..)
  10. That sound made me feel bad. a feeling that prooves the previos owners forgot to maintain it, at all. but cud be a valveadjustment model bigger..
  11. 86 for sure. maybe cause i own one?? no.. not only but the 1982s were good looking models for sure.. 1986 cr 250r POWER that bites:thumbsup:
  12. I have a fresh motor in my cr 250 1986 (yes you read right!) It is FUN. pure power. wintertires make it even funnier! I have also ridden a cr 250 1992. that bike ran also good:worthy: The engine in my friends 03 cr 250 was like?? ***.. somebody installed a mt50 in this or what.. not exactly.. but you get the point. It had a hard time lifting the front wheel (on the two first gears) (For comparsion i have owned a cr500 1990.) Come on,, tell me the secret of the newer cr 250 engines that appears so BORING..?? or sleepy/there was no power @all (saxon)
  13. Correct me if im wrong but in the old days WB sold a flatslide tm 38 bored out to 41 mm(?) This was a 2 stroke design carb that was made to work with the xr6. The downsides on these carb compared to the newer tm40-6, Is the lack of an accelerator pump and the 2 strokedesign pull only-cable on top. The positive sides is that this carb design makes a bit more hp This is a thing i have heard and cant proove, When i was looking for a mikuni replacement i found an old wb tm conversion, but i did a little research and found out that i was a good idea spend 35dollar on the newer tm40-6 that is made for the xr6. BUT in the days when the wb conversion came it surely was a huge improvement over the stock carb and still are if you dont mind its 2 stroke design.//
  14. .....I had a friend blow on the microphone in my pocket to add wind noise. It took some real coaxing to get the guy to blow hard enough on the microphone to simulate 95 mph. Can anyone hear the one spot where I hit redline? @4,27 Redlining that hard is not recommended, especially not with the rear wheel rotating free while the bike is standing on a wooden "pinnstol"... or chair if you prefer. A real blow-j-b then,,..I can imagine it takes alot of effort to simulate 95 km/h by blowing in a microphone. I am not gonna write more bad jokes in this tread because its really a unserious low level.. TT is better witout alot of misinformation:bye!
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