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    an inspiring video

    I have a Dunlop 606 on the back of my bike so it doesn't like extreme leans, however once this tire wears out I'll go back to a rounded tire so I can lean and take turns with more confidence. With street tires getting a knee down on tight twisties is probably possible. At low speed twisties the bike is great, thanks to the wide handlebars which gives incredible leverage over a sportbike allowing you to turn in quickly, but on the high speed sweepers, the DR gets loose and it's hard to stay steady and that's when you realize your on a Dual Sport, not a Sportbike.
  2. Yea I saw a guy in Sturgis riding a Harley towing a dirtbike on a trailer. It was pretty cool. On the dual sport threads someone asked about this a few months ago and a couple guys knew of one, but it was pretty expensive. Try searching the Dual Sport threads, maybe that will help.
  3. Lego70

    Honda parts made in China!

    For years China has been making parts for Honda, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Peugeot, and recently BMW. I wouldn't worry about it if you bought the part from a known dealer or online supplier.
  4. Lego70

    Best dual for my purpose?

    I can't answer the wheelie question, but if that's your main concern your gonna be walking or taking the bus in no time. They don't make either of those bikes anymore so they are gonna be older and more prone to mechanical breakdowns. The last thing you want to be doing for your only mode of transportation is be beating the shit out of it by trying to do wheelies. Either bike has enough power to keep up with traffic in the city, and can at least hang with interstate traffic in the slow lane. Yes they have keys.
  5. Lego70

    higher elevation and horesepower loss

    Yep, I'm from Missouri and if I don't acclimate to the elevation for at least 24 hours before I go hiking, I get a pounding headache and a little fluid build up in my lungs. Drinking plenty of fluids is suppose to help but time or dropping a thousand feet seems to be the only thing that really helps me.
  6. Lego70

    higher elevation and horesepower loss

    I had a stock Yamaha TTR 125, that I used to keep on the catwalk of my semi. One time I bobtailed out to Nederland? and then spent the next couple days riding the little Yamaha on some trails outside of town. I rode the bike into Boulder one day and going down hill it was fine, but coming back to Nederland I could barely keep it in 4th gear and had to ride it on the shoulder so cars could get by. Also on one of the little trails outside of town I was around 11 or 12 thousand feet and it barely could stay in third gear on level ground. Despite that is still carried me (175lbs) and 20lbs of gear up some pretty steep hill climbs out on the trails in first gear without bogging down. It always started up fine and idled fine, but yea the elevation does affect the bike. I would imagine if it's tuned right it would do a little better, and also the DR200 should be a little more powerful so I think she should still be able to have a good time. I always loved that little Yamaha. It wasn't fast or powerful and would bottom out quick but it was so light and nimble that I could take it places that my DR350 or DR650 could never go. Good luck.
  7. Lego70

    Best dual for my purpose?

    Not to be an ass because I've been in your shoes, but if transportation is the main issue, going off road a lot is probably not the smartest thing to be doing. You'll go thru every part ten times quicker if your doing a lot of off roading. Having said that just because you lost a car doesn't mean you have to live like a hermit and not have a good time every now and then. If you don't have to do a lot of interstate travel I would stick with a smaller displacement motorcycle, just for fuel savings alone. There is nothing wrong with a KLR250 if it's in good shape. You'll get over 60 mpg, you can still take the interstate because it has a top speed of something like 75-80mph. It probably can't tear up the trails like a true dirtbike, but you'll still be able to do some serious trail riding. They either have or you can get a nice rear rack on it so you can mount a milk crate, and carry groceries, books, and other day to day stuff in it. Parts should still be easy to get for them. Insurance and maintenance are cheap on that bike, if you treat it right and don't race it everywhere you go. The down side to the KLR250 is it's kick start only, and if your useing that as your only source of transportation that gets a little old, but not a deal breaker. Another down side to any bike is that your gonna have to make sure it's locked up good so it doesn't get stolen. There are plenty of good inexpensive bikes both dual sport and street bikes out there that should give you reliable transportation, be cheap on insurance, good fuel mileage and still allow you to have a little fun.
  8. I have a 99 DR650 that is damn near mint condition. I don't have enough saddle time in other big bore dual sports to compare it with but compared to other types of bikes in general it does everything well, but doesn't shine at any one task. Even geared down one, it cruises easily at 70mph and passing people at 80 or 90mph is no problem at all. Acceleration is fine and from 0-80mph your faster then 80% of the cars out there so getting up in front of traffic is easy. Depending on tires, it handles fine on twisty pavement, like wise depending on tires it handles fine in the mud and dirt. It's a low maintenance bike. The down side to this bike, (and maybe all big bore dual sports, I don't know) compared to other bikes in general is it's not gonna be as fast most street bikes, it's not gonna be as comfortable as most cruisers or touring bikes for long distance, and it's not gonna be as nimble off road compared to some of the other dirtbikes out there. I think it does fine on tight trails, however it doesn't seem to like jumps (yes I'm sure some guys jump it all the time) and you feel the weight of the bike going up steep hill climbs or sliding down them. The good thing is the motor has enough torque to keep chugging up the hill if you don't get a good run at it. I like the bike and today's ride is a good example of why. I rode 90 miles on the interstate going between 70 and 80mph. Then rode 4 miles in tight trails (first gear all the way type stuff) that was mixed with sand, mud, and steep short hills. On the way back I filled it up. 1.74 gallons for 94 miles = 54mpg. Also on the way back me and a Firebird WS6 were playing around from stoplight to stoplight. I was staying in front of him untill after the last light which opened up to interstate, after about 70mph he was passing me and starting to pull away. How many bikes other then a good ole dual sport can be so versatile? I like the newer Ninja 250's. I bet they handle just freaking awesome, but throw some sport tires on the DR, and I'm sure you can scrap knees around turns. Good luck with whatever you buy, I hope you enjoy it.
  9. Lego70

    DR650 real-life milage Data (please help)

    Checked again today. 1999 DR650 stock except for one tooth down on front sproket, windscreen, and Dunlop 606 rear tire. 1200' elevation and I weigh 170lbs. Today 7-17-09. Me and large tail bag with 30lbs of stuff inside it. 20 miles of city 70 miles of interstate going 70mph. 4 miles muddy, very tight off road trails. First gear all the way type stuff. Total miles 94. Fuel 1.74 gallons = 54 mpg.
  10. Lego70

    Habitat permit in Colorado?

    I'm gonna have to wait until tommorow to leave. I just got back from doing a quick job this morning, checked the weather and it's gonna storm pretty soon, all across I-70. I can handle a little rain, but storms aren't good. Thanks again.
  11. Lego70

    Habitat permit in Colorado?

    Thank you very much. I'll take the advice. That sounds good to me. Yea, I know the ride tommorow will be hot and tiring going across Kansas and Colorado, plus I won't be leaving the house until about 10am because I got to run a hot shot load real quick in the morning. Thanks again. I'm gonna print out the map from my RandMcnally software and hit the bed. I'll take some pics and post them the beginning of next week when I get back.
  12. Lego70


    I bought a Scotts bag a few years back. It doesn't have a water bladder but I guess you could fit one in there. It's the size of a medium to large daypack. It has good padding on the shoulders and hip belt, then it also has a sternum strap. It's held up really well. I've used it almost daily for the last 4 years, and the only thing that's gone wrong is the sternum strap broke, but I sewed it back together with fishing line. It has a handy cell phone pouch on the shoulder strap that's easy to get to and has full closure so it won't fall out. I don't know who makes the bag for Scott, but it's been good.
  13. Lego70

    Habitat permit in Colorado?

    Yea, I'm now thinking maybe Colorado Springs to Loveland Pass area, because it's a little quicker time wise for me to get to Colorado Springs since I can take the Interstate all the way to Limon, then shoot down. Then the next day have more time to take it easy. I'll be useing a Tent or just a bag depending if I get wet along the way. I'll be riding a dual sport. Lonely dirt or paved roads. Trails are cool but probably won't have much time to explore to much. However if you know some camping spots along 50 near Poncha springs or Canon City, let me know. I might take that loop if I get it planned out quick enough. Update: Well, I had to cancel this trip. Money is a little too tight so I wouldn't be able to relax and enjoy the trip. However thanks again for the info because this is about the only area of Colorado I haven't been thru and maybe in a few weeks I can take a day off and ride over there.
  14. Lego70

    Habitat permit in Colorado?

    Thanks for the info. Do you know how much and where you get a OHV sticker. It's been about 3 years since I've been there on a bike or 4x4. I'll be honest I don't know what I want to do. Anymore I don't travel much without taking my 7 year old son and I'll feel guilty not taking him, but I think a little Dad time would be good. I only got 4 days to kill and not much money. Two of the days will be spend riding there and back. I just thought I'd ride somewhere west of Pueblo since I've never been west of Pueblo on 50hwy and kinda work my way up towards the loveland pass, then just ride back to Missouri.
  15. I hear ya. I've been driving trucks and cutting down trees off and on for years. There are people that would rather see me freeze to death then idle a truck to stay warm and there are people that would rather see me fall out of a tree and die rather then cut down a tree that's growing into a powerline. I tell ya what, if you happen to accidently mow some enviromentalist freak over while tearing up thru the woods at 70mph, I won't say a thing:thumbsup: